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New "Cronomi rec." compilation - here it is!

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VA - If I Wasn't Human, I'd Be A Trance Track"



Finally: "Here it is guys!!!! Yes, yes!!!!!!!"


The new Cronomi rec. compilation is pressed and sent to us.
All info and samples (for pre-order) available - see below.


Didn't you never think: “What if I wasn’t human, what would I be?”
Let us answer you that question! “A trance track”
Life is, in what form it might appear, a flow of ever changing melodies & complexities.
This new “Cronomi rec.” CD (compiled by “dj Inada”) guides you trough this melodic, psychedelic & complex journey: and it’s full of wonders!
“Welcome to the psychedelic world of your inner self: We are trance!”



Samples & pre-order @ https://shop.cronomi.com/?page_id=535

Bandcamp (digital) @ https://cronomi.bandcamp.com






1. Intro
Lyrics by Alan Watts
2. New Born – Unidentified
Written and produced by Tom Rarin
3. Temporal – Flying In A Trance
Written and produced by Anatoly Vasilchenko
4. Portamento – Flying & Falling
Written and produced by Jesper Hahn
5. Psysutra – Free And Independend
Written and produced by Lucasz Wiacek
6. Artha – Faith
Written and produced by Michal Baczek
7. Dragon Twins – The Acid Man
Written and produced by Mathias Pico
8. Vila Nova – Genesis
Written and produced by Kobi Yakov Grabski
9. M-Run – Spirit Implosion
Written and produced by Mario Matakovic

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just pre ordered, also got freshly cut tomato also (went walk about i think)

am cool if you ship these together, keep postage down



Mail/pm me (dj Inada)...will work something out for ya ;)



Thanks for the already nice and positive feedback guys!!! We won't dissapoint you :D Cronomi lives thanks to you guys buying the CD's :wub: ...PS next Cronomi suprise (CD) in process!!! :)

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  • 2 weeks later...

Good new everyone: "The CD’s, they have finally arrived".
We apologize for the small delay, but the printing company send them out to us too late.

Samples: “If I wasn’t Human, I’d be A trance Track”


Anyhow: thanks for the massive pre-orders and the trust you all have shown in our label! Big love…
The CD’s will be sent out from here (Belgium) to you all as soon as possible: so expect it to arrive at your home in the very near future.

Still, I can't stress it enough:
"We live thanks to you guys and we shall continue if we you all maintain your support: spread the music please!!!
And we can surely believe that as we saw the amount of extra likes in the last few months: seems many people around the world look especially for our music and collect it as well.

As long people buy our releases, we can make more of them and spoil you with more gems like these!"

I hope you will like it as much as my 1st compilation “Erta Alé” (2011)

But out with the old, in with the new: So in the mean while enjoy this one

“If I wasn’t Human, I’d be A trance Track” (2014)


Cronomi lives & grows!

Dj Inada





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A fan from Israël posted this picture, with the following comment: "Cronomi rec." ~ Thank you for an amazing album!"





--> click link, cause I have no clue how to post an image here (tried everything) :)




"Isn't it wonderfull how music connects us all?"
Thanks so much for your global support guys!!!

You find the CD (samples & shop) here:

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