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  1. This one is stunning! Some really original sounds on here, proper thumping Goa Trance! The only track I don't like is Mystery Machine, Psychedelic Concentration as I think the sample is lame.
  2. Great release! My favourite on Timewarp so far! Unrelenting, thumping Goa Trance. Just the job.
  3. OceLot. Para Halu. Electrypnose. Oood. Psykovsky. (Although he has a few imitators now.) Hallucinogen. Eat Static. Zetan Spore.
  4. Exactly the same here. I use CD releases as a filter to cut down on the music I buy, but I still struggle to keep up!
  5. Great review of a great album!
  6. This is on my CD shopping list. Sangoma are putting out some of my favourite thumping psy at the moment! Had a great run of compilations!
  7. The ACDC sample in "For Those About To..." is enough to stop me buying this album. Besides that, there's nothing to excite. Heard it all before, done better. Shame, because I thought this was going to be good.
  8. I like this album a lot. (As I did their first one.) Proves Full-on doesn't have to be garbage. Seen them live a few times too and they deliver the goods!
  9. There's so much music out there now that I enjoy, I only buy stuff that's released on CD. I struggle to keep up with that - I can't imagine how bad it would get if I started to buy downloads too.
  10. I've got this album now and it's the best thing I've heard from them since Reign In Blood!
  11. Interesting discussion - I'm a bit late getting involved, but I haven't been on the forum much for a while. Just to throw a few of my views in there: Vinyl is to my mind, still the best DJ medium - for turntablist skills and energy that just can't be replicated by CD or digital. You may be able to recreate the sounds and effects, but nothing is as awesome as watching a skilled DJ juggling beats on a couple of Technics. That said, that style of mixing is pretty much irrelevant in Psy & Especially Goa Trance as smooth blends are preferable to chopping up tracks, due to the nature of the music. So - that leaves CDs and digital. I mix at home with CDs, because that's what my music collection consists of. I never embraced downloading, so digital mixing isn't an option for me. For the gigging DJ, I can see the sense (and convenience)in digital mixing, but as a punter there's no denying that having that screen up is a bit off putting, (to me anyway.) This brings me to the part I have a problem getting my head around - it seems to me, that the only people who are actually bothered about what media the "DJ" is using are other DJs or producers, mainly those who are against long-time developed skills being made redundant by technology. I honestly don't think 95% of the dancefloor care at all. Now, I know pretty much nothing about digital or laptop mixing, but there seems a large spectrum of how involved an artist gets with playing their set. Take Tristan for example - last time I saw him, he used his headphones maybe twice in the whole set and most of the time was dancing and waving his arms in the air - I'm not knocking him for that - he's very entertaining and the crowd love him, but I'm guessing he can't be far off pressing play on a pre-arranged set. Does that matter, if the dancefloor is rocking? I don't know tbh... On the other hand (not Psytrance obviously) take the likes of Richie Hawtin or Chris Liebing - pushing the boundaries of what digital kit can do & blurring the lines between DJ & producer - BUT can you appreciate all their fancy kit and effects on the dance floor? No. Their sets are no better to my ears than when they played vinyl - so perhaps the method of delivery isn't that important after-all... So there you have my 2ps worth. Turned into a bit of a ramble, but I'm struggling to get my head round the whole deal. On the one hand, I love quality sets delivered with talent on turntables & CDJs and would be saddened to see that side of the performance disappear, but I also see how having the beat-matching process taken away frees you up to do more creative things (whether people are aware of what you are up to or not,) or dance and gesticulate to the crowd. My stance is softening on this as time goes by and I'm starting to think that if the partygoers are having a great night, the DJ is being paid by them to entertain, not give a lesson in the fine arts of their craft...
  12. I've just filled my last tower from Ikea and am having to temporarily store the overflow on a bookcase in front of some paperbacks. I also don't want to use another tower, because of drilling the wall again. The bulk of my electronic music collection is stored on a large shelving unit I bought from Argos, but I outgrew that much faster than I was expecting - hence starting with some Ikea towers. (I've also got another couple of drawer units full of music other than psy / techno / chill.)
  13. I had no problems previously either. I wasn't one of those calling it a scam.
  14. It's great that people are getting their CDs now, but I don't think there's anything wrong with being annoyed at having to wait four months!
  15. My Moonweed CD arrived this morning. Thanks for re-shipping. I hope that the delivery issues are now a thing of the past and don't cause damage to the label's reputation.
  16. I liked it. I could live without some of the samples - but I say that about almost every release with them.
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