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  1. Artist: Slinky Wizard Title: Witch Juice EP Label: Flying Rhino Records Date: 1996 1. Slick Witch 2. Lunar Juice (Hallucinogen Moon Strudel Mix) Not a whole lot to say about this release. Well except that it's psychedelic goa trance at it's finest! The second EP from Slinky Wizard where both tracks bring shrieking melodies and bludgeoning power making them a force to be reckoned with. They were released on CD compilations that most of you probably already have. Still it seems like this is readily available on Discogs so if you own a record player and want some bubbly deliciousness then do yourself a favor and pick this up. Mdk
  2. Artist: ManMadeMan Title: Hex EP Label: Matsuri Productions Date: 1996 1. Hex 2. Elevator 3. Trancesiva Another ManMadeMan ep and another instance where I'm wondering where's the f*cking chocolate? It's not like they threw together a garlic sundae, but this continual mediocrity is frustrating. It's as if they do just enough to call it goa and leave you to sort it out. Hex had zero twists and zero turns. Elevator was better, but they seem to get to a point and then set the cruise control. Where's the detail? Where's the complexity? Hello? Hey people! You left the sequencer running! I've held back comparing them to other goa trance producers from the past, but there's a reason why this project can't crack my top twenty. Get that deity off the record. You don't deserve that. Mdk
  3. Hi ! Can someone ID this track pleaaaaaase cheers
  4. Artist: Various Title: The Prophets of Psychedelic Trance Label: Trance Medusa Records Date: 1996 1. Cool - Brain Surgery 2. Electric Universe - Sunset Skyline 3. Evolution - Alien Phenomenon 4. A-Tek - Antologan 5. Mono Substance - Midnight Sunrise 6. Factor - Orientrance 7. B(if)tek - They Oscillate 8. S.U.N. Project - Tribolus 9. Proton - Brainfusion This will be a short review cause there really isn't much to say, but since this is a compilation from the glory days of goa trance I felt it needed a topic. THE track here is Alien Phenomenon by Evolution, a good old belter in the tradition of growly goa trance. Sunset Skyline is of course great, but offered in a bunch of other compilations. If I had to pick a bronze medal it would go to Midnight Sunrise with its industrial, primal scream and dark atmosphere. Hardly essential, but track 3 is a must hear.
  5. Artist: Various Title: POF Trance Collector Vol. 2 Label: POF Music Date: 1996 1. Denshi Danshi - Cow's Blues 2. The Infonaut - Chronos (Time Undefined) 3. Amanite FX & Prana - Black Rain (Blue Planet Corporation Mix) 4. Synchro - Christine (Haunted Car Radio Mix) 5. Denshi Danshi - Mariposa 6. The Infonaut - Mind Directed Energy 7. Amanite FX & Prana - Black Rain (Original Mix) 8. Synchro - Babes On Broomsticks 9. Amtinaous - Apocalyps-Hilan 10. Universal Island - M-Stick Collecting something specific is so tiring. I mean it's not like I'm trying to see how many prostitute heads I can hang on the wall, but...Haggling with people over price is the best part of the hunt, but it can be quite draining. Maybe that's why we as collectors are never finished because as soon as we posses the obeject we need another something to chase. I bought this off Discogs for only one track, but it turns out there is much more to enjoy. Of course the BPC remix of Black Rain is what I was after, but you also get the original version. Strange, but appreciated. You get possibly the best track by Synchro (if such a thing is actually possible) Babes On Broomsticks and a couple of decent offerings by Denshi Danshi with the best being Mariposa. Mind Directed Energy is the best track from The Infonaut, but the whole album was a pleasant surprise. This is good goa from the glory days with tracks that haven't been beaten to f*cking death and worth a purchase.
