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  1. Hey GhostOnAcid! Thank you very much for your review! I'm very happy to hear you liked it. And it's an honour to have been part of Antaris thanks to you! I really appreciate that. I think I can understand what you say about the Bass. I did indeed go for a more homegenous bass through the whole Album compared to my former release intermezzo extended. It is a deliberate choice since I noticed that during my sets too many people get confused with too much ryhthmical and melodic variation in the bass. The majority of listeners are used to either off-beat or gallop, everything else is "compli
  2. Hey Adam/Goaconstrictor I only now realized that it was you who wrote that review last time. I must tell you, your review played a significant role in keeping me making music! Thank you very much again! You are part of Symphonies of Life :)
  3. Thank you There is an indigogo campaign to cover that: https://goo.gl/obL7FL @recursion loop Thank you! I'm glad you like it.
  4. Ektoplazm is happy to present a new album by Swiss musician SubConsciousMind. Symphonies of Life, his fifth full-length release, explores different aspects of the human experience: Patience, Truth, Consciousness, Destruction, Love, Creation, Beauty, Humility, and Trust. This is an album that reveals its true intensity the more you listen to it. Every time you hear it another theme might resonate with your inner world, or new revelations may come to pass. One day a theme may not get through to you, another day it will open up an emotional world without description. Keep this in your
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