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Found 20 results

  1. Hi ! Can someone ID this track pleaaaaaase cheers
  2. Artist: Enertopia Title: Magic For Eternity Label: Krembo Records Date: 1997 1. Intro 2. Broken Sky 3. The Shout of a Headman 4. Marakesh 2000 5. Novelle 6. Van Spooker 7. Manga 8. Volvoker 9. Wacky 10. Marteff 10a. Untitled "You're not ready for so much excitement!" To further drive home the point that not everything released in 1997 was gold comes the debut of Emiliano Solazzi Griminger. His second album Face Adaptor was appealing to me in a I don't know why I like this, but I do kind of way. With a heavy techno influence this has a raw and electric feel. With that description it should be appealing in a cold and dark way, but something is missing. There are melodies of course, but they sound abrasive rather than melodic. Marakesh 2000 isn't bad and with it's power and symphonic layers reminds me a little of a Kris Kylven production. He goes a little heavy on the sample usage in Van Spooker (even though I like the sample) and then annoys the crap out of me with a looped vocal tacet on Volvoker. For one final insult with the last track he adds some more music after an extended silence. I hate that. Ask me if it made any f*cking difference with the overlook of this album. Pass.
  3. Artist: Various Title: The Forum Label: Big Foot Records Date: 1997 1. BLT - Soul Sacrifice 2. Allto - Allto 3. Shell Shock - Sunshine on Tokyo 4. P. Cok - Stone 5. Cybel - Kondicaus 6. Cybel - Bizzar 7. Realistic - Hypnotic Dark 8. Deep Blue - Water 9. P. Cok - Beautiful Day Nice try, but trash can is to the left. Just wanted to pop in and say a few words about this. Certainly there have been worse goa trance compilations than this, but is that the bar we're setting for ourselves? Don't know about you, but ain't nobody got time for mediocre muisc, much less a whole damn album of it. Most of this is filler without anything remarkable. No big layers, no driving beats, no total sound immersion... Suppose a couple of tracks can be listened all the way through, but again...low bar. For a year that is one of the greatest as far as goa trance is concerned nobody's putting this in the hall of fame.
  4. Artist: Various Title: Psychedelic Club Trax - Future Sounds of Goa and Trance Label: Hypnotic Date: 1997 1. Asbraasia - Whirlpool--Kaos 2. X-Plore - Xemini (Mental Mix) 3. Donut Junkie - Blue 4. Recipe - Capture 5. Aerial Servant - Glockwork 2 6. Latex Empire - Acidchild (LP Edit) 7. Amtraxx - Morphia 8. Bloque - Legoland 9. Moonstalker - Stereoids 10. Mayflyer - Signal 1 11. Hval - Teint "Man this blows." "Bullsh*t. It's got an Indian deity on it. You know it's good." Sigh. You're both right. In my search for the perfect acid compilation I realize that like goa, you have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your prince Tantrance. So far this one has had the most oomph for which I search. The opener grabs your attention right away and Donut Junkie's Blue is a monster. Just wish it wasn't so short. Glockwork 2 has some nice 303 snap and bite, but the sound is a little uneven. Acidchild is groovy, but after that...man some slim pickings. It's like the album f*cking fell off a cliff. I mean Signal 1 is a headache inducing speed freak. And what would an acid compilation be without something completely ridiculous shoved in at the end? So when I say this one is the best I've heard so far I think it means that it's less packed with annoying, go nowhere, linear, zero creativity crap. So that's a win. Right?
  5. Hello psynewsers, here's a suggestion/request for the oldschoolers: I didn't find any "best of" poll from the earlier years. Personally, I'm particularly interested to see results from the years '96 & '97, as there was a lot of output those two years. At first I was introduced to psy music through the free releases in Ektoplazm and then, when I discovered Psynews, I used the "best of" polls as a reference to discover more music. So, I think that a "best of" poll from those early years would be useful for the new generation and for those who are relatively new to the scene, and want to dig into the '90s and not miss the best goa trance that was made during those years. What do you think? Anyone interested?