  6. Artist: Various Title: Digital Extacy A Mindtravelling Trance Experience Label: Hypnotic Date: 1998 1. Radar - Interference 2. Latex Empire - The Trip 3. LV-426 - The Frame 4. Donut Junkie - Tr-Drill-09 5. Bloque - Tweak 6. Johhny Mnemonic - Viruz 7. Aerial Servant - Son of Mastermind 8. Brannon Beer - Skyride 9. Cellblock X - Climax 10 10. LV-426 - Press Machine Press 11. Pissle-Whistle-Party - Bonusbajer (Bonus Track) "This is the new reality." Then I want to go back to the old reality. I've been dipping my toe into the acid pool as of late and have come to realize several things. The similarities between acid and goa are numerous. Both genres love the little silver box (303) and feature it prominently in their work. And like goa acid has a lot of weak stuff interspersed with the really good tracks. Now the bar I measure a great acid track with is very high. Ain't nobody got time for less. And that bar is Acid Air Raid by Solar Quest. I know, really high. It's just that that track had it all. Power. Insanity. Groove. Atmosphere. Will this album approach that greatness? Not even f*cking close. It shows me that just because you put a bubbling 303 in there does not an excellent track make. The tracks here are shorter so they don't have the time to grow and expand. And the ideas that are here are very linear. If you listen to the first one or two minutes then you know what you're gonna get. Honorable mentions? Well, I suppose the first track was ok. And Climax 10 was super growly. Rotten tomatoes go to the f*cktards who just tried to hold a whistle for 30 seconds for the last track. Just leave it blank and maintain some dignity. Bottom line, the search for the perfect acid trance album continues over this speed bump.
  7. Artist: Various Title: Trancemission To Andromeda (The Sound of the Future and Now) Label: Hypnotic Date: 1996 1. Omniglobe - Mental Fragment (Mindout Mix) 2. Source T-10 - Nightmission 3. Lo Budget - I Wanna Be A Cloud 4. Propulsion iP - Control Your Body 5. Source T-10 - Emotion 6. Omniglobe - Happy Pill Anthem (Hysteria Mix) 7. Memorizer - Memory 8. L'Avenue - Sonic Revolution (Trance Mix) 9. Pure Tribal - Feel Alright 10. Utasia - Stratosphere 11. Warp 69 - Power of Yoga I was recently sent files of a bunch of older trance albums by someone and they thought that I might like to review them. First off I once again neglected to mention my fee. So...that brings my total review earnings to zero. Second, I'm not sure if that person actually likes me because this album was like handing a hamburger coated in blood to a vegetarian. See, bacon is delicious. Nope, nope...no take backs! You eat dead animals! This "trance" music is terrible. It's a mix of styles that sounds like the artists went nuts with the presets and patterns right out of the box. If you plan on reaching Andromeda you probably need to get off the ground first. Houston we have a problem and part of it is happy hardcore. Believe me when I tell you the eyerolls were out in full force. Normally I put the artist names in bold so they can stand out a bit. Uh-uh. Not gonna do it.
  8. Artist: Various Title: The First Pulse Label: Pulsewave Records Date: 1996 1. Dormant - Auspex (Intro) 2. ARTificial - Origin of Species 3. Asiodiziac - Skinn 4. Mnemosyne - Six Feet Over 5. File Operation Error - Manhunt 6. Clockforest - Systems On 7. Subconscious Aurists - Astral Interference 8. The Signus - Robot Zone 9. Juicehead - Anything Is Everything 10. Clockforest - Sun Mark 11. File Operation Error - The End 12. ARTificial - Lunimous Lullabye (Outro) Keep your distance ladies. I know what you're thinking. "Jesus tap dancing Christ this guy will review a f*cking ham sandwich." And to that I would say if I had the time. But back on task... With the exception of Mississippi and Alabama everyone knows that this is a dated look. The only thing missing is a member's only jacket and a pair or acid washed jeans. And that's what this compilation is like. I don't know where I got it, but I think it was a throw in when I bought some stuff off Discogs. Two decades old and man it sounds like it. Think of a smorgasbord of electronic music that will bring you back to the early days. I put it here because it has some goa sounding tracks in it. Origin of Species comes to mind and it wouldn't have been bad, but those crash cymbals! A lot of the tracks just sound like dated 90's techno and electro. Complete with rave sounds and orchestra hits. Throw in a little dream trance and gabber and it's really the total package of no thank you. Perhaps this will make you feel nostalgic. Not me though. Just made me want to delete it.
