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  1. Project II Dragonfly, for its unique sound.
  2. Hallucinogen has definetly collaborated with Space Cat on some tracks, so it's not surprising they contain his hallmarks. Apart from Space Cat I have been most surprised by Artha's similarity, but I wouldn't call it copying, it's just clearly influenced.
  3. That story is ridiculously touching, weird I haven't come across it before; i've played all the animal crossing games apart from the newest but spent most time on the gamecube one by far. @desysko: It depends which version you play as to how aged the graphics are, but even the oldest iteration still has really charming graphics, the style is always pleasing and colourful even though the actual textures etc aren't the most technical by any means. I wouldn't say the gameplay has aged, even though it hasn't changed massively throughout the series. Definetly reccomend you play it but only if you've got the free time!
  4. Half Life 2 Half Life Deus Ex Bioshock Silent Hill 2 Silent Hill 3 Dark Souls Animal Crossing Dragon Quest VIII
  5. So it's often stated that the nature of the melodies set Goa trance apart from Psytrance, or indeed any other style of music. So which is, in your opinion, the most memorable, "catchiest" main lead from the whole genre? I know it's an impossible choice to decide on single track but try, and i'd like to keep it oldschool if possible. I'm thinking big hooks like Rain, Floor Essence, Goaway, People Can Fly etc. But, I want to focus on tracks that are less well-known than the above classics, I want to find a new gem! My pick: Psygone - Salvi Da Tori
  6. Genuinely memorable melodic hooks are the biggest lacking aspect of Neogoa, and for sure Simon was a master of those. His use of acid was also absolutely revolutionary, massive acid leads in tracks like Shamanix and Alpha Centauri have phenomenal impact, another lacking aspect of comparative, modern neogoa trance.
  7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8G5XWHndPiA More acid trance, but fast enough and with that kind of aggressively euphoric, driving melodic style.
  8. Etnica - Alien Protein Hallucinogen - Twisted X-Dream - Radio
  9. The clattering sound of a pencil when it's dropped and hits the floor, and the subsequent knowledge that the graphite inside has been broken all along its length.
  10. Etnica - Intense Visitation / Tribute
  11. You know I think you're the only other person who enjoys Cwithe that i've seen make a comment. I also think Cwithe put out some very uniquely atmospheric material that is some of the tranciest stuff out there. Tellus-D is my favourite Cwithe track, it's so otherworldly, nothing like it, maybe that's why it gets slated! Especially in the reviews section of this forum. I think some people mistakesubtelty for boredom when really it's the essence of really hypnotic trance..
  12. I would say that Filteria has gotten significantly better over the ten years!
  13. This is the only Neogoa album I hold in equal standing with the classics of the 90s. It really is excellent. Twisted, acidic, raw and driving, spiralling into melodic and textural euphoria. He gets better and better, the melodies in this one seem more thoughtful, less automated sounding, but retain the intensity of older albums. And of course there's more acid, and don't we all just need more of that?
  14. I just cannot see the similarity in synth sound: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0YMzbAVrq50 Lead synth at 5:20, nothing like. Much more analogue, with texture, not the utterly smooth, digitized sound of the downbeat track mentioned. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m3z4b5r94Rk Or this lead at 4:55 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LGCYhywCeTA 4:48 I seriously do not see any similarity whatsoever between the sounds used in early Oforia with this downbeat track which is suitable as background music for a shopping centre.
  15. Just finished a Symbolic Logic exam, now i'm drinking a milkshake before I tidy my room and play some Half Life 2!
  16. It seems odd to me that Newschool producers have really focused on the bright, sunshiney melodies. As far as I can tell most oldschool Goa was not of this variety. Only California Sunshine was as bright as these new artists, and even they had big melodic hooks that were more of the euphoric style than simply the highly melodic. Astral Projection was highly melodic, but they weren't "happy" melodies, they were melancholy and serious, the same goes for Dimension 5. Etnica and Pleiadians were highly melodic, but more frenetic, combined with fx to produce textures and trippy, twisted and intense atmospheres, not peaceful, oriental bliss. The prevalence of Nitzohnot in Neogoa is so much proprtionally higher than it ever was with oldschool. Hallucinogen, Cydonia, Darshan, X-Dream, Koxbox, Cosmosis, Green Nuns of the Revolution, Deviant Electronics, Gangnia, Slinky Wizard, Total Eclipse, Transwave, Doof, MFG (Project Genesis), Planet B.E.N, Sandman, Tandu, the list goes on, none of these artists could be said to be melodically anything whatsoever like the prevailing neogoa. I'm not saying bright melodies are bad, but the whole aesthetic of Neogoa is completely different, yes it has a 4/4 beat, layers of melody, FX, but I think the entire conceptual direction means that it will never achieve the same sensations that oldschool did. Even the most prominent record label is called Suntrip. Again, i'm not saying this is a bad thing, Neogoa is potentially an interesting genre in its own right, but i think the gap is wide enough from its roots that I would not link it with Goa Trance anymore than some styles of Psytrance are. I do also think Neogoa is highly derivative, even within its own genre, not relating to oldschool Goa Trance, the lack of unique qualities in the music threatens its longevity. However, Filteria grows more and more excellent by the release, and I still await more releases from the enigma that is Artha.
  17. That title track is one of the blandest things i've ever heard, absolute elevator / hotel lobby music. I don't think it uses any of the same synth sounds that were used in his Tandu or Pigs in Space tunes, they have no analogue quality to them. The percussion i very thinly thought out as well. I actually like a lot of Oforia tracks as well, but this really doesn't warrant any dicussion.
  18. This is one of the greatest releases in years, Deviant Electronics was an unsung master of the slick and sci fi 1997 sound and here it is again, brooding but bright with excellent melodic hooks and textures. Green Room is an absolute blinder.
  19. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZXSC0V2tZ6U If these are on the right lines I can suggest more. Searching Progressive Psy in youtube will probably just get you ultra clean, minimal, housey influenced plodding Trance these days, John 00 Fleming has a specific taste in Psytrance and it's difficult to think of search terms that produce the same sound. It is "Progressive", in a theoretical sense, but it's not what most people would typify as "Prog Psy", i.e the Iboga records sound.
  20. Anything 1200mics has ever put out, but most notably, "Mescaline".
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