  6. Artist: Gangnia Title: It Came From The 4th Dimension Label: Napoli Records Date: 1997 1. Human Evolution 2. Satellite One 3. Delaney's World 4. Cubic People 5. Monological 6. Visuals 7. Wheel Of Words 8. Wide Eyes Open One of the most underrated goa trance albums of all time. Why isn't this consistently put on you're top ten list? Is it because they're Austrian? Hitler was Austrian. Are you saying these guys are like Hitler? Oh...no? Just checking. Holger Buchholtz and Thorstern Jannert are Gangnia an outstanding goa trance project that would later become X.I.S. Their first album is a lesson in dark, hypnotic goa trance. Their palette of sounds isn't the greatest, but it's a great listen all the way though. Until the bizarre, dubby downtempo track that I could do without. Aside from that each track is a pretty storming affair. But don't think you're gonna hop on the net and get it at Amazon, this thing is ultra rare. 1st issue of Superman rare. I'm not one of those guys that would fork over $100 for an album so it's outta my price range. But maybe if you've got some extra lottery winnings or Grandma's birthday dough stashed away you could get it off Discogs. Mdk
  7. Artist: Various Title: Trance Experience 3 The Psychedelic Files Label: Discobole Recordings Date: 1997 1. Subcouds - On Red 2. Shakta - Lepton Head (Deedrah Remix) 3. Crop Circles - Lunar Civilization 4. Cyan - Dying Seas 5. Sandman - Nostradamus 6. The Delta - As A Child I Could Walk On The Ceiliing 7. Radiotrance - Plasma 8. Elixis - Prismatic Man these old covers kill me. Androgynous mannequins bracketing a toxic beach ball as the world explodes into chaos all around them. Silly right? But it does capture the feeling of this compil HOLY F*CKING DONKEY BALLS DID SOMEONE PAY $227 FOR THIS CD? You've gotta be f*cking kidding me. Hope dude isn't on Discogs any longer otherwise he'll need to be on suicide watch. Buddha Homer would have advised patience. Because more recently it sold for under 15 bucks. And just that quickly you can go sh*tting rainbows to punching babies. Regarding the CD it's excellent. Really excellent. Chances are good that you probably have these tracks on more accessible and affordable albums. But that doesn't diminish how good this disc is. Twirling, melodic goa trance, pumping Delta style psytrance...you can't go wrong. The Sandman track is a bit of an industrial and symphonic thumper and I don't usually like his music, but this was good. Good depth. And of course you can never go wrong with Subcouds, Crop Circles and our old friend Lepton Head. How many people have mixed that? I'm waiting for the Taylor Swift version. *fingers crossed* But don't be like moneybags up there and drop rent for this disc. Friends shouldn't let friends surf Discogs on payday. Mdk
  8. Artist: Gangnia Title: Vol. 2 Label: GoWest Date: 1997 1. Helicoop 2. Chayot 3. Aural Eye 4. Red Moon 5. Tripolis 6. Ironic Eyes 7. Starburn 8. Atomic Angel 9. Static - X S 2 albums of mind melting goa trance in the same year by the same artist? Yep, the project that would later become X.I.S. delivered just that back in 1997. If I'm DAT Records, Zion604, Anjuna, Suntrip, or any other label worth my salt I track these hombres down like I'm searching for Bin Laden. If you released a double album with fresh remasters you'd break the internet. Seriously, we're talking a Kim Kardashian naked oiled up booty level of carnage. The goa trance is furious, face damaging old school that had my kids dancing like they just got back from a three day sleepover at Willy Wonkas. It's a relentless volcano of erupting energy that will force you to twirl. This music should come with an attorney to represent you in court because there will be lots of speeding tickets if this is pumping in your deck. How is this project not talked about? There's 47 different threads about how Shpongle's testicles are so shiny, but nothing on these guys? Travesty. I mentioned earlier I'm not that guy that drops $100 on an album, but if you had both of these and are willing to sell...well, that's a discussion I'll entertain. Mdk
  9. Artist: Various Title: Limitless Label: Koyote Records Date: 1997 1. Menis - Fluff Killer 2. Virtuart - Time Cruncher 3. Encens - Venus Zen 4. Semsis - Mind Games 5. Miranda - Timeless Worlds of Space 6. Xenomorph - Nevrotoxin 7. Underhead - Unify Feeling 8. Miranda - Concorde (Transportation Mix) 9. Encens - Spirit It Transgression 10. Ominus - Sunimo Signs of the coming apocalypse couldn't be any clearer. Of course you have your plagues, famines, and earthquakes. Those are easy to see. I mean they were written down. It's in print. But I invite you to dig a little deeper. Clearly 8 full seasons of Full House angered the powers that be. Ugh. Normally I wouldn't want to punch a toddler because they sh*t their pants and that's enough punishment, but... I believe Snoop's introduction of izzle to our lexicon and every white pre-teen's adoption of