  9. Hello psynewsers, here's a suggestion/request for the oldschoolers: I didn't find any "best of" poll from the earlier years. Personally, I'm particularly interested to see results from the years '96 & '97, as there was a lot of output those two years. At first I was introduced to psy music through the free releases in Ektoplazm and then, when I discovered Psynews, I used the "best of" polls as a reference to discover more music. So, I think that a "best of" poll from those early years would be useful for the new generation and for those who are relatively new to the scene, and want to dig into the '90s and not miss the best goa trance that was made during those years. What do you think? Anyone interested?
  10. Artist: Various Title: Psychedelique Transition Andromede Label: Trans'pact Productions Date: 1996 1. Martin Cooper - Hallu Practical 2. Phushmataha - Bloomer 3. Asia 2001 - Mara-Djha 4. Ursula Azym - Asiane Tribulations 5. Asia 2001 - Fantasm 6. Asia 2001 - Mara-Djha (Remix) 7. Martin Cooper - Polivoks 8. Martin Cooper - Life Storm 9. Guarana Cupana - Shankra I believe we are all in agreement that the cover is an insult to cover art? Even MS Paint should feel a little slighted. Ok now that that is out of the way we can get on to the much more important subject of the music contained therein. First off as you probably already know this is Gilber Thenevet and his various pseudonyms for the most part. Released in 1996 the sound is unmistakably goa trance with 1996 production. It lacks the oomph that can be found in other releases from the golden goa era. Another thing the tracks are rather thin and linear. Not many twists and turns to be followed and sounds like they were just going through the motions. The remix of Mara Dhja is nice and more to my liking, but that's about it. Not terrible, but I don't have time for not terrible. Or put it another way, this is third string stuff.
  11. Artist: Morphem Title: Montage / Bringers of The Dawn / Loving Spirit EP Label: Tunnel Records Date: 1996 1.Montage 2. Bringers of the Dawn 3. Loving Spirit Who the hell is this guy? Short answer? Frederik Stehn. Long answer? Some guy that's pretty damn good. I was aware of his album Out of Focus, but I've never heard it. Saw the Ambrosia cover as someone's avatar, but never heard that either. After getting my first delicious taste if the Morphem sound with the Magma EP I'm eagerly searching for more. Montage has a strong goa melody and I like the little Jawa voices here and there. Bringers of the Dawn is fairly unremarkable with it's laid back almost progressive feel. Loving Spirit has some bubbling percusion and a percolating 303 that wobbles. The whole track has some bouncy appeal. While not as intense and captivating as Magma, there is some value here. Mdk
  12. Artist: Nervasystem Title: Formasi Voices EP Label: Psychic Deli Date: 1996 1. Formasi Voices 2. Liquid Lifeform What an awesome ep from Nervasystem! Formasi Voices is a growler that erupts with power and Liquid Lifeforms bubbles with dark goa atmosphere. Some of the best stuff I've ever heard from this project. Mdk
  13. Artist: Brain Accent Title: Orange Acid EP Label: Cyrex Technologies Date: 1996 1. Orange Acid 2. Anno Domini 3. Broken Dreams One and done. That's what this project was. And normally it would be destined to languish at the bottom of the bargain bin with the rest of the one hit wonders. Snuggled nicely in between Men Without Hats Safety Dance and that song by Big Country. But the guy behind this project is one of the cornerstones of the genre. Tim Schuldt aka Mr. Everything. Sure he is a mastering guy now, but back in the goa heyday he took the music into places you didn't think it could go. Dark places. Uncomfortable places. "Like the backseat of a 68 Beetle?" Precisely. This three track EP has two pretty hypnotic goa tracks in Orange Acid and Anno Domini. Not on the level of Pleiadians, but damn fine in their own right. The track Broken Dreams is pure filler, but don't let that stop you from enjoying the other two. Mdk
