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  1. meshuggah lamb of god devildriver nightrage soilwork in flames theres more but thats what am listening/remember right now
  2. hahahaha awesome you are like the drill instructor in full metal jacket!
  3. looking for ma bukket man. have u seen my bukket?
  4. read both watched none (if i did i cant remember)... from what i remember, the stories were too different to compare objectively...subjectively i think i liked green mile better...not sure though. fuck my contribution to this thread is immense...
  5. Kind reminder from the Ministry of Truth
  6. very nice vid! ibet theres some interesting stuff growing in that garden as well
  7. things changed a lot around here...its a bit....sterile. meh , am not planning on spending too much time here anw, just wanted to say that my inbox got spammed really bad by a bunch of bots (i suppose) in my absence. just letting u know
  8. love it, been ages since ive given it a spin though....might do so later
  9. analord! or the ambient albums!
  10. fantastic album...shame they didnt release any others
  11. you guys suck. he said most strong albums,not just one album you like. anw, have to go with eat static. ftw all the way. and then fsol, all the rest have been mentioned by cocco. there are other ppl like klaus schulze, namlook, steve roach as well but not psytrance per se.
  12. bossatronics pops in my head but its more downtempo i think
  13. and also the ony one i have....makes sense
  14. these covers are homosexual. better? -9 or -11?
  15. i think am mostly done with psytrance right now...i still have my fav albums and listen to them occasionaly but thats it so np : Disturbed - 10k fists
  16. eemm a simple request...(to me at least), can u put off topic back as read only? theres lots of threads that made part of what psynews actually was, and while taking in consideration all the facts that lead to the actions taken by the mods, they (the threads) deserve some sort of "respect" by letting us read them from time to time and remember ))) and many non off topic stuff were said in the off topic , so another reason to want to access it and a really utopic request would be to resuscitate the entertaining thread.....pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase???
  17. otis redding (lots of tracks), right now - fafafafafa (sad song) i knowwwwwww its not psytrance but fuck it...its good shit
  18. the mind makes the saddest music ever.
  19. expect a shitstorm to arrive....
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