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Found 7 results

  1. Mamomam Records is proud to announce their second release - VA 604 Syndroms, compiled by JaraLuca. Album includes 18 goa trance tracks from many already known goodies in goa trance world such as : E-mantra, Ephedra, Proxeuss, Trinodia, Omnivox and many more. You may expect this release in the begining of new year 2017 in beautiful double cd's digipacks and in digital version. Tracklist : CD 1. 1. Zopmanika - Namaskaratha Mantra 9:27 140bpm 2. Lectro Spektral Daze - Source Of All Life 8:26 145bpm 3. Ephedra - Leaving the Shadow Side of Myself 7:03 145bpm 4. Trinodia - Factorized 10:15 142bpm 5. Siam - Electric Discharge 8:13 146bpm 6. E-Mantra - Unhcegila 7:25 140bpm 7. Omnivox - Textures of Reality 8:51 145bpm 8. Oxi - Sagittarius Love 6:33 145bpm 9. Title 01 - Desert Ghost 9:13 149bpm CD 2. 1. Artha - Controlled (Old School Remix) 9:29 140bpm 2. Space Element - Biotech 7:56 140bpm 3. OmegaHertz - Zeta Zone 7:08 144bpm 4. Jagoa - Rainy Saturday 7:41 140bpm 5. Journey into Sound - Gallifrey 7:33 145bpm 6. JaraLuca - Unexpected Experience 7:53 145bpm 7. Omneon - Dark Matter 6:50 145bpm 8. Ohm Mind - Mushroom Island 9:17 149bpm 9. Proxeeus - Kuiper Belt 10:02 149bpm Mastering : Deimos Soundlabs Enjoy ! More info - mamomamrecords.com/release/604-syndroms/2 SAMPLES : http://soundcloud.com/mamomam-records/va-604-syndroms-compilated-by-jaraluca-mamomam-records
  2. VA - Floating Between The Moon & The Sun Goa Madness Records Tracklist: 1. Proxeeus - Ramayana (Original Mix) 2. M-Run - Sons Of The Temple 3. Artifact303 - In Your Mind (Nova Fractal Remix) 4. Trinodia - Distilled Illusions (2014 Edit) 5. GoaTree - Syslit Joint 6. Ephedra & Imba - Cosmic Harmony 7. JIS - Zero Gravity 8. Crossing Mind - Iridium Zone (2014) A pretty good compilation featuring a star-studded cast of who's who in today's goa world. It's almost a compilation of thirds - a third of these numbers are beautiful and warm, a third are groovy and off-beat, a third (obviously, one overlap so that the math works) are intense and true goa madness. Of the finest, I'll go with Ephedra & Imba's pairing on "Cosmic Harmony," a beauty of morning goa that offers up some unquestionably good keyboard melodies underneath the pumping, but tastefully measured, energy and effects. Perhaps a bit on the repetitive side as it gets deeper into its 10-minute run time, it will depend on how much you enjoy this one as to whether that repetition will become hypnotic. I happen to be entranced by it. As near as I can tell Crossing Mind's "Iridium Zone" is previously unreleased and it ranks as one of the better moments here. From the moment the momentum begins to slowly build, just a little under a minute in, there's no question this is a Crossing Mind track. The Frenchman has a very distinct flavor in his frequencies and this one has his signature sound all over it. I, personally, adore that style, his morning-time grooves in this one are excellent and it serves as a very tasteful conclusion to the collection. Proxeeus' subdued but charming "Ramayana" is a very good opener but, alas, there is just a little bit of magic missing that prevents it from being a truly great one. M-Run tap into some delightfully odd grooves with "Sons Of The Temple," a track that seemed to work better the second time around than it had on the first go. GoaTree's "Syslit Joint" is half dirty funk and half go-for-it goa madness, a real good package of sound. My least favorite here would be JIS on "Zero Gravity." The synth work is tuned to sound like it was lifted from an 80s rock band, so much that at any second it feels like "The Final Countdown" may creep into the melodies. Nova Fractal and Trinodia are bombastic and intense on their offerings, an overwhelming showcase of full-bodied goa performance, high-flying effects and euphoric levels that keep rising and aiming for the stars. Nova Fractal tackles a remix of Artifact303's "In Your Mind" with crazy good results. Trinodia is simply not fucking around on "Distilled Illusions," he does everything great that is expected when one hears his name, he packs in a ton of sound into a tight space and makes sure all of the levels have enough space to breath. This one is intense and overwhelming in the finest ways possible and when he shoots you out to the stars with his insane levels of effects it never becomes a nose-bleed affair, nothing that ever makes you feel beat up afterward, but instead makes you feel delirious, exhilarated, out-of-breath with the goodness of the journey. And that melody, so sweet but oh-so fucking tough... great track! "Floating Between The Moon & The Sun" is a bit of misnomer, perhaps, as this one is more on the energetic side, a bit more of flying at various speeds through the black matter of space, really. Still, it is a good collection, not groundbreaking stuff at all, but just about what you should expect by taking a quick peek at that very stacked group of producers printed on the tracklisting. http://www.goamadnessrecords.com/releases/