it thereafter is cause for concern. *Thumbs thru bible* Where's that in the back somewhere? The Hilton-Kardashian-Lohan triumvirate, also known as the 3 stooges principle has wreaked more than its fair share of havoc on our innocent planet. By the way can we all agree that the video camera has become the lighted movie theater floor to our downfall? Now that it is readily available mothers of three and sleeveless git-r-done hillbilly's are unleashing torrents of sex tapes in hopes of becoming the next trio of idiocy. Sorry Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama...didn't mean to rain on your GDP. But most importantly it's how this compilation never got reviewed. It's comprised of some of the biggest names in the goa trance genre with blistering tracks laden with acid and melody. 303 sounds are the rule here and it is old school all the way. Every track is stellar with absolutely zero filler. Is it because these tracks are readily available on other compilations? I will concede that it is not essential for that reason, but to not have it's rightful place on the review board is unacceptable. So if the world is gonna end and I still have electricity in my bunker underground, this one is coming with me. Mdk
  10. Artist: Various Title: Close Encounters - Psychedelic Trance From Worlds Unknown Label: Hypnotic Date: 1997 "Tell me something my friend. Ever dance with the devil in the pale moonlight?" Oh Hypnotic. Only you could make a 2 CD compilation of two artists. Sure there are multiple artist names, but it's still just two guys. Martin Nielsen and Michael Kjeldgaard. Apologies Martin I've never heard of you. But Michael...ah, Psygone by any other name is still Psygone. This is a compilation with acid trance, techno, dream trance...basically Hypnotic took all the sh*t in their pantry and made a f*cking casserole. And let me tell you there's a lot of generic sh*t (most of it from Martin) to be found here as if they got their hands on a Roland MC-505 and recorded the preset sounds and patterns. Believe me when I say my finger was constantly hovering like a Japanese tiger mom over the skip button as a lot of this is really terrible. Even Michael recycles sounds on his tracks, but by Hans Christian Andersen he still shows why he's Psygone. That snap crackle pop of his 303 is the real deal on tracks like Tasmania and Stripped. But if you're looking for Optimystique then get your sad face on because you will be disappointed. Even the goa nature is tempered by house or dream trance. Flow? You better take that cohesive idea somewhere else. But for those of us on the hunt for the elusive white whale of storming goa that hasn't been fished out of the ocean of mediocrity this is a boot at the end of your fishing line. Mdk
  11. Artist: M.O.S. Title: Xone / Lunar Church EP Label: Organic Records Date: 1997 1. Xone 2. Lunar Church Never knew much about this project except they had an album with a bug on the cover. And it was called Bug. Deep. Xone is a quality bit of goa that hypnotizes and strikes from the shadows. Not much evolution, but effective with squelchy leads. Oh, the church can't wait to get to the moon with collection plates quivering. Lunar Church slinks about with some omen type choir chants. Meh, sorry reverend. Mdk
  12. Artist: ManMadeMan Title: Angel Hair / Drama EP Label: 21-3 Records Date: 1997 1. Angel Hair 2. Drama Man this project puzzles me. They giveth and they taketh away. A mild mannered Clark Kent of a track on one side and that evil badass that killed superman on the other. Classic schizophrenia. It's logic like this that makes every father of teenage daughters hate all prospective boyfriends. Angel Hair takes the girl out for a lovely evening meal and perhaps a show, but it's Drama that appears when he realizes that after shelling out some major coin he's going home with a thank you and a peck on the cheek. I heard a joke where a father threw a bullet at his daughter's date when he arrived to pick her up. He then said that they move a lot faster after midnight. Some people just love the drama. Mdk
  13. Artist: Various Title: Future Sunrise Label: Hypnotic Date: 1997 1. Ultravision - Outpost 2. Vectrolab - Tribal Energy 3. Unicon - Fantasia (Edit) 4. Ultravision - The Tunnel (Exclusive CD Edit) 5. Silicon Voice - Future Sunrise 6. Vectrolab - Triathlon 7. Unicon - Labor of Love 8. Ultravision - African Dream (Exclusive CD Mix) 9. Ioncraft - Last Chance "Come baby, you're my labor of love." You see it's sh*t like that that makes me want to light you on fire. Damn you Hypnotic and your re-releaseds! I have a love hate relationship with this label. On the one hand if you wanted electronic music in the colonies this was the go to label. They had so much, damn we almost felt European. They were also the label that first exposed me to goa trance, so for that I am eternally grateful. Psygone? Colorbox? Bypass Unit? Solar Plexus? But they also had this habit of re-releasing albums under different names in what could only be labeled as a cash grab. After they cleaned up all the vomit they repackaged it and presented it 3 years later as Disc 2 of the Trance Goa Experience. You sons o' b*tches! Take the good with the bad I guess. But this is just...bad. There are a couple of good tracks that flex some goa muscles, but most of this claptrap is boring trance and hard trance. And don't get me started on whatever that weak ambient closing track was. Hopes were high with Outpost, it was aggressive and just kept coming. The Tunnel wasn't bad and Triathlon was a pretty good mover also. After that though...whew. 3.25 rating on Discogs? That is one pretty liberal f*cking curve. Mdk