  14. Artist: OOOD Title: Two Dawns Over Baleswar EP Label: Completely Cabbaged Date: 1996 1. Two Dawns Over Baleswar 2. Herbs & Spices "Dude. You don't have to hide in the shadows. Didn't you and Robin come out already? i mean everyone already knew. Oh not yet?!? My bad, my bad...I won't tell anyone else. No worries man...nobody reads this sh*t." Solid EP with typical OOOD evolution. It's not your straight ahead goa and this was smack dab in the beginning of their goa trance period I think, appearing on their Alive album. Both tracks show changes in direction with great layers. Two Tales has a tribal element which was great, but Herbs and Spices was surprisingly good. Mdk
  15. Artist: MFG Title: Magnetic Activity EP Label: Transient Records Date: 1996 1. Magnetic Activity (Remix) 2. Overlord (Remix) Silly black man. Plastic on couch means a bad ending for you. This is what I'm talking about. Old school goa trance that is in a continual state of flux. More ethereal than physical it is evolving, spiraling, and twisting. Overlord is I believe a typo, and should be Overload, the same track from their 1996 album The Prophecy. Both are bad ass. Mdk
  16. Artist: Morphem Title: Magma EP Label: Tunnel Records Date: 1996 1. Magma 2. Closed Sector 3. Nothing Left "This sector is closed to ground traffic." Man they don't make 'em like this no more. Magma (also on the Out of Focus album) is the definition of a blistering goa track. Such energy! If you can't twirl to this there is no hope for you. This must absolutely wreck a dance floor. Closed Sector is more in depth with a futuristic vibe. Nothing Left is more psytrance I suppose. Still the EP is worth searching out for Magma alone. It's volcanic! I'm sorry, that's on me. Terrible. Mdk
  17. Artist: ManMadeMan Title: Erland EP Label: 21-3 Records Date: 1996 1. William 2. Delirium Here I go again reviewing another MMM ep and the same confounding feelings emerge. I think I've got a problem. I've come to appreciate their talent as electronic musicians (moreso now that I know they have two kids), but there is still a part of me that prepares for the letdown when I hear their tracks. They've had some really good ones, but more often I'm left feeling... This is the case here. Neither of the two tracks on this ep are terrible, but they aren't particularly memorable either. William has a good melody, but it takes half the track to get there. But your patience will be rewarded as it rises to a static electricity charged rocker. Delirium had some good moments and I felt more layering. This ep defines how I feel about this project. Liked the music, but I could take it or leave it. Mdk
  18. Artist: Lunar Asylum with Sid Shanti Title: Planet X / Another Planet Ep Label: Celtic Records Date: 1996 1. Planet X 2. Another Planet 3. Another Planet (remix) This is a bit of a warbling mess. There. I said it. A fine line exists when one wants to use repetition for the purpose of hypnotism or delivering a message. It entrances, or rather it can entrance. Sometimes it's just annoying. "Are you f*cking kidding me? Stop with the f*cking cherubs Paul! And put some pants on them!! Why don't I just drive you to prison?" Lunar Asylum is Chris Stevenson and Paul Greendale and let's be honest. This...well, uh this ain't their best work. It's noisy and repetitive without a trace of depth. Like a car with no steering wheel it just goes straight. I read Draeke's review on Discogs and he labeled this acid trance. If that's what this is then thank you sir for saving me the time exploring yet another genre. I suppose not everything from 1996 can be gold. Mdk
  19. Artist: Various Title: Gaia 10 Label: Gaia Tontrager Date: 1996 1. Evolution - Warriors of Light 2. X-Dream - Psychoactivity 3. Neuwerk - Psylo 31 4. Morphem - My Plan 5. Electirc Universe - Orange Night 6. Hara Gobi - 303 Gold 7. Star Sound Orchestra - I.C.P. 8. The Pollinator - Parent Plant III 9. Planet B.E.N. - Screw Driver 10. After Sunset - Oriental Fantasy This label was started by Andreas Roll (half of Evolution), but went belly up in 2001. Somehow I came across this and noticed right away how putrid the cover was. Like a suspicious girl searching your browser history...I had to find out what was in there. "Aw, hell no! Now who da f*k is dat b*tch?" Boston strong? Try hood rat skrong. Warriors of Light- Good layers and sharp leads. Great way to open. Psychoactivity- Quintessential goa that doesn't overpower, but delivers a kill shot right to the ears. Psylo 31- The name just screams German techno, but it's a wicked little surprise that brings the two genres together. My Plan- If his plan was to create a track with more bite than an Australian shark then he succeeded. Orange Night- Remember when Boris made awesome goa trance? Wait...the same guy that unleashed Higher Modes? Of course I don't remember I was in my twenties and who the f*ck remembers that? 303 Gold- This compilation is sweet! Wonder where the speed bumps are? Ah, there it is. More like...303 pewter. I.C.P.