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  1. Hi all on psytrance.org! I'm back for some more music if someone can help me again. If you are here lumpi I would ask you for more of the same music you recomended in your posts above. It is this kind of beat I'm looking for so if anyone knows tracks with that kind of "galloping horse or "steamtrain" kind of beat, please let me know. I have just listen to these tracks lumpi posted almost a year ago and I would like to have some new psytrance to train/exercise to. Thanks!
  2. Thanks lumpi! I have Cosma's Nonstop album and I like it, especially the track Nonstop! The album would be even better if it wasn't so much lyrics/dialog/talking, it kind of puts me off track and disturbs my own thinking a bit.
  3. Damn lumpi! All 7 tracks have the beat I'm looking for! 7 out of 7, that is perfect score... Thank you! You made my life a little bit more comfortable! Good job! Feel free to overwhelm me with this kind of psytrance!
  4. I realize now that is too uncommon nowadays. Oh well, thanks for the help! I have to listen to what I have now and hopefully I will soon get in contact with a psytrance producer who can make music to me and I will promote it with me in the videos doing my wardancing with my battle axes, dressed for war in full warpaint, vaporizer in my mouth, trippin balls on a high dose of bad ass shrooms to some of the heaviest darkest progressive shit you will ever hear in this universe. Today it is more melody trance and pink glowsticks and that kind of music I can not stand, I'm scared I will turn int
  5. I'm no psytrance music producer but in my opinion it was only trancenonZENsedance that posted a track (Headroom - 3-4 To The Floor) with the beat that I'm looking for. I do not mean that the other posts are bad music but it is not the beat or sometimes not even the same tempo as my video above. It's more a slow beat with a galloping beat. The first reply was spot on... The thing is that a have so few tracks with this beat and I have no idea what to look for so I really appreciate all your attempts to help me!
  6. If there is loads then I hope that it is the 12/8 time signature I'm looking for. I have no idea what the name of the beat is but maybe it is 12/8 time signature and if so can you help me find tracks with this beat. I tried to search on youtube and on google for "12/8 time signature psytrance" without any good results. But it is the beat in the video I want and if that beat is a 12/8 time signature then it is that I'm looking for. Do you have any examples of tracks with 12/8 time signature?
  7. I made a video with 3 samples from different tracks. The beat is similar and I would like to know as many tracks as possible with this kind of beat. I do not only listen to this but when I want to I want to have a wide selection to choose from. The tracks are: 1. 0:00-0:25 Onionbrain & Megiddo - Redundance 2. 0:25-0:50 Ectima - By Human 3. 0:50-1:17 Onionbrain - Into The Black Hole It is this kind of "galloping" beat that I'm looking for. It really takes me to a place I enjoy very much both mentally and emotionally but I have so few tracks to choose from. I don't know how
  8. Thanks for all replies! I like Hyogeo and Vibrasphere as well as Barby and Ectima that was not mentioned here. All good Dark and Progressive but sometimes a little bit to fast for my mood and I need a certain beat that makes me feel really dark but I will start a new thread for that. That one strongly reminded me of this couple of years older track: Thanks ya'll!
  9. Hi, I need some help. I'm looking for some nice Dark Progressive Psytrance, I think that is the genre. An example, at 0:40 you will hear what kind of sound/beat I'm looking for: Do you know any great tracks with that kind of beat, what genre is that? Thanks!
  10. Maybe one day I will post a clip of me when Im training.
  11. I tried the abyssmedia BPM counter and that gave me strange numbers sometimes but I think its better than nothing. Thanks! Yes, thats what I noticed as well. Some tracks was as low as 97 BPM according to the counter but is a lot faster when listening to them. Thats sounded interesting and I found this http://www.winamp.com/plugin/tonioware-s-bpmeter/6564 and will check that out. Edit: This program was not possible to install on windows 7, maybe a too old program or something with my computer... Sorry, yes I mean exercise, workouts in different kinds.
  12. What is the easiest way to check Beats Per Minute on my music files? Is there anyone who have a good program that you know is working fine? Im at the moment searching for a program like that on google but its always a lot of bad stuff so I thought I asked you here how you check BMP, if you do that. Its for my training, I want to controll what tempo it is going to be. Thanks!
  13. Ok, the reason I would like to know a "subgenre" is because it would be easier to search for my kind of music, I mean I would know what I was looking for. But I guess I like a Dark atmosphere (as sideffect put it) with a mix of progressive and fullon kind of music.
  14. Ok, have been checking some out and I REALLY like: Ectima, Midi Miliz and Barby. What kind of psytrance is this? This is a very good start! I havent found this music on youtube before, just didnt know what to search for but now I have some great music allready! Thanks! I also liked Onionbrain, Hypogeo and Sensient, What kind is this? Feels so great with new good music to listen to! Thanks again!
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