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  1. Downloading....Thanks! (great news "Dance for the Celestial Beings Part II")
  2. canceled and moved to 23 Apr 10: http://www.goatrance.de/goabase/party/details/52811 Laughing Buddha feel me great!!
  3. buuufff Bacteria... K heavy!! -> Holy shit!! -> Good Grief!! Never associate the Flamenco feeling with a palpitating heart.
  4. nice tracklist, but I cant download it. where is it?
  5. Along with the tracks Estha (J.Viewz) and Son-Kite::on-Air (Midival Punditz remix) make this first NBC compilation something great.
  6. Hi Michael: Can you give me information about this live act? I think is soon for you, but keep me informed please!
  7. @Michael: so nice tracks on your myspace site. Increible waves for spiritual trace lovers... the TOP5 most awaited album, for me!! Good job!
  8. A wonderful compilation with a lot of great tracks that I never listened on other previous release. #CD1 have dark and meditative ambient and #CD2 alone is for me a perfect release. 5/5
  9. GMO - Groovy Day, Muppet Alien
  10. Completly disagree with first comments about this release. You find here great ambient/relaxing music with Indian influence there. Sensual and Organic, very melodic and not twisted electronic music; in fact, not every good ambient/downtempo music must be twisted, IMO. This release is Magic... Music with heart is great! Highligth recommend for true ambient spirit lovers. 4+/5
  11. hahahaha.... this is like a bussiness center... buy! buy!! buy!!! XD!
  12. 2 euro Orb, The - Bicycles & Tricycles - Cooking Vinyl (?damon?) Noosphere - Aqua System 7 - Golden Section 2.5 euro Deviant Species - Hatch (cd) - Zerotonin UK (?double miu?) Various - Freekstyle Rip'n'eiji - Tengu Moon (CD) - Creative Space Records Starseed Transmission Metamorphic Illumination (CD) - Nova Zembla About payment... do you accept paypal?
  13. INBLUE 003 -> exhausted! yeeeees, also me and this is a good harvest!
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