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  1. Regarding to a DAW or to synths? 1st: DAW: any of them could do the job, it depends on you if music is good or not... 2nd: Synths: Psytrance? Goatrance? It depends on what you want to make. For Psytrance it could be good Serum (I'm not into Psytrance anymore, in fact). For Goatrance the best choice is something that emulates old hw stuff like Juno-106, Jupiter 8, 303, SH-101, Nord Lead... So try to get yourself with: Juno-106 > TAL-U-No-LX Jupiter 8 > TAL J-8 TB-303 > AudioRealism BassLine 2, for me, better than 3, less noise clicks (or maybe it would be better to get D16 Group Phoscyon, it has more tweaks in general and sounds perfect for me...). SH-101 > D16 Group LuSH-101 (or maybe TAL Bassline-101, less CPU usage). Clavia Nord Lead > People say that discoDSP Discovery Pro is a good choice, because it can import clavia's sysex files. Of course, a TR-909 sample pack woud do the job for drums. And some effects such as a flanger, delay, chorus, phaser & some distortion (D16 Group Redoptor 2 works like a charm) Besides all mentioned, I found that u-he Diva is an interesting choice for any analog "whatever" you want to sound. It's a multiple old gear's emulation which does its job perfectly. Here I found a relation of hw stuff it emulates: https://larslentzaudio.wordpress.com/2020/04/18/the-u-he-diva-synthesizer/ Cheers and sorry for taking back to life an old thread.
  2. Psytrance is ending up in a boring, lineal and lack of affection genre. When Goatrance started to fade out and Psytrance came into the scene, it was all lost in time and space. I can't take a liking to this: Gemini Spirit - Dark Euphoria (2021) While I lost my mind with this: The Delta - Thing (2000)
  3. It'll always be the 2000 remix for me. THe version is a real squeeze of the original track. Maybe some more arp-plucks? No. It's really OK the way it is. Lovely strings work. When i was younger, I had a boyfriend who dedicated me one song of an over-sentimental love songwriter. Immediately, when he finised, I searched for the y.2000 remix of this track and I dedicated it to him willing he would learn something. He didn't. I left him. Music thrilled me more at that time.
  4. Hi! I LOL with your comment! But sadly, this is just the same as in real life. I've read a post of someone asking for feedback on a track, but there's no song anywhere! These kind of posts makes me think of those awful paintings of "xxxx waz ere 9T3"...
  5. Hi! I'm looking for a Goatrance track since late 90s... All I can remember and say is that in the track you've pointed we can hear what I'm talking about at 00:51 'Datura - Devotion (Karma Marga)' https://youtu.be/QnC2JR-AwSc?t=51s I can also remember that the track I'm looking for had several sitars sounding among that fx'd vocal loop. "Dam, dam dam, oh oh weee...". Could somebody help me in this neverending search? Thanks in advance!
  6. Hi! I've read your question and I've been looking for a good pair of headphones lately, because all I was doing with my Technics RP-880 (open, conceived for DJing) sounded so different in any other speakers that I had to change them. Nowadays I have a Beyerdynamic's pair of DT770 PRO (closed) and they sound perfect. They don't enhance the sound, any frequency, nothing. Just the sound, as-is. I had to retouch anything made with those Technics, listening to it with the Beyerdinamic
  7. Hey! Nice preview! The structure and sounds selected truly reminds to oldschool goatrance ('98). I must say this looks like if it was a rejected track of Prana, The Muses Rapt or MFG. I would low a couple of decibels the distorted lead which starts at 2:16 - 2:17 and add to it some HI-pass-eq reverb. Add some closed charles line and the snares someone mentioned before. Things I would change: Do not start from the beginning with the kick. Try to create some atmosphere before releasing the kick. Those vocal samples are perfect, mix them with the trippy sounds and a short loop of the main melody or lead or whatever would sound later. You know, to make an intro, some kind of atmosphere which guides the listener to prepare to what's coming later. This track has lots of possibilities. I really liked it. Keep on that work!
  8. The thing is that being the couple of a programmer since quite years ago makes me notice certain details. As of my point of view, Live's a great DAW, but I feel that they have been dragging bugs so long that they have decided to not pay attention to them anymore and carry on by other ways. I can't imagine why they have not implemented a multiple pattern edition function (multiclip edition), which I think helps a lot to those who hasn't learned anything about music in their first contact with the software. Beside's the price. I don't think that everybody could afford it. But to answer your question: the workflow is boosted since there is no "technical" blockage. A simple example of this is the fact that you can search your plugin's presets from Bitwig. It is really helpful and saves time. Instead of loading a plugin and search into the plugin's presets, you can have a look at them at once, enter a search by words, bla, bla. But the best of this is that you instantly hear the sound. Much better than going into a plugin and dive into it, I think. Even the parameters of a plugin are "searcheable". And you have the option to choose which display mode fits you better. There are several other interesting things into Bitwig, but the thing is that each one could work whithin its comfort: work in where you feel comfortable. For instance, I would never be comfortable working into Rebirth, nor Cubase. The problem out there is that I believe that people wants a DAW-for-all and make music just pushing one button. Much Goatrance was made with hardware, and to do that you would not need much more than Audacity (freely downloadable) and all your machines/effects (of course!). We all want to sit one day in front of the computer and push a button to "sound nice" but this does not work that way, I think. So I believe that having a software which offers what really helps in music making is something to consider: nice price, nice capabilities and nice usage, mixed with outstanding stability. I don't think if others would like it too, but as Abba said: "I do, I do, I do...".
