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  1. Hi bro's, A great effort made by Mark Gray vid tutorials enjoy !! http://www.soundmagus.co.uk/video/index.html :posford:
  2. Hi alex, You bet the tutorials on this link will make ur life much easier !! Very great efforts by Mark Gray http://www.soundmagus.co.uk/video/index.html Enjoy brotha !!!! :clapping:
  3. EP - Tutankhamon 9000 - Pharaos Phart (DARKEP005) 2006 released on www.d-a-r-k.net :drama:
  4. EP - Bash Vs Kernel Panic - Alcoholic Amnesia (DARKEP012) 2007 Artist: Bash Vs Kernel Panic ID: DARKEP012 Name: Alcoholic Amnesia Label: D-A-R-K Records Genre: Dark Psytrance Date: March 27, 2007 Format: FLAC (wav) Length: 27:44 Cover Art: Front: Back: Tracklist: 01-Bash - Freaks Eve... (9:20) 02-Bash - Fear Of Unknown... (10:04) 03-Bash Vs Kernel Panic - Squizo... (8:20) Reviews: 01-Bash - Freaks Eve... (9:20) Opens with ambient forest sounds and soon breaks into a groovy phat bassline and some highly twisted synthwork, its like you are walking through the deepest lanes of psychedelia, 1:10 on starts with brain slicing leads, and extremely well-done percussions, a voice sample takes over and soon starts the crazyness of different layers creating a plethora of insane sound textures sure to drive one crazy, 3:22 there;s some strange video game kind of sounds and then the beat makes you march taking you deeper stomping, highly acidic, 5:09 onwards the soundscapes get more intense, killer composition , 6:30 is that haunting pad with a slight flange to it preceeding with a neatly done, gate. Super paranoic journey all way till the end. 02-Bash - Fear Of Unknown... (10:04) Some whispering and cry of pain and agony, starts with blasting bassline, punchy kick, squeaky synths. Super - mental synthwork giving us bizarre melodies, very tight sounding-track, some spooky pads, but this has more composite of crazy organic leads, good use of different sound fx especially the flaring acid riffs, seems to make it like a looney asylum. 2:39 on is a weird break and the track gets more spookier,story-teller crazy nights all that makes me remember. Very rarely do artist these days stretch their tracks this long, but you won;t ever sense a monotonous feel on this one, perfect journey track. The artist has tried to get out the Monster of his mind on this one. 03-Bash Vs Kernel Panic - Squizo... (8:20) Sick Intro with the beat kicking in, at 0:25 some crazy synth leads that sound like some mechanical nature, punchy kick with sharp percussions, Squeaks n Bleeps, some Fx'ed voice samples adding to the craziness, 2:14 starts the crunchy groove, chaotic ambiences, track goes thumping deeper, Evil fx'ed voice sample at 3:19,the phat groove continues getting gritty, raw and brutal....3:50 the bassline sets rolling with intense layering of synths making you trip the Mental over-load pumped in by this crazy artist. Each track on this ep is well produced, so that makes all of them my favs. Words ain't enough for this review, one thing for certain this is a must get Ep for any acid freaks who would like to break free of his mental cocoon. I am highly anticipating his forthcoming releases and all the best to Bash, bring on more of this craziness. Link: h**p://shop.d-a-r-k.net/live/index.php?act=viewProd&productId=107
  5. EP - Chipset - Amazon Plants (DARKEP013) 2007 Artist: Chipset ID: DARKEP013 Name: Amazon Plants Label: D-A-R-K Records Genre: Dark Twisted Full On, Dark Psytrance Date: April 4, 2007 Format: FLAC (wav) Length: 14:47 Cover Art: Front: EP - Chipset - Amazon Plants (DARKEP013) 2007 Artist: Chipset ID: DARKEP013 Name: Amazon Plants Label: D-A-R-K Records Genre: Dark Twisted Full On, Dark Psytrance Date: April 4, 2007 Format: FLAC (wav) Length: 14:47 Cover Art: Front: Tracklist: 01-Chipset - Amazon Plants... (6:46) 02-Chipset - Kill The Robot (It Is Dead Rmx)... (8:01) Review: 01-Chipset - Amazon Plants... (6:46) Begins with some beeps and a voice sample from some TV show...breaking open with a tight rolling bassline, good perc, crazy leads and some ambient pads doing rounds. the bassline is a galloping one, some parts create a lot of monotony, which makes it more of a club oriented track. Neat use of FX but i miss the psychedlia on this one. 02. 