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  1. Hello everyone! I'd like to share some music - how about a 2 hour live set from one of my favorite parties ever. This stuff sounded sooo good after a darker set, mellowing everyone out until the sun came up. Hard to hear a trance set at 3:30am these days This set contains a lot of our tracks from the last 1-2 years, you will hear a bit of psytrance which quickly gets into trance, followed by goa with lots of classic trance undertones. The more psytrance style tracks are from jeremy's side project - Jagno Gaia, which he makes for use in shows. Here is a link to the set: Aerosis Li
  2. Also.. I'm very happy with how these tracks work in mixes.. they let me really get into playing mostly newschool tracks around a couple of obscure classics. Dropping filteria tracks as a climax in a goa mix instead of classics we have heard already... well, it makes very good, travelling sets. Here is one with heavens eye mixing into big blue as the max of the set link (no this is not so much a shameless plug, though I guess it is - but I guess i could twist it as a suntrip promo for the rest of you. Jannis i'm sure you want to hear how your tracks mix, so this is more for you)
  3. Here is a little corner where I'll make links availible of various really good goa mixes I've compiled or recorded... let me know what you guys like if you like them. Aerosis - 604 pm sunset set 01 - Electrohypnose - ChillinBerlin 02 - Aes Dana - Lysistrata 03 - Aes Dana - Digitalys 04 - Asura - Back to Light 05 - Khetzal - Djaningar 06 - Khetzal - Anamatha (feat. DJ ZZen) 07 - Zolphinia - Mental Universe 08 - Khetzal - Nyiragongo 09 - Dimension 5 - Limitless Dimension (Gate 3 Mix) 10 - Astral Projection - Radial Blur 11 - Aerosis - Anasazi 12 - Aerosis - Mystical
  4. Aerosis - Fractal Gliding studio mix http://www.megaupload.com/?d=1IZXPZPU
  5. Dropping by to say you can expect an Aerosis track on the next Phototropic compilation. Here is a Teaser Additionally, I've uploaded a new track to the myspace, a beautiful sun-filled morning track from the end of the album! Its one of our favorite tracks, Whole New Beginning, check out a long extract here: http://www.myspace.com/aerosis In other news, we are thinking of writing a track with Ra It sounds GOOD. Hehehe. Thanks to everyone on this forum who believes in our music and inspired us to pursue it as seriously as you do! ~Bobby
  6. If there are, random people possess them, me and Jeremy were too into the moment to do much documenting Novacron it was nice talking to you out here in california Hopefully it won't be the last time. I want to give a heads-up that we just released a morning track on Suntrip's V/A - Sundrops.... and that we have an alternate version of the track that didn't make it onto the compilation... rather than let it go to waste I thought it might be something nice to give to you guys, we have a lot of music but not much that we can put aside for download... Its been a while eh Follow This L
  7. Have a listen: Aerosis - Lunar Effect (New Moon mix) 143 BPM This is an alternate mix of the track we did for Sundrops. It is more on the dreamy and trancey side, abit less energy... where as the version released on Sundrops is more uplifting. The mix of this version is not different enough to be a remix and end up on another release, but nor is it a bad peice of music for it to go to waste. I figured we'd put it up the alternate version for you guys to have, some might prefer it better, it is closer to the dreamy moon theme we were going for. Its been laying around for too long and we're
  8. So how are people digging these samples I think we're gonna have a good amount of music to show really soon - more on that later? ~o
  9. Hello everyone! We have been quiet for a long time, so all the better to come back with a bang, heres the latest: The album is essentially finished, there is maybe 1 more track to finish and then some polish to apply. Extracts of 5 tracks are available on our Myspace. Comments are very much appreciated, especially while there still is a chance to work on the tracks! In addition, we will be debuting most of the album and new sound during our live set at an Earthdance festival in the midwest of the United States, hosted by the friendly guys at Chilluminati. Both myself and Jeremy
  10. Now this is where goa should be in 2008, Judging from the production and the creativity expressed in the new tracks, this maintains the filteria vision but has refined elements making the tracks more accessable to more ears - initially many filteria tracks were very harsh, a wonderful style yet it was definately maximal goa that uninitiated ears would find harder to tune to (unless on a dancefloor). These new tracks bridge the grap. I also now adore birds lingua franca, where I disagreed its style of synthwork a little bit on the opus iridium version (ofcourse a matter of opinion o
  11. If you are comparing the volume levels of oldschool tracks with newer releases, then yes you'll find them louder and with fuller bass. This is more so the artists competing with modern standards than anything suntrip is doing through mastering. Goa also has much more sound in it compared to other psy that takes a more minimal but crisp aproach to production (short but loud sounds), goa has more delay (echo), reverb, and stereo as well as long pads that run all through it, maybe this is shaping your impressions ga2pir. But really, Sideffect's advice is problably the best
  12. This was just a little fun, I was inspired by some really good friends and the events they (Terrakroma) put together in the beaches, mountains and deserts of california...so I wrote a track to express my gratitude for the vibes they make. Well it came out nice, so why not share? Aerosis - Red Horizon 136bpm Melodic progressive psy A tangent of sorts, I haven't shared any Goa in a while, but rest assured this track doesn't mean Aerosis has gone into commercial prog . Our album Leap of Faith is nearly complete, with our tracklist finalized, you'll be hearing more about it by the
  13. Thanks for putting this up Fabien, really interesting interview, and I'm glad to hear you guys talk so confidently about what you're trying to do. Very glad to have found you guys to work with. Can't wait for Aerosis to spread its wings on the world!
  14. Yeah thats it basically, sorry guys - Filipe was totally cool with it actually, but I realized I should ask Harald since he'll be the one releasing the tracks - I grabbed a hold of him pretty late when the mix was already done and he said no theres plenty of other tracks from pandemonium that you can use, he doesnt' really want anyone to be hearing stuff from the album - so I had to pull the mix until I could take that track out. The thing is I did that literally 30 minutes before leaving for some parties and camping and I only just got back home (after 6 days! ) - I did however play out
  15. Here we go again, this mix is a beast. Loads of rare and unreleased newschool tracks as well as a good helping of classical acidic goa. Download here: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=C9MM0RTFO Tracklist: 01 - Afgin - Eternal 02 - Ethereal - Moondawn 03 - Message to Earth - Let Goa Set You Free 04 - Ra - Ultima Energica 05 - Asia 2001 - Majestic 12 06 - Filteria - The Snuggling Snail 07 - ArmagedDance - Ufology 08 - Pan Psychic - In Suspend 09 - Khetzal - Indian Attic 10 - Mystica - Ashes to ashes 11 - Moonweed- Telepath 12 - Filteria - Speech Module (feat. Red
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