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  1. In my opinion it is hearable. Especially when you are listening to CD loud.
  2. When listening to cd I hear a short glitch before each track (startin from #2). Anyone?
  3. ....MAIN STAGE LIVE ACTS.... E-CLIP [iono Music - RS] --> http://www.myspace.com/eclipmusic --> http://www.discogs.com/artist/E-Clip MOLE [Looney Moon Records - IT] --> http://soundcloud.com/mole_sound --> http://www.discogs.c...t/Mole+%2811%29 --> http://www.looney-moon.com WHRIKK [Moon Koradji Recs/Sanaton Records - NL] --> http://soundcloud.com/whrikk --> http://www.myspace.com/udderrkropunsy --> http://www.discogs.com/artist/Whrikk ARTHA [Cronomi Records - PL] --> http://www.cronomi.com/?pa
  4. Why not to offer a free digital download for all people who would like to pay for physical medium?
  5. Hell yeah. A lot of great energy on those 2 discs. And Zerotonine takes the cake imho
  6. You might like this: http://indidginus.bandcamp.com/album/sofa-surfer
  7. Does anybody experience problems with this cd? My car cd player can't read cd at all. My home NAD cd player reads it and plays although it's skipping all the way through track #1 and few times during next tracks .....
  8. Added Aural Planet - Lightflow to the list.
  9. I know it's a very, very slim chance there's someone who would be interested in trade but hey ... I can offer those cds: Solar Fields - "Extended' Hallucinogen - "Space Pussy" Hallucinogen - "Deranger" Man With No Name - "Lunar Cycle" Kox Box - Stratosfear" Kox Box - "Too Pure" Anyone?
  10. Where the hell are the Aerosis boys with their debut album?
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