02-Chipset - Kill The Robot (It Is Dead Rmx)... (8:01) Starts with some glitchy fx accompanied by a groovy phat bassline, acid riffs, and organic noizes, but this one too seems like another one with a clubby feel, but this one;s heavy and energetic, good arrangement....Tribal percussion...Acid leads thrown at a good timing... making it more powerful stomper for the night. My fav track 02 Link:h**p://shop.d-a-r-k.net/live/index.php?act=viewProd&productId=109
  6. Mental Soup II - 2nd Psychedelic Feasting Gathering, June 1-4, 2007 Live In alphabetical order till now we have : Acid Goblins (Nabi Rec) HUN --> First time in Switzerland! DarkOhm (D-A-R-K Rec / Psykomunity) VEN --> First time in Switzerland! Dark Summer (D-A-R-K Rec) SLO Dejan (Vertigo Rec / Tantrumm Rec) FRA Digitalist (Peak Rec / DropOut Prod / Mighty Quinn Rec / D-A-R-K Rec) CH eniChkin (D-A-R-K Rec / Import Exploit / Acidsamovar) RUS --> First time in Switzerland! Hishiryo (Kabrathor Rec / Devil'sMind Rec / D-A-R-K Rec) FRA Haunted Castle (PsyBaba Rec) HUN --> First time in Switzerland! Kundalini Project (D-A-R-K Rec / Wirikuta Rec / Shaman Tribe) ITA Kemic-Al (Butterfly Rec / DiscoValley Rec / Trishula Rec) MLT --> First time in Switzerland! Lab (DarkLife Rec / En Sof / D-A-R-K Rec) PT --> First time in Switzerland! Malice In Wonderland (D-A-R-K Rec / ResonantEarth) AU Psybetyarok (D-A-R-K Rec) HUN --> First time in Switzerland! Sectio Aurea (D-A-R-K Rec / Triplag) CH Sekt (D-A-R-K Rec) SWE --> First time in Switzerland! Traskel (Sanaton Rec / Golden Dawn Rec) SWE --> First time in Switzerland! Zik / Horror Place / Adrenal Glands (Insomnia Rec / Phreex Network Rec) GRE --> First time in Switzerland! Yab-Yum (Peak Rec) CH DJs Axolotl (Magyaristan / Galaxy) CH Digitalist (Peak Rec / DropOut Prod / Mighty Quinn Rec / D-A-R-K Rec) CH FungusOK (Triplag / D-A-R-K Rec) RUS --> First time in Switzerland! Gioppo (GoanMantra Rec) ITA Ocram (MoonDrops) CH Pineal (Maitake Production) ITA Psysmael (SKS) CH Shenz (Kabrathor Rec / Devil'sMind Rec / D-A-R-K Rec ) FRA S-Mutans (D-A-R-K Rec / Triplag) CH Zapata (Kabrathor Rec) CH ZenMind (D-A-R-K Rec) PT --> First time in Switzerland! Chill Nun (Hadra Rec) FRA Shamal (Maitake Production) ITA Strix (D-A-R-K Rec / Triplag) CH Sziadam (Acid Goblins project) HUN Souljackers [ En Sof / IDMuziq Records / ZenMind Records ] PT Deco Galaxy Ticino Drops from da Moon (MoonDrops FLuodelicTeAm) CH PsychedelicSys (String Research) CH ...more to be confirmed! Location Alps Organizer D-A-R-K Production, Moondrops n Galaxy families! Infos Big FluOdelic Alien Stage - 30000 watts Delta LoudSpeakers line array (www.deltaloudspeakers.com) - Fluopaintings - Lights - Flying Saucers - Visuals - Food - Chai - Shops - Bar - Medical Help - Free Camping - WC - Shuttle - Love - Unity - Peace - Justice - Respect - Full Nature www.mental-soup.com www.d-a-r-k.net www.dark-records.com
  7. EP - Phazy M'ulator - Shiva Off (DARKEP011) 2007 Artist: Phazy M'ulator ID: DARKEP011 Name: Shiva Off Label: D-A-R-K Records Genre: Dark Psytrance Date: March 27, 2007 Format: FLAC (wav) Length: 21:27 Webshop: www.d-a-r-k.net Website: www.dark-records.com Cover Art: Front: Back: Tracklist: 01-Phazy M'ulator - Transylmania... (7:39) 02-Phazy M'ulator - Shiva Off... (7:29) 03-Phazy M'ulator - Coitus Interruptus... (6:19) Reviews: 01-Phazy M'ulator - Transylmania... (7:39) This begins with dark atmosphere creeping in followed by a hungarian movie sample i guess...church bell, sounds of sword fight to remind u of movies like "Van Helsing"....0:46 onwards starts this hard edged bassline, growls and roaring pads, production level is highly crystal, this one is hard to find story-teller of a track,as we go further onto this dark dreary road where the ambience is just set like the tales of the crypt or vlad dragulla tales being narrated admist the chaotic layers, amazing composition,good delay and flanger on those pads, psychotic leads, Enjoy this super-spooked roller coaster ride into Myth & Reality of Castles and Vampires of Transylmania. 