  3. OUT NOW! Goa Madness Records is very proud to present to you their 3rd release: Floating between the moon & the sun! Eight beautiful tracks selected with love & passion by Ephedra & Kuririn! This compilation will take you on a journey from the acidic sounds of nighttime Goatrance to the melodic & trancy vibes for the shiny mornings. It all starts with the French newcomer Proxeeus, who will kick you back in time with some acidic oldskool sounds (remember the golden 90’s?). Next, M-run delivers his typical groovy beats & psycho sounds of which he alone knows the secret and Nova Fractal will smash you into space with his stellar remix of Artifact303: “In your mind”. The compilation then evolves with a very bouncy track from the Swedish master Trinodia followed by Goatree who brings a very melodic & acidic track with a Psytrance edge. Ephedra & Imba strike back with a pure morning track coming from the deep cosmos while JIS brings you a very melodic & trancey piece of art. The compilation ends with a sublime downtempo track from the French producer Crossing Mind! Just listen & let yourself float… between the moon & the sun. Tracklist: 1: Proxeeus - Ramayana (Original mix) 2: M-Run - Sons Of The Temple 3: Artifact303: In Your Mind (Nova Fractal Remix) 4: Trinodia - Distiled Illusions (2014 mix) 5: GoaTree - Syslit Joint 6: Ephedra & Imba - Cosmic Harmony 7: Jis - Zero Gravity 8: Crossing Mind - Iridium Zone (2014) Artwork by: Neogoa Buy physical: beatspace psyshop suntrip goastore Buy digital: beatspace Beatport Juno Preview: Soundcloud Release date: March 2015
  4. Trinodia: Astral Clouds 1. Astral Clouds TRINODIA 2. Enlightened Moon TRINODIA, JUDAIKA 3. Qind Mind TRINODIA 4. Alien Language TRINODIA, JUDAIKA 5. A11 (2013 Mix) TRINODIA 6. Out of orbit TRINODIA 7. Rusty Rites TRINODIA 8. Moon Mission VOXEL9 Astral Clouds Album Preview on Soundcloud Style: Melodic Goa Trance Release Date: 16th December Format: CD, Compact Disc Cat-No: OVN1CD073 Ovnimoon Records invites you to 'Goa' on a journey to another plane of existence for a visit with Trinodia at his home in the Astral Clouds. We beckon you to enter our phantasmic realm of wonder and delight. This electrifying Goa trance odyssey captivates the listener's imagination by completely transporting you to another place. Particles of energy and motes of light coalesce around your projecting consciousness creating a halo of bright and colourful swirls where ever you fly leaving a trail of rainbow patterns through the thick fluffy clouds. At the horizon a warm light greets you and a myriad assembly of other Astral travellers gathering to experience a great whirlpool of amazing shapes that funnel towards a giant fractal nexus in the sky. Pulsating rhythmic thundering bass lines reach a crescendo accompanied by a staccato percussion of crackling lightning bolts while soothing melodic acid lines drip blissfully through your entire being. PSYSHOP Trinodia: Facebook / Soundcloud
  5. OUT NOW! FREE DOWNLOAD @ EKTOPLAZM: http://www.ektoplazm.com/free-music/lunar-dawn-blessings-from-irij-remixes I'm happy to announce that right after the release of PharaOm's Under The Sun Of Goa album, we will publish another goa trance full-lenght, featuring single by Lunar Dawn duo, released on Bandcamp and now finally remixed by some of our favorite artists from Neogoa: Trinodia, Sky Technology, Screw Loose, Imba, Perfect Blind, GoaTree and Decadent Sympozium, alongside with remastered original version. This release will present different moods and styles of goa trance music - from more raw and oldschool vibe from Imba and Trinodia, to more powerful and nizhogoa influenced pieces from Sky Technology, GoaTree and Decadent Sympozium. For all lovers of downtempo goa, there is a wonderful remix by Perfect Blind who is finally releasing new material and more psytrance influenced goa rework by Screw Loose from PsiloCybian project. Expected release date is 2nd half of December 2013. Artwork, tracklist and samples can be found below. Blessings From Irij [screw Loose Remix] (145 BPM) Blessings From Irij [Trinodia Remix] (138 BPM) Blessings From Irij [sky Technology Remix] (148 BPM) Blessings From Irij [imba Remix] (145 BPM) Blessings From Irij [Perfect Blind Remix] (120 BPM) Blessings From Irij [Decadent Sympozium Remix] (147 BPM) Blessings From Irij [GoaTree Remix] (138 BPM) Blessings From Irij [Original Mix] (136 BPM) Artwork by Neogoa Design | Mastering by Deimos Soundlabs Listen to 4:30min samples from each remix here: https://soundcloud.com/neogoa