  14. Artist: Lumen Title: Toffee In My Teeth / Vegetable Frequency Modulator EP Label: Transient Records Date: October, 1997 1. Toffee In My Teeth 2. Vegetable Frequency Modulator Getting toffee in your teeth is a pain in the ass. You'll be picking at that sh*t for an hour and consider yourself lucky if you don't lose a tooth while chewing it. But it's so good I can't help myself. This is Chris Conklin with a nice EP. The title track has an acidic lead that makes me think of the gooey stuff as he gets down to some serious knob twisting. Lots of energy to be found here. The vegetable track is a gritty piece of dirty bass lead manipulation and pure old school sound. There are moments when it roars like a lion and times when it can be a low growl. One thing I noticed is you can barely hear the hi-hats. Maybe he didn't even use any. Doesn't really bother me, just was aware of it. Mdk
  15. Artist: Various Title: Aliens Disco Label: NMC Music Date: 1997 1. Rhythmystec - Cathexis 2. Slinky Wizard - Slick Witch 3. Unconscious Collective - Fluorostani Transcendance 4. Tranceplant - Dying Planet 5. Tranceplant - Inverse Population 6. P. Cok - Em Em 7. Zouk feat. Transcendental E - Vicious 8. P. Cok - Ta Koli Oh look, you can get a mint copy of this on Discogs for only $80! Buy this if you like throwing your money down the toilet. Homie doesn't have a rating and still wants you to trust him to send you the CD after you fork over the 80 bucks? Yeah, that might happen. There is a better chance Salma Hayek will call me to give her a breast exam. "I realize this is taking a long time Mrs. Hayek and I appreciate your patience, but we must be absolutely sure." 80 f*cking dollars. I wouldn't pay 80 dollars for I.F.O. Ok maybe I would. Just uh, don't...don't tell my wife. Aside from that tremendous leap of faith there are a few good tracks here. Cathexis and Slick Witch are juicy favorites that spread the 303 love around. The Vicious track and Dying Planet were nice surprises as they also gave 303 lovers something to move to. P. Cok gives us both sides of their creativity with the sneaky Em Em, but then decides to see what it would sound like if they made one riff and then went to McDonalds. But 80 dollars? Are we even sure there's a human at the other end of that Discogs account? Mdk
  16. Artist: Various Title: Party Outlaw Trance Label: Black Flame Date: 1997 1. Neurobic - KoxBox 2. Zoa (Remix) - K.U.R.O. 3. Full On - Etnica 4. Levitation - Mr. Beam 5. Shape The Future - MFG 6. Space Train - Phoenix 7. Gecko Ecko - Psy Phy 6 8. Flight of The Phoenix - Phoenix Once I handle my responsibilities, I'll review whatever catches my fancy. All over the map sometimes. I look at this track list and say, "All right, MFG, KURO, KoxBox, and Etnica...that's pretty good." Black Flame is a division of Blue Flame which I assume is just 2 guys lighting their farts on fire. If you know of a better way to light a candle I'm listening... I don't really know, but I do know that they are also all over the map with what they release. From downtempo and chill to Euro House. If you study the cover one will notice is the word I-B-I-Z-A on the cover. No matter how "outlaw" you portend to be, it's kinda like riding a motorcycle with Hello Kitty on it. Bad Ass! 127 more payments and it's all mine. You probably didn't need me to tell you that this is pretty benign as far as goa goes. The tracks by the well known names are good, but you probably already have those. On top of that it's mixed and poorly at that. Abrupt transitions like over enthusiastic dancing guy keeps hitting my f*cking table. The rest of the tracks are subpar. I tell you whom I am most disappointed by. Draeke. Etnica unreleaseds? Whatever. Where the hell were you with the lost tracks from Phoenix? Talk about dropping the ball... Mdk
