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  1. A foot long Subway... Post-exam treat.
  2. My ultimate group would be: Spirallianz & Planet B.E.N & Darshan Other interesting possibilities: Autechre & Hallucinogen Hallucinogen & Jam and Spoon Transwave & Doof
  3. I hate 80% of Shpongle's output. Can't think of any oldschool Goa I don't like to be honest! Maybe Brainman... not that much of an unpopular opinion though haha.
  4. Oh haha, well it's £56 on discogs so it's a predictable upload.
  5. Some 1200 mics probably. . . I have a personal hatred of Raja Ram.
  6. I agree that Kurandini is an absolute stormer, very Goa indeed.
  7. Got to agree with the consensus on BotFB.. Think I read somewhere that the guy doesn't care about mastering, shame the rest of us do!
  8. Congovox - Blue Nervosity The track really does encapsulate that '98 "Hux-Flux" sound, almost the exact same kick and bassline, but with none of the complexity of Hux-Flux. It's not bad at all, in fact it's good, it's just not great. Would have been a 6 until the acid comes in but the 303 takes it up to a 6.5, because it doesn't really go anywhere. My pick:
  9. I go through phases of listening to what I already have thoroughly, but I have to admit the majority of the time it's download > listen briefly to see if I like it > file it to a playlist to be listened to in a few months. There's so much music out there and I want to be aware of so much of it that it's an impossible task to digest it all properly.
  10. I think the last thread died, Well if it didn't, it did, Just havinga couple (or 9) beers to this little ditty (my favourite tune in the world) :
  11. Are you just asking for the best Goa trance tracks? By genuine Goa I thought you would have meant some early, very "trance-dance" stuff, but the Oakenfold mix is certainly not that, it is excellent but only on the border of what actually constitutes Goa trance in my mind. It is mostly Classic Trance.
  12. Suppose it depends on if you think they sound different, personally, I think the fact that everyone knows which artists we are talking about when we say "Neogoa" means they do sound different. Different sound, genre evolution, different name. I use the term because I feel like the music is utterly different and doesn't satisfy what I want when I listen to Oldschool. It seems obvious to me that the new wave of Goa has diverged enough to warrant a different name, and the name has clearly come naturally and is used fairly unanimously, no matter what those of you who say you don't use it think! It's folly to try and force a change in perceptions on this topic.
  13. It's an impossible question to answer really, obviously there's dark Goa with acid lines, some similarity in melodies etc, but you're not going to get those exact kick-drums and synth styles anywhere but in another Transwave track.
  14. John 00 Fleming's been putting out podcasts for ages now on soundcloud check them out, sure there's gems in there but it requires some listening.
  15. ollylovesgoa

    I like...

    Motorcycle racing, fried mackerel, taking my socks off in bed with my feet.
  16. Check out the Tech-Trance side of things that was popular around 2000/2001: Spirallianz - Blast Food , best album of the sound: And the associated act: Midi Miliz
  17. Sleeping patterns that are so impractical they mean waking up at 3 in the morning and going to sleep at 3 in the afternoon.
  18. Never heard this for some reason, very nice, classically acidic Cosmosis style.
  19. Yeah the Tony Hawk games were a staple of any decent childhood , still got the originial on Ps1.
  20. Jesus, does he know how lucky he is!? I'm listening to Goa of course, but staring at my flat in horror at the state it has gotten into and considering doing "the big clean".
  21. Animals of course, and this gem: Narco Nympho
  22. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Vyvokekfv4 Yes, they're great!
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