- Never been a big fan of this project and this does nothing to change that. Parent Plant III- This had some nice bounce to it, but I would've liked it a lot more without all the annoying whispering. Wanna whisper? Go to the library. Screw Driver- Even without stacks of melody this is head nodding goa trance. Oriental Fantasies- Go nuts Asian business man. I don't get it. Flying under the radar, there are some good goa tracks here and the flow is very nice. Recommended. Mdk
  20. Artist: Various Title: Escape From Samsara Label: Secret Records Date: 1996 1. The Secret - Gorgeous (Orgasm Mix) 2. Cosmosis - Psychofunk 3. Pendragon feat. T'African - Maen Cetti 4. K-90 - Genesis (Terraform Mix) 5. Blokka - Exploration (First Time Mix) 6. Beamish - Fanfare 7. Audio Pancake - Central Heating For Kids 8. Future AKA - Flying High 9. Cybernaut - Califrae 10. Lab 4 - Transformation The Big Book of British Smiles? What the f*ck is this doing on the coffee table? Yes, yes peek a boo. Never gets old. Look, I don't want skin cancer either, but one does want a hint of color. Waitaminute...I'm detecting a pattern. I knew it! It's a British party up in here! So bring your bad teeth, pasty skin, and football hooligans because this CD is meant for reminiscing. Sh*tty weather be damned this is about capturing the past magic of the London trance scene from the days of yore. Afterwards it's up the apples and pears to the paki and some tasteless food. I don't care how much vinegar you put on it. Ooh hello, bird...what's up wit yo boat? Gorgerous- Very uplifting. This does not make me want to orgasm. Needs more tits. Psychofunk- Obviously a great goa trance blaster from Cosmosis that begs the question how the f*ck did these first two tracks end up on the same disc? Talk about things that don't go together. Say hello to Astral Projection's new hardware. No wonder it's taking forever. Korg is really running low on ideas. Maen City- Wow. Steel drum arpeggios and crowd noise. Guess you had to be there. Very trancey and cheesy. I see the anti-psychedelic serpent has raised it's ugly head yet again. Genesis- All they're doing here is messing with the cut-off filter on a 303. You had me at hello. Exploration- Fanfare- Picture if you will, dancing drag queens under a relentless strobelight. Now punch yourself in the tomatoes. That's not here, but if I'm thinking about it so should you. Good God this is horrible. Central Heating- Is this acid trance? I think this is acid trance. Not bad, but you could put a 303 over some polka and I'd probably listen to it. Flying High- You had me at the goa growl, but why did you sh*t all over it with the uplifting nonsense? Califrae- You're just like the rest of them! Reformation- Perhaps the highest bpm's on the disc? Maybe. This hyper trance will get all the suburban white kids in a frenzy let me tell you. It's so fast it almost seems as if it's not in rhythm. Before society taught me to fear black people and Muslims I was afraid of English punks. Man they were scary to a white kid from the burbs! Never met one and it was a totally irrational fear, but their Doc Martens, leather jackets, and multi colored mohawks made me think that's how all the British were. Ah, so young and impressionable. Like that fear this sounds old and dated and utterly ridiculous. It's a bunch of cheesy crap that would only appeal to those that attended this gathering. I'm guessing the Cosmosis track was in there for the goa freaks (I assume he played this venue). Thing is when you try to please everyone you end up pleasing no one. Mdk