  9. Hi there! I have used/tryed several DAWs since mid-90s: FastTracker, Jeskola's Buzz, FruityLoops (and the later FL Studio), Ableton Live, Cubase, Studio One, Reaper... But the one which has fitted me like a glove has been Bitwig Studio. I'm impressed on how simple is being creative with this software. It boosts your workflow and it works really nice: no need to wait for minutes to load any plugin. But the reason why I decided to finally buy this one a couple of weeks ago was its integration into its application. I mean: You can duplicate clips/samples/whatever into the arrangement view, but also into the clip edition view, which can be individual or multiple. It's charming, because I finally found a DAW which is not too complicated (quick workflow) and that really cares in a matter of harmony (which is what music is all about, if somebody had forgotten it).
  10. Hi! I remember well that track. It came, if I am not wrong, in Fill your head with Phantasm Vol.4... what a shame track... If I can remember well, it was Eco System - Brainbow, shorter version in the compilation (thanks! haha) Anyway, talking about tracks which seems to me a real disaster (beside the one you mentioned) is another one which came in that compilation, too. It is Aether - Opti-Mystic: How can a track which starts so nice, changes so interestingly at a minute and less than a minute after (about 1.55), it starts to get absolutely wrong each bar that counts. Listening to that track was like: oh, what a nice groove to start with! Let's listen to the end, and a couple of minutes later it was like: ¬¬U
  11. For years, I've been trying to get that psychedelic Goa sound. That electronic sound: synthetic, but with a pinch of an organic feeling. This is like love: the more you search for it, the less possibilities to find it. For some of us this achievement takes years... The best way to start is trying any DAW which fails in your hands until you find the one which you feel comfortable with: Finding that Goa'ish sound could take you hours. So, any DAW which makes making things easier, is welcomed. I have tried lots of DAWs since mid-90's, I started with FastTracker, learning from those compo's I could find on the net: Atuiliqon Alchemy, Heatseeker... The thing is mostly going to help you is to listen to the music. The more you listen to it, the more you will learn. Of course, you'll have to be a good listener with a good "musical" sense. Besides the recommendation of vst plugins like... Sylenth1 (known by all), Albino3 (the same), Silverbox (303), Nexus (ROM based multi sampler/synth, I don't know), Dune2 , TAL-U-NO-LX (Pads), and EFFECTS, of course, we don't go anywhere without them!: ArsAcoustic Verb (really nice Reverb), any frequency shifter which gives you the Flanger, anything could give you a Ping-Pong Delay... ...IS the question: How could you control all those warping repetitive morphing midi notes? It's not easy if you're not organized and get some help, also. Goatrance is not child's play, hehe, but... Your very, very friends are the ARPEGIATTORS! Any could be ok, but I recommend you the BlueARP. It's blue, it's nice, it's handy and even better: free. This is the starting point. Since here, your efforts would be very importants for developping any track, because sometimes not everything sounds "nice" at first (in the worst cases, even at the end). Another thing would help you a lot could be scales (you know, from Cx to Cx+1, the only notes which are going to be used. E.g.: try Bhairav raga as scale: C3-Db-E-F-G-Ab-B). Do NOT use the rest of the keys in that octave. This is the indian feeling. Those mandalas, Ganesh, the incense smell, those hindi gods/goddess and all that stuff are in there. Its like Pandora's box, you just need to find the way to open the lock. But remember, all this does nothing at all if you haven't listened enough. Good luck, mate! =)
  12. As a DAW, i have tried Cubase, FL Studio, several others and Live, which is the one that fits to me. Cubase may be a beast, but I find it really messy to work with. FL Studio... just for loops, not for sequencing. WIN user, haven't touched a MAC in my whole life, so I can not talk about Logic. As plugins... it's your choice. It depends on what sounds you are looking for.
  13. Hi! The first which came to my mind was "Drosophila", but there are not any guitar riffs, those are from silverboxes... Instead of that one from S.U.N. Project, try "Out of my brain": By the hand of The Delta, we have the remix of Johann Bley's "Stranded" (there are 303's, guitars and a stomping baseline): Skazi has something more rock'ish than others, but, personally, I don't like, but that does not mean that you neither, so try this "Seek and destroy": And the ultra-famous "xtc" by the same before: Ops! I have just reminded another classic of all times, "Sex, drugs & acidtrance" by S.U.N. Project: Try also these ones (not riffs, but guitars, more acoustic, but guitars): Infected Mushroom - Statik Dancing: Infected Mushroom - Deeply Disturbed: And as you've been told up there, try Dark Soho: "Unusual Ceremony": Just for saying one, because I enjoy the whole album, "Sun Spot" (2000), which I strongly reccommend you, if you want to listen to some nice guitar tracks. They also have two albums: Combustion, which is not as strong as Sun Spot; and Light in the dark, with several guitar tracks, try: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=snkDx4T1jgQ. If I am right, Dark Soho and S.U.N. Project were rock artists before they got in touch with Goatrance. Hope you had a little luck with these all. PLUR.
  14. I know this post is old, but I just wanted to let you know that sounds a-w-e-s-o-m-e. Thank you for sharing it with us! =D
  15. Hi everybody! This is an absolute masterpiece. Can not stop repeating it once and another, and another... and so on... Bohemian - Bohemian Love Stories: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e-gYZV-k0_0 EDIT: Uhm... my browser does strange things...
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