  6. Artist: Trinodia Album: Stargazing Label: Ovnimoon Records Style: Melodic Goa Trance Tracklist: Arietis (09:33) Tau Ceti (10:28) Ursae Majoris (09:50) Alderamin (08:20) Sirius (09:11) Nashira (09:01) Groombridge (08:19) Eltanin (08:08) Stargazing (06:33) From the dawn of human-kind, astronomy as one of the earliest forms of science played huge part in human society, ancient people were obsessed with celestial objects - stars, planets and nebulaes and with question what is out there in endless Cosmic darkness. Even today, with much better technology and super-awesome scopes, we’re unable to give full answer to that question. During the old era of Goa trance music, back in ’90s, many artists and projects in some way admired and described their own vision of celestial objects, planets, stars. Some of them even named their projects like stars or constellations (Pleiadians, Orion). One of the most influental psychedelic trance albums of all time - I.F.O. was dedication to the Pleiades star-cluster. Now we are in 2012 and it seems that connection between stars and Goa trance music doesn’t fading and best example is Trinodia’s new effort - Stargazing album on Ovnimoon Records, released few weeks ago. For all of you who aren’t familiar with this great Goa trance project, Trinodia is Daniel Eldstrom from Gothenburg, Sweden. He’s pretty much active in last couple of years, releasing his music on various net-labels such asUnderground Alien Factory and Neogoa. Album opener, Arietis starts interesting, with some kind of mantra in background with nice melodies in background, tempo is a bit slower and it fits perfectly as an first track for the album. Around 5th minute comes nice melodic play and I like that part A LOT! The ending is also very melodic and more intense than first part of track. Alpha Arietis (Alpha Ari, α Ari, α Arietis), which also has the traditional name Hamal, is the brightest star in the constellation Aries. Distance from Earth ~ 66 light-years. Second track is Tau Ceti and it’s probably the best showcase of Trinodia’s style, dynamic and melody driven Goa trance with nice build-ups. Part around 3rd minute is just great, melodic blasts comes very strong and it drives you to 5th minute and first break, nice speech and it comes again, with much more power. Great track! Tau Ceti (τ Ceti) is a star in the constellation Cetus that is spectrally similar to the Sun, although it has only about 78% of the Sun’s mass. At a distance of just under 12 light-years from the Solar System, it is a relatively nearby star. So far, so good. Third track on Stargazing is Ursae Majoris and it starts with harsh melody at the very beginning, beat on this one is powerful and you can feel the nice rising in storytelling during the first part of album. To be honest, melody around 5th minute isn’t my cup of tea, it’s somehow dull, but ending is nice though. 47 Ursae Majoris (often abbreviated 47 UMa) is a solar analog, yellow dwarf star approximately 46 light-years away from Earth in the constellation of Ursa Major. As of 2011, it has been confirmed that three Jupiter-like extrasolar planets orbit the star. Because of this, 47 Ursae Majoris was listed as one of top 100 target stars for NASA’s former Terrestrial Planet Finder mission. Alderamin what a great name, huh? It must be great track too. And guess what, it is - probably the best track so far, melodies and effects are just great, it drives you whole time and it got nice oldschool feeling. It may sound like cliché, but it got Astral Projection(Dancing Galaxy/Another World) feeling. My favorite so far! Alpha Cephei (α Cep, α Cephei) is a second magnitude star in the constellation of Cepheus that is relatively close to Earth at only 49 light years. It has the traditional name Alderamin, an Arabic name meaning ”the right arm”. Numero cinque - Sirius (Ra were there). Intro is pretty much mystique but after the beat, complete image of track twists