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Found 20 results

  1. Hi ! Can someone ID this track pleaaaaaase cheers
  2. Artist: Enertopia Title: Magic For Eternity Label: Krembo Records Date: 1997 1. Intro 2. Broken Sky 3. The Shout of a Headman 4. Marakesh 2000 5. Novelle 6. Van Spooker 7. Manga 8. Volvoker 9. Wacky 10. Marteff 10a. Untitled "You're not ready for so much excitement!" To further drive home the point that not everything released in 1997 was gold comes the debut of Emiliano Solazzi Griminger. His second album Face Adaptor was appealing to me in a I don't know why I like this, but I do kind of way. With a heavy techno influence this has a raw and electric feel. With tha
  3. Artist: Various Title: The Forum Label: Big Foot Records Date: 1997 1. BLT - Soul Sacrifice 2. Allto - Allto 3. Shell Shock - Sunshine on Tokyo 4. P. Cok - Stone 5. Cybel - Kondicaus 6. Cybel - Bizzar 7. Realistic - Hypnotic Dark 8. Deep Blue - Water 9. P. Cok - Beautiful Day Nice try, but trash can is to the left. Just wanted to pop in and say a few words about this. Certainly there have been worse goa trance compilations than this, but is that the bar we're setting for ourselves? Don't know about you, but ain't nobody got time for mediocre muisc, much less a
  4. Artist: Various Title: Psychedelic Club Trax - Future Sounds of Goa and Trance Label: Hypnotic Date: 1997 1. Asbraasia - Whirlpool--Kaos 2. X-Plore - Xemini (Mental Mix) 3. Donut Junkie - Blue 4. Recipe - Capture 5. Aerial Servant - Glockwork 2 6. Latex Empire - Acidchild (LP Edit) 7. Amtraxx - Morphia 8. Bloque - Legoland 9. Moonstalker - Stereoids 10. Mayflyer - Signal 1 11. Hval - Teint "Man this blows." "Bullsh*t. It's got an Indian deity on it. You know it's good." Sigh. You're both right. In my search for the perfect acid compilation I realize
  5. Hello psynewsers, here's a suggestion/request for the oldschoolers: I didn't find any "best of" poll from the earlier years. Personally, I'm particularly interested to see results from the years '96 & '97, as there was a lot of output those two years. At first I was introduced to psy music through the free releases in Ektoplazm and then, when I discovered Psynews, I used the "best of" polls as a reference to discover more music. So, I think that a "best of" poll from those early years would be useful for the new generation and for those who are relatively new to the scene, and wa
  6. Artist: Gangnia Title: It Came From The 4th Dimension Label: Napoli Records Date: 1997 1. Human Evolution 2. Satellite One 3. Delaney's World 4. Cubic People 5. Monological 6. Visuals 7. Wheel Of Words 8. Wide Eyes Open One of the most underrated goa trance albums of all time. Why isn't this consistently put on you're top ten list? Is it because they're Austrian? Hitler was Austrian. Are you saying these guys are like Hitler? Oh...no? Just checking. Holger Buchholtz and Thorstern Jannert are Gangnia an outstanding goa trance project that would later become X.I.S. T
  7. Artist: Various Title: Trance Experience 3 The Psychedelic Files Label: Discobole Recordings Date: 1997 1. Subcouds - On Red 2. Shakta - Lepton Head (Deedrah Remix) 3. Crop Circles - Lunar Civilization 4. Cyan - Dying Seas 5. Sandman - Nostradamus 6. The Delta - As A Child I Could Walk On The Ceiliing 7. Radiotrance - Plasma 8. Elixis - Prismatic Man these old covers kill me. Androgynous mannequins bracketing a toxic beach ball as the world explodes into chaos all around them. Silly right? But it does capture the feeling of this compil HOLY F*CKING DONKEY BALLS DID
  8. Artist: Gangnia Title: Vol. 2 Label: GoWest Date: 1997 1. Helicoop 2. Chayot 3. Aural Eye 4. Red Moon 5. Tripolis 6. Ironic Eyes 7. Starburn 8. Atomic Angel 9. Static - X S 2 albums of mind melting goa trance in the same year by the same artist? Yep, the project that would later become X.I.S. delivered just that back in 1997. If I'm DAT Records, Zion604, Anjuna, Suntrip, or any other label worth my salt I track these hombres down like I'm searching for Bin Laden. If you released a double album with fresh remasters you'd break the internet. Seriously, we're talk
  9. Artist: Various Title: Limitless Label: Koyote Records Date: 1997 1. Menis - Fluff Killer 2. Virtuart - Time Cruncher 3. Encens - Venus Zen 4. Semsis - Mind Games 5. Miranda - Timeless Worlds of Space 6. Xenomorph - Nevrotoxin 7. Underhead - Unify Feeling 8. Miranda - Concorde (Transportation Mix) 9. Encens - Spirit It Transgression 10. Ominus - Sunimo Signs of the coming apocalypse couldn't be any clearer. Of course you have your plagues, famines, and earthquakes. Those are easy to see. I mean they were written down. It's in print. But I invite you to dig a little dee
  10. Artist: Various Title: Close Encounters - Psychedelic Trance From Worlds Unknown Label: Hypnotic Date: 1997 "Tell me something my friend. Ever dance with the devil in the pale moonlight?" Oh Hypnotic. Only you could make a 2 CD compilation of two artists. Sure there are multiple artist names, but it's still just two guys. Martin Nielsen and Michael Kjeldgaard. Apologies Martin I've never heard of you. But Michael...ah, Psygone by any other name is still Psygone. This is a compilation with acid trance, techno, dream trance...basically Hypnotic took all the sh*t in their p
