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  1. This one is stunning! Some really original sounds on here, proper thumping Goa Trance! The only track I don't like is Mystery Machine, Psychedelic Concentration as I think the sample is lame.
  2. Great release! My favourite on Timewarp so far! Unrelenting, thumping Goa Trance. Just the job.
  3. OceLot. Para Halu. Electrypnose. Oood. Psykovsky. (Although he has a few imitators now.) Hallucinogen. Eat Static. Zetan Spore.
  4. Exactly the same here. I use CD releases as a filter to cut down on the music I buy, but I still struggle to keep up!
  5. Great review of a great album!
  6. This is on my CD shopping list. Sangoma are putting out some of my favourite thumping psy at the moment! Had a great run of compilations!
  7. The ACDC sample in "For Those About To..." is enough to stop me buying this album. Besides that, there's nothing to excite. Heard it all before, done better. Shame, because I thought this was going to be good.
  8. I like this album a lot. (As I did their first one.) Proves Full-on doesn't have to be garbage. Seen them live a few times too and they deliver the goods!
  9. There's so much music out there now that I enjoy, I only buy stuff that's released on CD. I struggle to keep up with that - I can't imagine how bad it would get if I started to buy downloads too.
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