off into different directions - positive and brighter atmosphere in nitzhogoish style. Not really my type of track but overall it’s nice, I’m sure many people will enjoy this one on the dancefloors. Sirius is the brightest star in the night sky. With a visual apparent magnitude of −1.46, it is almost twice as bright as Canopus, the next brightest star. The name “Sirius” is derived from the Ancient Greek: Σείριος Seirios(“glowing” or “scorcher”). Nashira kicks off with nice rhythm and melody until 4th minute when comes short break and build up afterwards with a bit different melody. It’s more straight-forward Goa trance track and nothing special is going on till end. Gamma Capricorni (γ Cap, γ Capricorni) is a giant star in the constellation Capricornus. It has the traditional name Nashira, which comes from the Arabic - sa’d nashirah for “the lucky one” or “bearer of good news”. Track number seven is Groombridge and it starts with deep layers and melodic echoes in background. Rhythm and basslines are solid and they fits perfectly with mentioned above. It’s more agressive tune with a bit more solid sound. This one got more diversity in melody and you won’t find any repetition. Ending is similar to intro, which is cool. Groombridge 34 is a binary star system located about 11.7 light years from our own Sun. It consists of two red dwarf stars in a nearly circular orbit with a separation of about 147 astronomical units. Both stars in this pair exhibit variability due to random flares and they have been given variable star designations. Eltanin is last uptemo track on Stargazing and it’s more party oriented Goa tune, with sexybasslines and interesting melodies through whole track. It builds up slowly but at the end it gets pretty intense. I like it! Gamma Draconis (γ Dra, γ Draconis) is a star in the constellation Draco. It has the traditional name Etamin or Eltanin (Arabic: At-Tinnin‎ The great serpent), and the Flamsteed designation 33 Draconis. Since 1943, the spectrum of this star has served as one of the stable anchor points by which other stars are classified. Self-titled track closes Stargazing, slower beats followed with deep vocals and nice layers in background describes this track perfectly. It got a bit longer outro but overall solid downtempo goa track. Conclusion – if you are into Trinodia’s sound than Stargazing is perfect CD for you, it doesn’t stood out from his earlier works and fans won’t be disappointed. There are few tracks that I like more than others but overall it’s nice Goa trance album, produced and mastered well. Artwork also looks very nice, Daniel also made it and it fits nice with music and concept of album. I wanna say just one more time, thanks a lot for CD I enjoyed listening and review it. Samples/buy CD: http://www.psyshop.com/shop/CDs/ovn/ovn1cd024.html
  7. Ovnimoon Records welcomes Trinodia aka Daniel Eldström to our label with a presentation of his newest full length album titled 'Stargazing'. From track one through to track eight the listener will be shocked and amazed to hear such artistic and perfectly crafted old school style Goa trance music made with completely modern production quality. The album gets capped off with track nine giving a taste from his down-tempo chill-out side project Voxel9. 'Stargazing' is a concept album with each track having a focus on deep space observations, presented through intelligent and epic melodic sounds and patterns not heard often in current music trends. Daniel is from Sweden and first found his love for performing psychedelic trance in 1992, since then he has been perfecting his sound and releasing his musical creations on hisown and through net-labels since 2003. All psytrance fans are sure to enjoy this musical adventure through the cosmos while at home or while trancing on your favourite dance-floors anywhere in the universe. Be prepared for much more amazing music from Trinodia as well as upcoming albums from his Voxel9 ambient side project. TRACKLISTING: 1. Arietis 2. Tau Ceti 3. Ursae Majoris 4. Alderamin 5. Sirius 6. Nashira 7. Groombridge 8. Eltanin 9. Stargazing DETAILS: Style: Psytrance, Psychedelic Trance Released: Feb. 2012/08 Format: CD, Compact Disc Cat-No: OVN1CD024 Barcode: 881034889690 Currently this has been released at Psyshop: http://www.psyshop.c.../ovn1cd024.html It will be put up on more places as time passes by. More links will be put up then Peace! //Trinodia - http://www.facebook....8201382?sk=wall
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