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  1. Downloading....Thanks! (great news "Dance for the Celestial Beings Part II")
  2. canceled and moved to 23 Apr 10: http://www.goatrance.de/goabase/party/details/52811 Laughing Buddha feel me great!!
  3. buuufff Bacteria... K heavy!! -> Holy shit!! -> Good Grief!! Never associate the Flamenco feeling with a palpitating heart.
  4. nice tracklist, but I cant download it. where is it?
  5. Along with the tracks Estha (J.Viewz) and Son-Kite::on-Air (Midival Punditz remix) make this first NBC compilation something great.
  6. Hi Michael: Can you give me information about this live act? I think is soon for you, but keep me informed please!
  7. @Michael: so nice tracks on your myspace site. Increible waves for spiritual trace lovers... the TOP5 most awaited album, for me!! Good job!
  8. A wonderful compilation with a lot of great tracks that I never listened on other previous release. #CD1 have dark and meditative ambient and #CD2 alone is for me a perfect release. 5/5
  9. GMO - Groovy Day, Muppet Alien
  10. Completly disagree with first comments about this release. You find here great ambient/relaxing music with Indian influence there. Sensual and Organic, very melodic and not twisted electronic music; in fact, not every good ambient/downtempo music must be twisted, IMO. This release is Magic... Music with heart is great! Highligth recommend for true ambient spirit lovers. 4+/5
  11. hahahaha.... this is like a bussiness center... buy! buy!! buy!!! XD!
  12. 2 euro Orb, The - Bicycles & Tricycles - Cooking Vinyl (?damon?) Noosphere - Aqua System 7 - Golden Section 2.5 euro Deviant Species - Hatch (cd) - Zerotonin UK (?double miu?) Various - Freekstyle Rip'n'eiji - Tengu Moon (CD) - Creative Space Records Starseed Transmission Metamorphic Illumination (CD) - Nova Zembla About payment... do you accept paypal?
  13. INBLUE 003 -> exhausted! yeeeees, also me and this is a good harvest!
  14. ... for me its a big surprise wake up this morning and see new stock for this release; any news about? have I suffered an extraterrestrial abducion and am I the only one astonished? ... doesn't matter... at last I can get my copy without speculations :posford: :posford: :posford:
  15. Ehi DJRat: thanks for present us IM. Really have some good releases and great tracks, but sorry, isn't the best group ever. In the other hand, its good to take references and and more being young.... Continue exploring this wonderful psyworld...
  16. Iron Butterfly's "In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida" is the hit; the album that make know to the world. Some gurus say that is the start between progress rock and precursor of early Heavy Metal. One solo of two drums at the same time with his synthesizer is a crack! Of Camel.... all. I cant specify some concrete albums because I have saome various artist releases. But I recommend a live record album: http://www.amazon.com/Live-Record-Camel/dp/B00005V1B4 Its a real sound travel. Also Yes its a psychedelic rock cracks.
  17. A horrifying album, it is a nightmare to listen it, IMHO. The only good track in this album is Triptonite remix by Nova and Aes Dana: 4/5 only for this track. Everything else definitively: 1/5
  18. No body speak about Camel and Iron Butterfly? :wank:
  19. Many thanks to you Kasper. This album sounds very nice; this sound remember me the old fathers of electronic music arround 60s/70s yeras... great work!!
  20. Eiiii por donde andas??? Ya hay mas movida pronto!!! Abraxxx

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