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  1. How nice of you to consider the dietary quality of the worms who'll be eating you!
  2. Format: 2 × CD, Compilation As only one release stands to be posted it seems a little unwarranted to suggest that it detours from its own theme! On topic: It is a strange compilation, one disc vastly superior to the other. It's up to the compiler to maintain consistent quality I guess, what you gonna do?
  3. Sorry is that cylinder of cheese advertising itself as a healthy option!?
  4. Yeah but the Indian curries here were all invented here, they're really not authentic and I don't think the owners of any of the places eat that sort of food at home. What are Belgian fries?
  5. Ignoring the practical considerations of being on death row and the fact that your appetite mighn't be its most ravenous in that situation, what would you have as your final meal on this planet? My choice: Probably a king prawn vindaloo curry, pilau rice and a naan bread. British curry style. Takeaway food I know, but I really crave these things! Go!
  6. Fair enough, I will do some reading about anarchosocialism, and I respect your opinion.
  7. It's causes are definetly many-fold, but the brutality of a failed state is a reality that the anarchist needs to face up to. Arguably the Rwandan genocide had a significant part to play in the civil war in DRC, and what was the Rwandan genocide but tribal warfare echoing the pre-state existence of humans? Tribal conflict encouraged by politicians for sure, but mirrored in many places today in Papua New Guinea, historically in every continent with a big enough population to have conflict. The ideal of an anarchy that can mitigate the inherent violence of humans is not realistic. How do you abandon government in any way that does not produce internal power struggles of that nature? I would assert that any abandonment of government would absolutely produce civil war. Precisely because humans do not naturally produce anarchic societies that are peaceful, democratic process becomes even more important. Stable government is preferable, but requires continuous reform.
  8. Haha, got to love Autechre! I don't personally enjoy politics in my music. I think of Billy Bragg and the like, all of his tunes that were about love were so much better than the anti-thatcher hymns. Trying to shoehorne politics into a style of music that is conspicuously non-vocal seems like a great recipe to ruin a track and become very "of the now", liable to never being played again.
  9. Very good introduction. Generally thorough and largely correct. It's inevitable that you'll get a lot of comments about various details - can't do anything about that, but no one would deny that this is a solid document by someone who knows their stuff.
  10. I cannot believe how big the Witcher 3 is. I've played 27 hours and i'm level 10. I need to try and resist my usual "completonist" attitude towards games, because adopting that style of play with TW3 will have me awake till 6 in the morning every night for the next month!
  11. I stopped going to Psy parties a long time ago, mostly because I stopped taking drugs and suddenly found the atmosphere extremely uncomfortable. Old guys selling acid to kids etc, I was disgusted. I much prefer Techno / Drum & Bass nights where the crowd are free to admit their hedonism without veiling it behind some kind of confused political agenda. As for hippies on the whole, the politics etc appealed to me when I was 15/16, but I now find it to be total nonsense on the whole. I know people who live in communes in the forest, "ecologists" perhaps, but all they do is go in the bins behind supermarkets and eat the piles of untouched food that corporations throw away everyday. I agree that we should not waste food, and these people also vehemently attack capitalism because they think it destroys the Earth; I also agree with this sentiment. The hippies i'm talking about fail to recognise that they are benefiting from capitalism as much as any factory owner by doing this, they believe their practice is "being at one with nature", rejecting mainstream society etc, but this is simply false. Without capitalism they would perish, and the egotism they express because of the way they live aggrovates me. Perhaps they are guilty of ignorance, but it is a dangerous ignorance where they believe they are free from capitalism whilst subliminally guaranteeing it's future by relying on it - while naively refusing to pay for the hospitals they would happily use if needs be, on the grounds that the mainstream economic scenario is wrong. And worse, many don't vote for reform because they believe that anarchy is the best solution to an imperfect government, needless to say they have never read about what happens in a failed state like the Democratic Republic of Congo where millions have died in decades long power struggles.
  12. Just bought some jazz, Duke Ellington and Sonny Rollins.
  13. Watching TV, brutally hungover. Can't focus on anything productive when I feel this rough.
  14. I love Techno, listen to it more than Trance these days. Saw Blawan and Jeff Mills a few weeks back, Dave Clarke before that. Another label to look at is Drumcode. Adam Beyer's stuff is all very high quality, but definetly music for the dancefloor. Chris Leibing, Surgeon, Regis, Andy Stott (Passed Me By).
  15. I just bought a PS4 last week with The Witcher 3. It really is excellent, both technically and with regards to writing / plot development. The combat isn't as tight as Dark Souls (which i've been used to playing for some time) but i'm ok with that. Games that I am hyped for: Fallout 3 No Man's Sky (equal parts concerned however that scope like this will leave gameplay as an afterthought) Dark Souls 3 The Last Guardian
  16. The one guy who bet 7-1 won $46 0 0 0
  17. Yeah last night was pretty boring, Argentina goalie smashed it though.
  18. Haha, spectators. The commentary was hilarious on the BBC, and when the Brazilian fans started appluading the German teams! Madness. Ricky Gervais just posted this: "This won't be the first time that thousands of Germans will have to lie low in Brazil for a while for their own safety."
  19. Watching bizarre foods while eating vegetarian scotch eggs.
  20. At best this is a troll, but it still exposes the fact that anyone who thinks there is a shred of humour in the holocaust is a foul excuse for a human being and I am ashamed to share a planet with such an individual. If this is serious then clearly the OP is without empathy or the powers of reason and compassion and is himself so severely disabled by mental illness that he should thank his luck that no one is currently in power in the U.S who would adopt his views.
  21. That was just insane . . . Germany to win world cup now, against Netherlands!
  22. http://themindunleashed.org/2014/05/29-clever-drawings-will-make-question-everything-wrong-world.html
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