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  1. I will try and make a track based on my experiemces with old vibrasphere and atmos. I'm learning music theory for a while now, abd while it's still the basics I'm at, I need more and more practice. I have indeed noticed, that bringing alot of harmonic content into a psytrance song can make it sound very cheesy and happy etc. Bit actually I want to learn to make use of the theory and at the moment I'm more into the warm kind of music which takes it's time to evolve, harmonically and structurally. I will post here, if anyone is interested and I've workey through the unavoidable first 3-4 pieces of cheesefest, that happen everytime I explore a musical Idea.
  2. Yeah, finally a "face" to a musician I like! I heard some of your sound on ektoplazm a while ago and really liked it! Good work, some friends dismissed it as "noisy" but for me it's interesting, fresh and funky music you make!
  3. I didn't know that project, and I like the harmonic-wise soft approach the album takes. I'm at the moment having a hard time, digging through a lot of newer releases and most of them have this harsh, mechanic, unnatural and glitchy vibe. I can't seem to enjoy that anymore (at the moment). But I'm missing more melodic content in the first 3 tracks, didn't listen further tho. UX and Morphic Resonance I remember as very heavy on the ears and lots of hi-end focus, and remember not liking it too much. But tomorrow I will give their newer stuff another listen, thanks for the recommendations. back2topic: Someone very unknown, but making really interesting music, while not at all psytrance I can recommend is "Nero's Day at Disneyland". He (nowadays she) distracted me from my psy journey quite some time xP
  4. I think those darker psy artists are doing a real great job pushing the limits of music forward! Alot of the prog style psy is just running in circles of the same squelches, the same basslines and the same FX Also I'd love to see Cpt. Hook/Loud -esque trance, but in a darker and twisted way.
  5. Hey guys, it interests me, what are things you would love to hear in psytrance-songs? I hear alot of talking about what you don't like, e.g. triples, chant-drops, useless breaks with uninspiring vocals, etc. But are there some things of which you always thought "why doesn't anyone use this in this genre (anymore). For me it's temposhifts, I'm sure the producers strayed away from it, because it's hard to imply in the middle of a liveset, where the dancefloor is all hyped up and enjoying themselves, just to find themselves in the middle of a 140-63-bpm tempodrop for no apparent reason. But you can do quite nice stuff with that. Some darkpsy artists use that, but mostly just in the beginning of their livesets, to build a weird vibe all around. Let me know!
  6. Hello you fellow psyheads, I've been lurking around on this site for some years now and decided to finally join and start commenting and interacting with you guys, so yeah, happy to finally meet you! What better way to introduce myself, than with the song I've been working on recently. I'm feeling a bit shy about this, I normally don't show the "music" I make to anyone but interested friends. But here you go, please be a bit lenient im still quite new to the whole process of music production. Edit: I will post new music here regularly But of course feedback and all the good stuff is warmly welcome. Have a good one, Pirmin
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