02-Phazy M'ulator - Shiva Off... (7:29) Mad laughter which breaks into rolling dark bassline, this is definitely no-fuss schizo track, HOwling synths making all you dark freaks mad.... 1:00 some vocal about Shiva being said in Hungarian 2:12 Demented Sound Textures keep playing in tricks that sync with our mind games, and the bass gets more deeper but banging with insane pads being tweaking the crazyness out of you, 3:00 on back to the big booming bassline echoing out screams , evil atmosphere breaks and at 4:44 flowing are insane rhythms tracks gets more intense. Chaotic Nuances, Heightening the tension , Throwing you in a fit of endless mind-warps. 03-Phazy M'ulator - Coitus Interruptus... (6:19) Crazy name for a psychedelic track , this is another one of those dark chronicles, stiff punchy bassline and then a ripping lead keeps roaring, evil pads as if you are lost in hell, spooky pads tweaked like mad, this is highly acidic which will definiely make the trancers flip. The leads and soundscapes are powerful enough to manifest itself as a non-physical entity of pure psychedelic energy. All of these tracks are those best night-time tracks that i always long for trancing too, this ep is in no way for the weak-minded who fear to venture into inner-sanctum of your mind. Sick cover art too.... Bom Shiva !!!
  8. EP - Audiopathik - Necrophilia (DARKEP009) 2007 Artist: Audiopathik ID: DARKEP009 Name: Necrophilia Label: D-A-R-K RecordsGenre: Dark Psytrance Date: February 2007 Format: FLAC (wav) Length: 23:03 Webshop: www.d-a-r-k.net Website: www.dark-records.com Cover art Front: Back: Tracklist: 01-Audiopathik - Necrophilia...(7:42) 02-Audiopathik - Audiopathosis...(7:29) 03-Audiopathik - Agramon...(7:52) Review 01-Audiopathik - Necrophilia...(7:42) Gongs in the midnight, spookey atmosphere and then a short guitar riff kicks, which ends up with a news being read about cannibalism and Necrophilia.... Blasts with a punchy rolling bassline tormenting into some trippy night journey, good percussion track gets denser ahead with crazy leads coming in from all directions, screams coming in each way and screeching and stuttering breaks make me feel about way much overuse of glitch.This track doesn;t live upto my expectations. Pretty much formulaic one.Very mad at how these days psychedlia mutates to industrial... 02-Audiopathik - Audiopathosis...(7:29) Intro goes with some scary sounds, the bassline is more phatter and straight to hit you in the face......demented leads perfect for mid-night keep coming at a great timing within the smart arrangement of rhythm structures. Percussion keep getting sharper and morph into pretty impressive parts but we still hear those screech-and-crash breaks. 2:10 the layers get more dense and intense, tweakin your brain cells for that trip u expecting with these guys. The technoish lead that begins from 3.11 gets tad too repititive, but the journey till the end is full of twisted sequences. This track won;t let any audiopathik fans down. 03-Audiopathik - Agramon...(7:52) Begins with an impressive, anxiety raisin intro, coz we experience more darkness on this one, indeed a story telling track till 1:23 where the booming bass hits and starts rolling all over with some kid voice sample faintly goin on besides the eerie pads doin their rounds with squeaky synths, sharp precussion on this one, great track to start a set with IMO...Around 3:50 it starts getting you into a dense mind-game maze kinda trip making you stomp harder seeking the mystery you are looking for without any answers , making you seek more fractalik visions. Pretty tight track, i give this track a no.1. Fav Tracks : 03, 02 Peace
