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  1. Yep, that water is just gone. Peace
  2. Was never that big a fan of interstate highway, however Moment of Truth is probably one of the best cd ever made, bought it back when it came out still listens to regularly. Peace
  3. Cygnus X - turn around. BTW: anybody know a few tracks in the same style as Ticon - it breakz my heart?
  4. Just one question: Drinking from the toilet == Har du drukket af natpotten??? eller? Peace! And to the moderators, relax your doing a fine job
  5. Norsk eller Dansk?

  6. He made 2 albums. Continuum was the best though.
  7. +1 Children of the last generation was quite well know back in the day for example. Wasnt that impressed about we interface though. Peace
  8. An oldie but goldie: Eat Static - Peeow! Undulattice coming up.
  9. 1. Your total collection number (including everything: cds,vinyls,tapes etc. from every music genre). Never counted it, I guess somewhere between 800 - 1200. 2. Your Psytrance & Psychill (all genres) number (including everything: cds,vinyls,tapes etc). Most of 1. maybe 19/20 of the whole collection. Dunno 3. Your total cd collection number (every music genre). see 1. 4. Your total cd Psytrance & Psychill (all genres) number. see 2. 5. First Psytrance or Psychill release you bought and when. Hummmm. dont really know maybe juno reactor - transmissions(if it count as psytrance) back in 93, cant really remember before that. 6. Fav Psytrance or Psychill release in your collection. Not possible to say about a release. Still favorite track ever is Shakta - lepton head part 3(deedrah remix). Fantastic music! 7. Most important Psytrance or Psychill release in your collection and why. Man with no name - moment of thruth. Why? it set a milestone in my opinion. 8. The most rare Psytrance or Psychill in your collection. Havent got the slightest idea, maybe ifo or accindental occindetialism. 9. Albums/Compilations balance. no clue really. If you look at the early years its definetly compilations, later years I dont really know. A guess would by 60-50 to the albums. 10. Do you support artists from your country. Do you buy their releases? Dont really give f*** where they come from. Bonus question: Do you download Psy for free? A few times.
  10. Thank you reger! Well that sounds nice, however have you heard about any release date? With twisted that could be around year 3011 no? Peace
  11. Was just checking the ozora festival line-up and saw that Transwave was playing. What got me wondering was the fact that it looks like they are signed on twisted?? Thought they were an 3d vision since thats Christophs label. One more thing, on the promo text it says "...with some new material from their brand new album, and some legendary old tracks..." Now the only new album I know of is Backfire but I dont remember any new material on that, so exactly what did I miss? Anyone care to enligthen an oldtimer that been out of the loop for a while? Peace
  12. Orange theme? Cygnus X?
  13. Holy f***! 120?? You got to be kidding me, you can get that for 45 through amazon. And if you wait and just check once in a while you can get it for 5-10 pounds. Seen this quite a few times second hand at really good prices, got my own copy for 5 euro. Peace
  14. Very well said. One thing I find very annoying about the whole 'innovation' thing, is that many people use it to describe that an artist have changed his sound. That is not necessarily innovation, it can be, but for many artist it simply imply that they have changed their sound to what ever is current, for example the whole fullon thing. I dont think thats innovation to sound like everybody else, thats regression. Just my two cents. Peace
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