  11. Artist: M.O.S. Title: Xone / Lunar Church EP Label: Organic Records Date: 1997 1. Xone 2. Lunar Church Never knew much about this project except they had an album with a bug on the cover. And it was called Bug. Deep. Xone is a quality bit of goa that hypnotizes and strikes from the shadows. Not much evolution, but effective with squelchy leads. Oh, the church can't wait to get to the moon with collection plates quivering. Lunar Church slinks about with some omen type choir chants. Meh, sorry reverend. Mdk
  12. Artist: ManMadeMan Title: Angel Hair / Drama EP Label: 21-3 Records Date: 1997 1. Angel Hair 2. Drama Man this project puzzles me. They giveth and they taketh away. A mild mannered Clark Kent of a track on one side and that evil badass that killed superman on the other. Classic schizophrenia. It's logic like this that makes every father of teenage daughters hate all prospective boyfriends. Angel Hair takes the girl out for a lovely evening meal and perhaps a show, but it's Drama that appears when he realizes that after shelling out some major coin he's going home with a thank
  13. Artist: Various Title: Future Sunrise Label: Hypnotic Date: 1997 1. Ultravision - Outpost 2. Vectrolab - Tribal Energy 3. Unicon - Fantasia (Edit) 4. Ultravision - The Tunnel (Exclusive CD Edit) 5. Silicon Voice - Future Sunrise 6. Vectrolab - Triathlon 7. Unicon - Labor of Love 8. Ultravision - African Dream (Exclusive CD Mix) 9. Ioncraft - Last Chance "Come baby, you're my labor of love." You see it's sh*t like that that makes me want to light you on fire. Damn you Hypnotic and your re-releaseds! I have a love hate relationship with this label. On the on
  14. Artist: Lumen Title: Toffee In My Teeth / Vegetable Frequency Modulator EP Label: Transient Records Date: October, 1997 1. Toffee In My Teeth 2. Vegetable Frequency Modulator Getting toffee in your teeth is a pain in the ass. You'll be picking at that sh*t for an hour and consider yourself lucky if you don't lose a tooth while chewing it. But it's so good I can't help myself. This is Chris Conklin with a nice EP. The title track has an acidic lead that makes me think of the gooey stuff as he gets down to some serious knob twisting. Lots of energy to be found here. The vege
  15. Artist: Various Title: Aliens Disco Label: NMC Music Date: 1997 1. Rhythmystec - Cathexis 2. Slinky Wizard - Slick Witch 3. Unconscious Collective - Fluorostani Transcendance 4. Tranceplant - Dying Planet 5. Tranceplant - Inverse Population 6. P. Cok - Em Em 7. Zouk feat. Transcendental E - Vicious 8. P. Cok - Ta Koli Oh look, you can get a mint copy of this on Discogs for only $80! Buy this if you like throwing your money down the toilet. Homie doesn't have a rating and still wants you to trust him to send you the CD after you fork over the 80 bucks? Yeah, that m
  16. Artist: Various Title: Party Outlaw Trance Label: Black Flame Date: 1997 1. Neurobic - KoxBox 2. Zoa (Remix) - K.U.R.O. 3. Full On - Etnica 4. Levitation - Mr. Beam 5. Shape The Future - MFG 6. Space Train - Phoenix 7. Gecko Ecko - Psy Phy 6 8. Flight of The Phoenix - Phoenix Once I handle my responsibilities, I'll review whatever catches my fancy. All over the map sometimes. I look at this track list and say, "All right, MFG, KURO, KoxBox, and Etnica...that's pretty good." Black Flame is a division of Blue Flame which I assume is just 2 guys lighting their farts on fir
  17. Artist: Cydonia Title: Mind Hunter EP Label: Blue Room Released Date: 1997 1. Mind Hunter 2. The Kiddy 3. Chrome Android One of my favorite projects was Cydonia with their delightfully dark take on goa trance, they pulled off a monster of a debut album with In Fear of a Dark Planet. Shame they only made one album, but I recently came across this EP and couldn't wait to hear it. Mind Hunter was of course featured on Planet and is an evil evolving tale with sinister effects creating a symphonic nightmare. It was the other two tracks that I have never heard before that had the 'ol dander up.
  18. Artist: Various Title: Goa Trance Volume Six Label: Rumour Records Date: 1997 1. Project Oblivion - Conspiracy Theory 2. The Spirit - Sourmash 3. Drama - ManMadeMan 4. Alien Hitmen - Slide 5. Starkissed (Aroma Venus Mix) - The Secret 6. Crowd Nine - Eco 7. Abraxis - The Shining Path 8. Omnifarious Splifferous - Shamanic Tribes of Acid 9. Planet Bliss - Super Skunk 10. Spectre - Blue Book The multi appendaged deity is back with the 6th installment of the Goa Trance series by Rumour Records. I think they got up to 7 in the series and if you've heard one of them then you know that they follow a
  19. Artist: Adrenalinn Drum Title: X-Perimental Goa (A Higher State of Trance) Label: Unnatural Recordings Date: 1997 1. Behind The Hills 2. God Mountain 3. Pulstatic 4. Shadowland 5. Desert Fly 6. Acid Dog 7. The Electric Sheep 8. Trip To Zagreb 9. Terbulance "All the people on this Earth are truly one." Hey! What's with the f*cking rhino? Har-El Prussky again with his first album as Adrenalinn Drum. The extra N is for nephew I got this. "Ronnie, Bobby, Ricky and Mike!" 1997 was an awesome year for goa trance with some of the greatest releases of the genre coming out during this time. L
  20. This was on a dat tape, the tape broke down while ripping the track.. i uploaded a sample of what i have. anyone knows this track? is maybe mistitled? it sounds like transwave. http://www20.zippyshare.com/v/47199598/file.html
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