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  1. Peep Show is absolutely hilarious, you can watch all the series on the channel 4 website as well
  2. This album is an absolute monster. Subtle rythmic changes and freaky edges all piled on top of that fat fat driving bass. Goodness this is powerful music. You shouldn't listen to it in hope of a peak, the whole thing is a peak, writhing and twisting into the deepest realms of hypnotic trance. I prefer this over Radio, but both are classics! 10/10 !
  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KanUCVt9yj4 Orojuna is my favourite track from Underhead by a long way, but this face melter is on quite a few comps, pity they never made an album.
  4. It's not the same kind of dark as x-dream or Spirallianz, less sinister and more driving. In the same way that the new glitchy dark psy like Kindzadza isn't actually "dark", Darshan's music had a special quality to it, more of a flowing intensity.
  5. I've just listened to a couple of tracks from Union Jack - There Will be no Armageddon for the first time. I'd heard a bit about Red Herring and it genuinely did live up to the hype, i'm in awe of it! What a masterpiece, cannot believe it took me this long to hear it.
  6. Dimension 5 - Deep Space 5D One of my all time favourite goa tunes!
  7. forget my last post, this is much harder psy
  8. Cheers guys! I'm really into this soft relaxing vibe Lovely stuff.
  9. Anyone know just what this style is called? Any more tunes like it?
  10. Thanks loads for these recomendations guys. And to pr0fane, yeah i actually loved the motion drive album "In The Dirt", it's the type of thing i'm looking for. I've got a few Ace Ventura albums too, I love the pounding beats but it doesn't feel as tight as Zen Mechanics or Motion Drive. I'll listen and get back to you all, cheers!
  11. Like the title says i'm looking for some new progressive tunes, i'm really into the driving beat and crispness of the sound. Zen Mechanics - Outwards represents the best of these types of tracks that i've heard, for me. So anything like that please.
  12. Oops I forgot GMS - Rollercoaster as well Favourite track is commental, mindbendingg!
  13. I'm new too I looked for an introduction board but didn't find one.
  14. Here are my favourites: Etnica - The Italian EP (especially chemical trance, love that song) Man With No Name - Lunar Cycle Hallucinogen - Space Pussy Power Source - Goaway (Goaway is one of my favourite all time tunes) Miranda - Steps To The Stars and Triplexus Doof - Let's Turn On Dimension 5 - Tribes Of The Moon and Limitless Dimension Green Nuns Of The Revolution - Afterburner EP (Ring of Fire . . . Yes!) Slinky Wizard - Self Titled EP Darshan - Windchime Zen Mechanics - London Landscapes Single Hypnagog - Dreaming In Pieces (Downtempo, but I love it) There will most likely be more but these stood out at the time; as you can see i'm very much a Goa fan compared to modern psytrance
  15. Heyaaaaaaaaaa :) !! u visit my profil? ^^

  16. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cGJEZXg8DMo&feature=related This always does the trick for me in terms of dark, aggresive and twisted vibes. And if not that, this has an eerier and spookier dark atmosphere: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lpnX0JjcvIo
  17. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6j1Xb_2v7No At 4:00 onwards this is just beautiful, 7:22 it comes back even stronger. Definetly my favourite melody ever.
  18. Hey, i'm Olly, I just found this site it seems great (: Listening to Dimension 5 - Cranial Meltdown, mm lovely .
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