  21. Artist: Various Title: I Have A Dream Label: Melodia Records Date: 1996 1. Power Source - Eye Land 2. Zed - Tubular Bells 3. G.B.A. feat. Liat - Dream On Peace 4. Kosowski - Breakfast 5. Power Source - Heaven On Earth 6. G.B.A. - Sweet Dream 7. Power Source - Oxygene 8. G.B.A. - Piano Fantasy 9. Zed - Zedream 10. G.B.A. - Symphony of Love 11. G.B.A. - Flashdance (Love Theme) What I am about to say is likely to offend people. This is the gayest sh*t I've ever heard. No that's an insult to gay people. I have nothing against gay people. What's gayer than gay people? If you're not hearing In the Navy or Macho Man or really any Village People song at this point you really need to get on board. This couldn't be farther from psytrance if Kenny G had a solo on it. Think Robert Miles Children taken to it's cheesiest degree. The melodies are so f*cking sweet it's like having a cupcake in between cotton candy buns (no pun intended). Every song has the piano lead melody in a truly horrid dream pop way. I've had this on my computer for a couple of years and now the origin of computer herpes has been solved. I would take you through all the tracks but a) there isn't enough F-word, and they all sound the same. Originally downloaded for the Power Source tracks I have to wonder what happened to them. Goaway? Closer to Take My Breath Away by Berlin. Thank God it was a download cause if I woulda paid for this I'd be sending rockets with babies into the Holy Land. If you see this stay as far away as f*cking possible lest you catch the gay. Mdk
  22. Artist: Various Title: Goa Spirit - Hard Psychedelic Trance Label: Cyber Production Date: 1996 1. Encens - Infinite Image 2. Eat Static - Bony Incus (Man With No Name Mix) 3. Subcouds - Greenflow 4. Etnica - Fractal Gates 5. Miranda - Steps To The Stars 6. Har-El - Tower of Babylon 7. Moonweed - Telepath 8. Encens - Spiritual Transgression 9. OOOD - Silence "More than 25 millenia ago, man began his first tentative steps to the stars." Taking this CD with you would definitely pass the time. Every single track has appeared elsewhere, but if you are looking for maximum bang for your goa buck then look no further. How many times have we seen an attractive track listing only to be let down by the music? Not here my friend. Each one is gold, guaranteed to get the blood pumping. Spiraling melodies that capture the essence of a time gone by. Shimmering and spiritual this should come with a warning. Repeated listens will cause the non-stop urge to build a time machine and return to the glory days of goa trance. You son of a b*tch! Mdk
  23. Artist: Lunar Asylum Title: Bubble & Tickle EP Label: Sirius Records Date: 1996 1. Bubble 2. Tickle "Until 2 days ago that sound had never been heard on this Earth." Have you had your funk today? You have if you listened to this EP. Well, the bubble side anyway. With a funky bass line and screeching leads bubble is old school goa with supreme danceability. Tickle seems like more of a throw in without much to offer. Heard the first minute? Yeah, save yourself some time and go do something constructive. I'm making BBQ Chicken in the crockpot. Mdk
  24. Artist: Various Title: Goa Spaceship 101 - A Goa Trance Trip Into Space Label: Hypnotic Records Date: 1996 1. Astral Projection - Enlightened Evolution 2. Technossomy - Pyramid 3. Cosmosis - Morphic Resonance 4. OOOD - Silence 5. Prana + Athena - Future Space Travellers 6. Etnica - Starship 101 7. Subcouds - Greenflow 8. Glass Walker - Celestial Body 9. Arcana - Pyrochasm 10. Unison - Loadster "We have determined that the human form is best suited to our purposes." So you're looking for a complete f*cking idiot then. This is a compilation that mails it in and goes the easy route. Released by Hypnotic (A label known for riding the coattails of what was popular at the moment) this is a collection of tracks heard many times before and available on numerous other compilations. Chances are you already have these tracks so for most goa heads this is unnecessary. But if you don't have them (loser) then this is a great place to get all these classics on one disc. The majority of them are melodic goa anthems from the masers of the genre during the golden age. Of course an album of bona fide classics from beginning to end sounds too good to be true. And it is. The last three tracks lack the name recognition as well fall short in their quest for...epicness. Maybe Hypnotic ran out of money or they owed some people some favors. Whatever the reason they clearly shot their load with the first 7 tracks. The last three while not horrific (except the last one which is a God awful housey nightmare) plays second fiddle to the classics. And that's fine. We all want the best doctor when we need one, but some people had to graduate at the bottom of the class didn't they? They're still doctors, just...not, you know...good ones. Besides if all tracks were classics then none of them would be. So I'm gonna be mad at a compilation with a 70% awesome rating? Don't think so. Mdk