  9. EP - Crazy Ducks - Sweedie (DARKEP002) 2006 D-A-R-K Records is proud to present its second EP from the Crazy Ducks, Israel. The Crazy Ducks is a duo formed by Moran Ben Meir and Yaron Osinsky, both born and raised in Israel. This EP will bring you into a funky psychedelic groove as only the Crazy Ducks can transport you into. Enjoy this EP called Sweedie from the Crazy Ducks. Genre: Psychedelic Category: Dark Psychedelic Mastering artist: Yaron Osinsky Cover art: Yves Thomassin Hear Samples : http://shop.d-a-r-k.net/live/index.php?act...od&productId=79
  10. EP - Dark Summer - Ride The Snake (DARKEP001) 2006 D-A-R-K Records is proud to present label's debut EP from Dark Summer. Its title Ride The Snake is a memorial to one of the biggest rock stars on earth - Jim Morrison. In this EP, we bring you the finest selection of Dark Summer's production of the past year in association with well known artist Digitalist. Digitalist's remix of Clash Of The Worlds is completing the atmosphere of this EP, that is dim but groovy, twisted but exciting with all sorts of sounds. Everything combined with Digitalist's a-must-hear mastering. Genre: Psychedelic Category: Dark Psychedelic Mastering artist: Digitalist Cover art: Yves Thomassin Listen to samples : http://shop.d-a-r-k.net/live/index.php?act...od&productId=78
  11. Even I was skeptic about this release after seeing the cover which seems to have been ripped of the movie "Alone in the dark", but when i heard the samples on their website i was tempted to place and order and the second reason being it was mastered by Electrypnose. I placed and order and to my surprise this is one hell bent compilation with so much variety in Twisted-psy, as most of the night time psy tends to sound monotonous. This compilation is worth all the money spent. My favorite tracks 4,6, 8 the rest are good too but a true night trancer should not miss these 3 tracks. Bom Bom
  12. Wanted the following vinyls in Very good or Better condition or at least no skips or pops minor surface wear ok Sphongle- Tales of the Inexpressible Shulman- In search of a meaningful moment Xenomorph - Cassandra's Nightmare Booom
  13. You can now hear samples of this compilation by visiting the link mentioned below: http://shop.d-a-r-k.net/live/index.php?act...od&productId=32
  14. Thank you for your support and appreciation. Cheers !!
  15. ::Introduction:: D.A.R.K. is a label for the release of original, psychedelic trance music. Founded by two friends living across the globe, that met over the internet, the goals were to simply offer music that is individualist in nature as well as high in quality. We started D.A.R.K., with the most important aim being to stay versatile; to release music that is both original and different within the catalog. We do not like style confines and we do not like categorization of art, so we took it upon ourselves to have the most diversified artists we were able to find. What we also want to represent is personality and individuality in music. We feel that today, music that is original transpires with the artist's personality, uniqueness and style. So this is what you have to expect when dealing with D.A.R.K. ; high quality conceptual music inspired by the complex, brain-warping textures, produced with great attention to detail both visually and sonically. :: D.A.R.K. would like to present our first digital compilation mastered by Electrypnose.:: VA – Twisted Flavors (DARK001) 2006 Tracklist 01- Dark Summer - She Cooked!...(7:17) 02- Hishiryo - Psychotic Hardtime...(7:40) 03- Troglodytes - Wa-Wa Wa-Sa...(7:13) 04- Sectio Aurea - Laboratorio Lunare...(7:35) 05- Neo Vox - Freaky Notion...(6:56) 06- Electrypnose - Rumicube...(7:16) 07- Digitalist - Wild Horses...(7:06) 08- eniChkin Project - Tromaktika Upohthonio...(8:53) 09- Lab - Carnaval...(7:22) 10- DarkOhm - Horror Widow...(8:16) Please visit our stores www.d-a-r-k.net to buy a digital copy.
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