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  1. Classic vocal prog house. Guilty as charged.
  2. Yeah Distance to Goa 4 is cracking, Party Droid followed by Space Pussy is an unreal finisher to a mix.
  3. A really good mix is unforgettable, building a story around your favourite tracks, displaying some technical skill and hearing some tunes for the first time. Anyone here got a particular mix or mix cd they think works particularly well or bears special significance to them and their memory of Goa trance? I personally don't think you can beat the '94 Oakenfold mix. It brought Goa to a new audience early in the development of the music, and the track selection is ace, mixing some total wild cards into the trance dance:
  4. Wow, I play pokemon frequently but never like this, punishing! Currently playing pokemon white.
  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iBtDu1800OM This thread just goes to show how the word "deep" really doesn't seem to have any shared meaning!
  6. Top ten Goa tracks ever for sure. Incredible tune.
  7. This is true, I adore the 2000/2001 tech trance style, and have a huge soft spot for the melodies of 03/04. Can't see myself feeling the same about psytrance post 2007 though, partly because there is just so much of it that inevitably the amount of poor quality releases goes up, but I do listen to new music, mostly ambient / IDM.
  8. Maybe in ten years Psynews will be flooded with "conservative" users who happened to love fullon!
  9. I know what you're saying, I have 1200 + on Oblivion (been playing that game for years), 300+ on Fallout 3, the Witcher feels long because it is 100+ hours of main quest plotline. With other free roam games a lot of the side quests are relatively short and simple but there are hundreds of them, in the Witcher there is probably less content but it is more demanding because each piece of dialogue reveals something important and demands a decision that will have huge ramifications. The result is exhaustion for comparatively less amount of time played. After the main quest there is very little in
  10. http://www.discogs.com/Various-The-Wizardry-Of-Oz/master/90162 The Wizardry of Oz
  11. http://www.discogs.com/Various-Rabtu-Gawa-Paradise-Trance/release/363648 V/A Rabtu Gawa Listed on discogs for 100 Euros, can't quite figure out why. http://www.discogs.com/Various-Trance-Side-Of-The-Moon-2/release/279052 The Trance Side of the Moon series is pretty good, you might know it though.
  12. I just completed The Witcher 3. After about 120 hours. Wow. Seriously though it is an incredible game, brilliant depth/plot/visuals/world. It's just left me a bit exhausted, I have Bloodborne to play but don't feel like committing to another 50 hour + game.
  13. Haha yes the cover is so early nineties, totally non-commercial. I'd be happy to hear some of these tracks remixed, how good would an Asia 2001 remix album of Loren X material be?
  14. As long as Psynews has the richest and most organised list of reviewed albums on the net its existence is made vital. The work done by continuously dedicated members like Trance2MoveU ensures that we get a lot of traffic coming to read the material. The truth about activity on the board is that we have discussed a lot of the topics many times. How many threads can we revisit about how much we love Etnica? This is a very Goa-centric community and Goa trance is a minutely small genre of music. I have been here since 2010 with only 477 posts, I put this down to my own narrow focus of taste with
  15. I've always felt that the Astral Warrior remix is superior to the original, it gets to the point a little quicker. I'd probably prefer most of Chi AD's tracks if they laid off the samples a bit and got down the trance!
  16. There's some weird Chinese, Australian & Japanese Goa that's very obscure but a lot of it is also very poor (hence the correlation). Probably the most interesting thing I actually like that some people don't know about would be Asia 2001's early material under the alias of "Loren X". The album "Definitive Perception" is an example of absolutely exceptional early Goa trance, almost pure trance. No breaks, climaxes or builds, just true trance dance. A lot of people haven't heard about this record but those that have will pay a pretty penny for it!
  17. I vastly prefer their work as Etnica, but for the purposes of the thread i'd say these were my favourite Pleiadians picks: Maia Electra Asterope Analogue Step Boarding Pass to Balangan I don't listen to Family of Light very often.
  18. I made the fractal which far surpasses the track haha.
  19. What an ancient revival! Ensenuo (Morning Mix)
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