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  1. Check out Delirious Noon for fresh and amazing Fullon. I mean it
  2. Seems nothing is totally black or white as usual ; D Thank for that post exotic, it was worth reading and made my day (i hate that remix)
  3. So i finally went to a psyparty, with Skazi as guest. First let me tell you that i ve never listened to any of his tracks before. All i knew about him, i read it on forums. And the general feedback was kinda negative, to say the least. Conclusion: It wasn't thaat bad Sure, this isn't really psychedelic (anymore?), and the guy didn't seem to fully enjoy his set. But when i stopped to expect actual psytrance and just take the music as it came, it was still enjoyable. A bit too long and bad PA though. Anyway the very good aftermath of that party: i enjoy psytrance even more now ! Have you seen him live yet ?
  4. (just realize i may not be on the right section of the forum for it, can mods move that topics or do i have to delete it ?)
  5. Got introduced to seapunk yesterday (i m always late) Beyond the 'fashionable' stuff, Your thoughts about it ? It kinda reminds me of old psy videos like AP ones.
  6. Delirious Noon (Edit : just remembered another one : Sattel Battle)
  7. Woaw, monitoring this thread. So much love in it Ps : I haven't got the time to listen to every artists mentionned here but from what i ve heard you may like Ibojima Stuff.
  8. Beautyfull artwork up there ! Now (title somehow related) :
  9. Ranback


    Do any of you remember these 2 Zone of the enders games ? While randomly listening to my hard disk old folders i just realized how trancy was some of that OSTs were ! Back in the time i had no idea about psytrance or goa yet but now i m just wondering if i didn't get into it because of these (great!) mecha games ! Have you played them ?
  10. I will go with Zig Zag Zeit for now ! I know that feeling, can't get a track i feel ok to share until now ... Not my favorite one but not "bad" either. Thanks for the share : ) It reminds me of Protoculture !
  11. I have yet to dig it but for the few tracks i listened to Optokopler has this very good feeling, thanks you so much. I am gonna check TMM later Funny, i was listening to "into the wild" today while working; nice release ! Downloaded! (by the way i spent a few time listening to your other track yesterday. Do you also make some psytrance by any chance ?)
  12. I was in a quest for crazy psytrance and i m now listening to instrumental hip hop. And enjoying it (your track flicked whip rocks). All in all a pretty good day haha
  13. Hi there, Do you have any recommendations about Fullonish yet psychedelic "enough" morning psytrance artists ? It's hard to put words on it. I mean energic, melodic, "happy" sounds yet still trippy. I love Chromosome, Ibojima and Delirious noon works. Tracks like these : https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=chromosome+human+structure&sm=3 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QWLQ1Avh-90 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SowWqAieRm0 Driving bassline, nice melody and atmosphere. I was suggested Electrypnose or Terrafractyl but i couldn't get into it. (and i have no idea why, i just don t enjoy most of their tracks even if i do feel they are great artists :/) Anyway, any suggestion would be welcome !
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