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  1. Holy shit I haven't been here in 2 years and this is still going on? I thought this was Pavel's work? Its really for real?
  2. UPDATE - Ali Mindsphere is a champ and got back to me in no time at all with the track Very happy camper here.
  3. Does anyone have a copy of this track in high quality? I have an mp3 of this track I must have grabbed ages ago off soulseek, but its in 192k. I believe mindsphere had it up on youtube and soundcloud for some time but now its gone I've searched and searched for days and can't find it anywhere. My trouble is I'd like to play it in a DJ set but can't do so with the low quality copy I have Please send me a message here if you have this track
  4. Upload this on soundcloud so we can hear it in higher quality, or even download it Super chill trance track, i really like it, upload more!
  5. Aerosis didn't either, I would think its rare to find someone imbursed by kagdilla, just because of what their release model is...bulk and for profit, gaining one due to brute volume of releases. But whats interesting to me is having learned how little this actually is. If you owned a label like this you could barely scratch out rent for a year. I mean twisted is the top but they aren't doing well financially either...though this might have something to do with spending 40k on parties whenever possible (bless them) My impression of shuki is that he is responsive and you can get in contac
  6. As the passive observer, the off topic section of the site was classy and something I enjoyed browsing back in the day. I didn't experience any of the drama parts, but I am with oopie, this place is very serious without off topic, the site becomes mostly new release spam where you can't find a good track, unless discussing your top tracks in general discussion. Oopie has a point Just have a link on the main page to "psynews.org" It points to this forum loaded up on your servers, so psynews is just this neutral group. I only brought you up since your site came to mind, since its great
  7. You have a lot to be proud of here, 11 years of this place going shows the momentum going on. I wouldn't see this as a sad moment. You have to do whats best for you and shouldn't feel guilty that you've kept this amazing community going. What if this site merged with ektoplazm? The easiest solution could be to merge this group with something already running, then people who already are managing a portal can just plug psynews into their hub, its less likely that someone who doesn't know any IT/web will materialize and be able to turn the gears. Mars you could try contacting Basilisk, or mak
  8. Really interested in Celestial Consciousness - Astral Dance Got a few of these in the shopping cart just now, solid CD
  9. Highly recommended original music, Torin is magic!
  10. I've had a topic on isratrance with my mixes for a while now, I just realized you guys over here don't even know about them. Aerosis - 604 pm sunset set (all souls festival) 110-140 bpm http://www.megaupload.com/?d=SRYAMC33 01 - Electrohypnose - ChillinBerlin 02 - Aes Dana - Lysistrata 03 - Aes Dana - Digitalys 04 - Asura - Back to Light 05 - Khetzal - Djaningar 06 - Khetzal - Anamatha (feat. DJ ZZen) 07 - Zolphinia - Mental Universe 08 - Khetzal - Nyiragongo 09 - Dimension 5 - Limitless Dimension (Gate 3 Mix) 10 - Astral Projection - Radial Blur 11 - Aerosis - Ana
  11. Thanks guys! I don't think these will be on the album but I like to play them at the end of our sets. I love psytrance when its super mellow.
  12. Hey it couldn't hurt to let you guys know whats up with our end out here in the states I just got back from Gemini and am feeling great about this summer. We're playing goa trance. A lot. Heres a live mix of Leap of Faith, one of my favorites.
  13. SUNCD019 Wow has it really been 5 years? One more and suntrip is as legendary a goa label as any. (hey and its not money keeping them around, us hippies don't get any of that stuff no way ) What you guys do warms the heart, I've been waiting for a CD like temple of chaos for a long time
  14. Moonweed & Shakta, whats the story behind that track, is it an unreleased old track?
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