  25. Artist: Eternal Bliss Title: Pyramids Label: Clubware Date: 1996 1. Hallucinate 2. Indiamagic 3. I Am I 4. Get Wired (Album Remix) 5. Pyramids 6. Phoenix 7. The Doors of Perception "Yeah baby, you are the new star. The new "it" project. We're gonna knock those amateurs from Etnica and Dimension 5 right outta the charts. All the elements are here for a classic album. Let's see, we've got a spir itual artist name with equally otherworldly track names. Multicolored cover that hints at previous alien visitation. The music? Why you gotta bring that up?" "Skip the first track, it's pure filler. If you're gonna title the track Hallucinate you might wanna, I dunno, make the listener hallucinate. Aw f*ck it leave it in there, it costs too much to clean it up. It shows that you're edgy. Besides I spent your studio money at the track. How the hell a dog named Flash could finish last is beyond me. Don't worry, don't worry...Trust me bubbala, I know what I'm doing." Indiamagic- "This is a delightful tribal goa romp with long evolving pads that seem so exotic to the gullible American audience. Can you just picture the Indian non union equivalent of Eddie Van Halen tearing it up on guitar with ridiculous faces for the camera? The kids'll eat it up I tell ya! I'm sorry did I say guitar? How stupid...I meant sitar!" "So whattya think the teacher's gonna look like this year?" I Am I- "Hey...make sure you get that monotonous I AM I chant in there. Nah, I don't give a f*ck how many times the sheeple will eat it up. C'mon they're so whacked out on drugs they won't care. Almost 12 minutes? Perfect! It'll be like a personal conversation with Vishnu or Allah or whoever the f*ck they pray to." God help me I didn't hate it. I should've. Really should've...but I didn't. Get Wired (Album Remix)- "I've got this riff I've been working on." "Can you milk it for 8 minutes?" "What? I mean...I guess I could...sure I'll try." This was a remix? How f*cking bad was the original? Pyramids- The intro and the breaks are vivid symphonic phrases that are in constant motion. Almost makes you forget that nothing else is going on. At all. Zero. Although the Top-Gun esque guitar made me smile. Phoenix- "I said relax, I didn't say stop producing. Bad news...I blew the rest of your per diem on a new venture. Grandmasluts.com...it's gonna be big...HUGE! And wipe that white sh*t off your nose you're gonna get us both arrested. No problem...we'll clean it up in post production. Oh for f*cks sake don't give me the sad puppy dog eyes...everyone does it. How do you think we made Kesha a star? You better start wising up.." It's more lower tier goa with some very good string work. And that's what keeps happening with this release. On the whole the tracks aren't very good or interesting, but there are parts that are nice that make it easier to overlook the obvious deficiencies. Doors of Perception- "I dunno what you should call the last one. Who gives a f*ck? They all sound the same anyway. Call it wrinkly ball sac for all I care. Here, let's go to the net. Here's a good one...Doors of Perception. Ha! I knew it, gold! Cosmosis already has this track name so we can just piggy back off of them! Hippies are stupid, all you gotta do is throw them a carrot and they'll follow it." Aside from the juicy bass line, this track is just wandering around the desert. I was poised to rip this a new one, but the more I listened to it, the more I found some actual musicality here. It's still goa on that lower level , but as I mentioned before there were instances in the tracks that were very appealing. Essential? Far, far from it. Unless you really like colorful triangles. But I think it's better than a lot of the generic psy coming out these days. Which brings me to their next album released a mere 15 years later called...wait for it...Full Om. Where the hell were you on this one Draeke. Huh? Where.Were.You. Could've had unreleased Eternal Bliss for probably a tenth of what it cost to release Etnica. You need to speak to my promoter. Mdk
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