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VA - Opus Iridium [Suntrip Records / SUNCD10]

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After "Apsara" and "Twist Dreams", we really wanted to offer the psy scene, all these women and men who believe in Goa music, with a gift from the heart. But we also ever wanted to release an ambient compilation. And we HAD to do something for SUNCD10, right ? Not the usual yearly compilation, but much, much more.



Let's unveil some :


Called "OPUS IRIDIUM", it means "Rainbow Artwork" or "Artwork for the Rainbows", or even "Rainbow Crafted" in latin.


There will be 2 CDs, first one Goa, second one Ambient.

Inside: carefully selected tracks, and a nice booklet made by nice people with nice words about that nice music & people we all love.


Here's the final tracklist:


CD1 - Trance cd :

1. E-Mantra - Voyager II (Romenia)

2. Shakta - Ten Times Around the Sun (UK)

3. Filteria - Birds Lingva Franca (Sweden)

4. Artifact303 - Feelings (Romenia)

5. Ajna - The Art of Happiness (France)

6. Radical Distortion - The Dreamer (Greece)

7. Afgin - From The Heart (Tribute to Wonderboy) (Israel)

8. Ethereal - Moondawn (Sweden)


CD2 - Ambient cd... which will be slightly mixed so there will be no silence in between the tracks :)


1. Mindsphere - Frozen Sleep (Turkey)

2. Solar Fields - Confusion Illusion Remix (Sweden)

3. Electrypnose - ChillinBerlin (Switzerland)

4. E-Mantra - Sectret Prophecy (Romenia)

5. Aes Dana - Lysistrata (France)

6. Asura - Altered State (France)

7. SiebZehn - Bongalore and Beyond (Germany)

8. Astral Waves - Contemplation (Canada)

9. Ra - Road To Shiraz (Norway)



What do you think ?

This will not be an "in your face" compilation, but some deep, emotional UFO, focused on peaceful vibes on the downtempo side, and trippy psychedelia on the uptempo side.

Thanks to the artists for trusting us in this concept, know most of them wrote their track especially for this occasion.


What ? Hmm ? Ah you want to order it ? Let me check the schedule....you should have it in your cd reader by the middle of march.


More will come soon, espacially the complete tracklist and some yummy extracts on our website :)

Short extracts are already available on Arabesque website: http://tinyurl.com/2fn8o9

2 minute extracts are available on our website: http://www.suntriprecords.com/pages/releases/SUNCD10/



Anoebis & Mars / Suntrip

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Thanks for the nice words everyone! It took us alot of time and work to compile it, but I'm sure it was worth it :)


@ Basilisk, I'll mail you tonight :)


@ everybody: if you have some nice writing about new school or old school goa stuff, parties with modern goa, interviews from the 90s with old school artists etc... don't hesitate to contact me, the booklet isn't filled yet... :)

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Oh! Haven't heard Goasia yet and there's another pearl coming soon )


Merrow and Cosmic Silence would fit well I think, anyway looking forward. Thanks, guys!

Hello to all, I`m working at the moment very hard on my track for the greatest Compilation of Suntrip Records... I have some personal problems at the moment in my life, but I try to finish my track for the Compilation in time... If I can`t so you know that I haven`t enough time to finish it.... But I can say to you, that this track will be a classical Oldschool Track, very hypnotic and Psychedelic. At the moment I planning also to expand my project by one new member, you know him probably as "Grey Guy" or "Cyberion". I have many new surprises for you the next year! I think next year I will also start to play live with some new sounds you never heard before, so be tuned for some more.... I plan to to insert some big and great sound elements in my sound.


I`m very curious about this new release, because you know that Suntrip Records try all the time to make their releases better and better and if I read which artists are already signed up for this release so I have no doubt that this release will be one of the best Suntrip CD`s they have ever made... It`s great to see, that we have a label in our gengre that release such great music, they dont follow the actual hype of full on music etc. Fabien and Joske folllow their feelings and try to release only deep psychedelic music! Money is no matter for them! They just want to deliver you really great music to have very much fun on partys and the feeling of the good old times!


We can be all very happy that we have this both great guys!!!! Artists and Customers of their CD`s can be happy that they have this two nice guys, that spent most of their free time to give us such great music! Big Respect to you Joske and Fabien, you do a great Job and your Releases are awesome!!! It compares to nothing I hear all the time from all other Labels!!!


Cosmic Greetings and a peacefull Christmas time for all of you!


Michael. Namaste. :)

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Thaks for the nice words Michael.


As you can see we are still missing 3 tracks that will come in the following days. But instead of releasing in January at all costs we decided to postpone a bit our deadline and have a diamond-class tracklist.

I added Aerosis to the tracklst in the announce because I'm now confident enough his track is gonna fit the compil.


What are the last 2 tracks ? Héhéhéhé you'll see...and you'll be delighted.


Michael, good luck, you'll make it (crossing fingers) !!!

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I'm really waiting to see what E-Mantra will make. His track on Mainspring Motion was one the weirdest (in the good sense!) and unusual Goa tracks I heard.


Good luck to all the artists and I hope everything will be OK!

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But instead of releasing in January at all costs we decided to postpone a bit our deadline and have a diamond-class tracklist.

This will be a very interesting compilation :) I think everyone can't wait to hear what kind of gems you have instore for us all, Mars.

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This will be a very interesting compilation :) I think everyone can't wait to hear what kind of gems you have instore for us all, Mars.

...what kind of gems Artists have in store :)

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