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  1. Couldn't agree more. The masterpieces of Twisted and Lone Deranger, screaming, twisted psychedelia, to the flowery world music of Raja Ram's incessant and childish flute accompanied by every cheesy hippie stereotype aesthetic they can tack on. I wouldn't actually say IM because I never thought they were any good haha! Pleidians though for sure, I actually liked the minimal Etnica stuff, tech trancey hypnotica, but the Pleidians' full-on is just upsetting.
  2. The Delta - Schizoeffective Xenomorph - Cassandra's Nightmare Spirallianz - Blast Food Darshan - Awakening (not evil dark, but deep space black) Children of Paradise - Urban Alien
  3. Peanut butter spooned out of the jar.
  4. Agreed with above poster, real oldschool dubstep that came out of UK Garage in the early 00's (2000, 2001, 2002) was actually good, though i'd go a bit further back than Skream. Stuff like this: Having said that, I'd never combine it with Psytrance, they're at two completely different speeds and for dubstep to be even possible to mix in with psytrance it's going to be that Skrillex garbage (which in my opinion isn't actually dubstep.
  5. I basically agree completely. I really enjoy the tracks but almost in a Jazzy, improvisational melody way, there's certainly no big hooks like Teleport or something.
  6. I can't find the Waldorf track to listen to but Still Dreaming is Ambient Goa; many albums made in the Goa Trance era finished on a long, slow track to give them time to mix the Dat tapes that were necessary because the heat of India made outside Turntable use difficult, the vinyls would warp. Other examples would be, Baraka - by Etnica, Out of Your Control - X-Dream, and the most similar in style to Still Dreaming: Mystic Dawn - MFG, all of these tracks are at the end of their respective albums. Personally I adore Still Dreaming and it's my favourite of this style of "Goambient", full albums such as the Mystery of the Yeti compilations and The Infinity Project's Mystical Experiences also display this slow style that is a predecessor to modern "Psybient".
  7. Really hard to get hard when drunk. . . If you know what I mean.
  8. This thread has been completely derailed! So far I belive Astral Projection, Cosmosis, Elysium and Imba do not take stuff, any othes?
  9. Jennifer Aniston ugly!! Nonsense! She's perfect . . . perfect. I'm very drunk at 2 in the afternoon listening to this beautiful tune:
  10. Absolutely! Suchhhh a massive track, relentless melodies!
  11. Jennifer Aniston was absolutely unbelievably hot in the 90s. . . And still unreal now.
  12. To post in this thread, according to its title, you shouldn't be able to operate a computer. I could not jump onto Psynews and start posting if I was ultra fucked up vodka style.
  13. Yeah i'm pretty drunk, just eating some cheese on toast and watching the early series of "Friends", pretty nostalgic. I always get so hungry when I drink. Got some luke warm orange juice that's a bit dissapointing. With bits.
  14. This is interesting, and I have to admit that while I do not judge others for taking drugs it does please me a little that some of my favourite artists do not, just purely because i have quit taking them (hard drugs) and enjoy the idea that they are producing music for people in the sober mindframe, that can be appreciated fully while not having to be completely off your c And also. . . Psykovsky?! Would not have guessed that, he makes osme of the most twisted mindmelting tunes in the scene, and I would have imagined him to have some very heavy "inspiration". I guess it goes to show, you can't actually be that high and genuinely create art.
  15. Haha unfortunately that album is psytrance (and not great in my opinion), but fair enough.
  16. I haven't heard that track! The only other track i've heard by them is: 23rd Chromozone, which is good but not great. I will check that out.
  17. I just wanted to know if anyone knew how many of the artists actually did, or did not take drugs, when making, or to inspire the making of, their music. As someone who does not take drugs anymore i'd be interested to see which artists created their music sober, probably to the surprise of a lot of ravers who I believe go to parties simply to get fucked up and not always to enjoy the music fully and in recognition of its artistic merits. I think famously Pink Floyd didn't take a lot of drugs when they made Dark Side of the Moon, and now it's become a kind of icon of psychedelia, are there any examples like this in a scene so famously saturated with drugs.
  18. Yes, a fantastic, aggressive Goa classic.
  19. Pharagonescia did that incredible track Pharatropic, but I haven't heard anything else that interesting by them. Hiscore Xor had two stellar tracks: Identify and True Freedom, and I think they'd have continued to make track afetr track if they kept making them but for some reason released very little material. Proton did Brainfusion, an absolute voyage of 15:08 through squelchy acid and hypnotic Goa rhythms, but never lived up to it in their other material. Charm had Brain structure, one of the most intensely melodic tracks of the era, but nothing else anywhere near as good. Power Source did have a few pleasureable tracks, but I think it's widely accepted that Goaway is head and shoulders above the rest. Datura's very old but still fantastic Proto Goa / Classic Trance track: Yerba Del Diablo. Sound Pollution - Where, a very oldschool track that still holds it's own in sheer brooding psychedelia. NDMA - Vitan. A standard of the best in Goa trance, simple notes but perfectly placed and developed to achieve that "trance" state. Noosphere's hit: Carpe Noctum. Cydonia - Animals, nothing he did comes close to this absolute stormer of a track, what a bassline and what an incredible melody. Astrological - Tequila Sunrise, a very subtle opener to any Goa set that's simply magical, but never bettered by the artist.
  20. Definetly my favourite Autechre album, and the track is in my top three out of any artist, it's perfection.
  21. That sounds terrible! I really hope your friend manages to maintain contact with his son.
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