  17. Artist: Cydonia Title: Mind Hunter EP Label: Blue Room Released Date: 1997 1. Mind Hunter 2. The Kiddy 3. Chrome Android One of my favorite projects was Cydonia with their delightfully dark take on goa trance, they pulled off a monster of a debut album with In Fear of a Dark Planet. Shame they only made one album, but I recently came across this EP and couldn't wait to hear it. Mind Hunter was of course featured on Planet and is an evil evolving tale with sinister effects creating a symphonic nightmare. It was the other two tracks that I have never heard before that had the 'ol dander up. The Kiddy has its share of sharp leads and eerie atmosphere making it a track that would've felt right at home on their album. Chrome Android is a heavily techno influenced track that has its fingers in the psy and goa pie. Metallic melodies are present though as if the dark force responsible let a few get away. Or maybe it's a trap. Their dark style reminds me of Syb Unity Nettwerk and goes down very smoothly. While the title track steals the show, the others are great as well. Mdk
  18. Artist: Various Title: Goa Trance Volume Six Label: Rumour Records Date: 1997 1. Project Oblivion - Conspiracy Theory 2. The Spirit - Sourmash 3. Drama - ManMadeMan 4. Alien Hitmen - Slide 5. Starkissed (Aroma Venus Mix) - The Secret 6. Crowd Nine - Eco 7. Abraxis - The Shining Path 8. Omnifarious Splifferous - Shamanic Tribes of Acid 9. Planet Bliss - Super Skunk 10. Spectre - Blue Book The multi appendaged deity is back with the 6th installment of the Goa Trance series by Rumour Records. I think they got up to 7 in the series and if you've heard one of them then you know that they follow a formula. You get a couple of big names with well known hits and then drown them in a copious amount of mediocrity. The standouts for me were the ManMadeMan track Drama and Eco's Crowd Nine as the stormers here. Slide's Alien Hitmen is a close second with a crunchy technoish texture and the surprisingly good Abraxis unfolded with a lot of dark appeal. The rest? Not very impressive and quite forgettable. Chances are good that you already have the good tracks so it's hardly necessary to own. However if you are a completionist like me then your damn OCD compels you to get this like the power of Christ would. Mdk
  19. Artist: Adrenalinn Drum Title: X-Perimental Goa (A Higher State of Trance) Label: Unnatural Recordings Date: 1997 1. Behind The Hills 2. God Mountain 3. Pulstatic 4. Shadowland 5. Desert Fly 6. Acid Dog 7. The Electric Sheep 8. Trip To Zagreb 9. Terbulance "All the people on this Earth are truly one." Hey! What's with the f*cking rhino? Har-El Prussky again with his first album as Adrenalinn Drum. The extra N is for nephew I got this. "Ronnie, Bobby, Ricky and Mike!" 1997 was an awesome year for goa trance with some of the greatest releases of the genre coming out during this time. Layers of melodies tumbling down the spiritual mountainside engulfing you in a warm state of trance. If you were expecting more of the same than you've obviously not been working on your reading skills. It says right there in the title, X-Perimental Goa. And that's what it is. Yeah it's goa, but maybe a little outside the box. Now I have been very critical of Har-El and the California Sunshine project because for me he makes bad, derivative, generic music. But back in 97? He was one of the many lords of the realm. Even CS was hitting on all cylinders. Behind the Hills opens with rather sparse production compared to other goa (Etnica, Pleiadians, Transwave...pretty much everybody) but it opens the door to God Mountain which is pretty good with a more expected type of goa feel. The quasi insect sound echoes throughout which I thought was a nice touch. After that he starts to experiment with sounds and phrases you will either love or hate. Like the sliced scream on Pulstatic. Shadowland is a 10 minute progressive goa rambler that hits in all the right places and he knows how to wield a 303. Desert Fly has a little hitch in its giddy up that makes it funky, but it gets a little boring. Not bad though. On the other side of the coin is the most boring track Acid Dog. Virtually no change with its bleeps and bloops. It's like aural Ambien. The Electric Sheep comes in second as the most boring. It uses I believe the Neil Armstrong moon sample as it drones on endlessly. Now everyone loves a Trip to Zagreb. Not the track, the destination as I hear it's lovely this time of year. The track is another without variation, but mercifully it is half the length as the previous two. Closing things out with the downtempo Terbulence it borrows the sample from Zagreb and is very futuristic with loads of cold computer sounds against warm pads. Clear glass with colorful liquids come to mind as the dr. tells me to relax. While I don't think this can crack the top 50 goa albums of all time, I don't believe it to be a throwaway either. There are some good tracks here, but not enough to make this a must have. Too many tracks travel with blinders on and don't deviate from the straight and narrow. Mdk
  20. This was on a dat tape, the tape broke down while ripping the track.. i uploaded a sample of what i have. anyone knows this track? is maybe mistitled? it sounds like transwave. http://www20.zippyshare.com/v/47199598/file.html
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