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  1. Im seeking artists or tracks that fit under beatless trance / psy / house / club music. Just the layering of pads, bass pulsing and synth melodies without any beat (4/4 kick). Almost psy ambient but not quite. Anyone get me?
  2. 2020 and theres still only random tracks available. I know exactly what you mean by beatless trance, or even beatless house. Just the layering of pads and synth melodies without sounding too industrial or machine like and no beat! Almost psychadelic. Carbon based lifeforms is the closest artist ive found but even then only a few tracks. Ive recently found an album by shylo love called ancient solfeggio healing - that is close. And a track by j.s epperson called 'embrace' that im liking. Any luck for you? Id luv to find more.
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