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    The Archaic Revival
  1. Its great because its the essence of Goa trance in one album. To me it goes beyond the bounds of nature and grabs your head and dissolves it into liquid energy. Each powerful synth session morphs from the previous, and there is a fractal nature to everything that you hear.
  2. I love good beer and weed, drink and smoke both daily. I also listen to goa, psytrance, or psychill every day (pretty much music is always on when I am home), so to answer your question: yes. I don't use psychedelics as much as I did in college, now only mushrooms once or twice a year if that. Usually, I listen to Shpongle, Mysteries of the Yeti, The Infinity Project chill albums when we eat mushrooms. Only goa I will listen to is Hallucinogen.
  3. Tandu - Multimoods Cydonia - In Fear of a Red Planet Those are spacey for me, though more of the "being chased by evil aliens and crash landed on a hostile planet" kind of space Also, anything by Total Eclipse makes me think of space and aliens.
  4. This came out literally a day after my last psyshop order...gotta make another one it seems.
  5. 10/10 ! The Aquatic Garden Of Extra-Celestial Delights is in my Shpongle Top 5, and the best use of vocals in Shpongle to date. Absolutely love this one. And in case any one was wondering...the vinyl sounds fantastic and the cover is freaking amazing. Literally looks like its 4 inches deep...trippy stuff. I agree the 3d cover on the cd is a little more congested and not as good looking. Here is how I stack it up with the other albums. 1st: Are You Shpongled Tied for 2nd: Museuem of Consciousness, Ineffable Mysteries, Tales, Nothing Lasts 3rd: Big Bang / God Particle 4th: Remix album
  6. nice tracklist, gonna check this one out
  7. Here is my mix I recorded for my monthly show Ethnoverse on Digitally Imported's Goa-Psy Trance Channel. I normally broadcast the show live video so I dont have the oppurtunity to record, but this month I wasnt able to do it live. Pretty happy with the set..melodic/uplifting full-on to start that blends into goa. Tracklist: 01. Bitkit - Mantra 02. Pleiadians - I Believe 03. Ainur - Rinvendal 04. Benza - The Pipe Doctor 05. Trinodia - Groombridge 06. Artifact303 - Beyond Lightspeed (E-Mantra Remix) 07. Antares - The 4th Dimension 08. Dimension 5 - Caprica 09. Via Axis - The Beyond Within (Live Edit) 10. Annunaki - Antikythera Mechanism Stream: https://soundcloud.com/goashoom/ethnoverse-july-2013 Download: http://goa-shoom.net/WP/ethnoverse-july-2013/
  8. I made a 20+ cd and 10 vinyl order about a week before the site went down. Im glad I got them when I had the chance! mmm dragonfly vinyl..I am missing one coaster though..
  9. you can always check out the psychill channel on digitally imported but to be specific...lets start with the classics The Infinity Project - Mystical Experiences Total Eclipse - Violent Relaxation (CD 2 is goachill) The Mystery of the Yeti Part 1 & 2
  10. Didnt want to make a new thread or anything, but heres some clips of Sanguine Mandragoa (Shoom & Mixtress Bloodwing tag-team). First video is Bloodwing mixing out of the track I played (Dimension 5 - Iron Sun) and into Goasia - Black Kahva Second video is the dancefloor during Goasia - Black Kahva In case you would like to hear the mix it can be streamed here: https://soundcloud.com/sanguinemandragoa/sanguine-mandragoa-the-next-phase
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