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  1. Thanks for the links guys!!! I appreciate it I do hear about the scene in Argentina but so far in Uruguay I've heard nothing... it's very cold here tho so I'm thinking maybe they will start popping up in a month or two when the summer starts ... beautiful country tho ... if you guys are ever down here try to check out Punta del Diablo ... and ask for the special shot in the bar by the east beach ^^ Peace!
  2. Hola amigos! I'm gonna go ahead and ask for a big favor ... see I'm on the road right now and I have limited time checking internet and stuff as you all know. So if anybody could email me some info about this festival or other upcomming parties in Brazil I'd be forever grateful!! My email is --> natkejs@hotmail.com I will be in Brazil from tomorrow traveling north on the east coast. Thanks a LOT!! Ciao / Dario
  3. Does anyone know if there is a trance scene in these countries? Thanks!
  4. 2 promo albums.. Hallucinations Suprise Suprise both released in 2003... wether they were released on CD or just promo compilations by some group I honestly don't know.
  5. thanks guys for all the suggestions here's another oldie but goodie ---> Gnome Effect - Suprise Suprise was my favorite album for a long time!
  6. Mungusid - Dragons Master ... for the first time, pretty good
  7. Greenspirit Krabi was canceled last year due to the tsunami but Stefan is back again this year with a 3 days party spawning over New Year. http://www.greenspiritkrabi.com So, who's going?
  8. Hey guys, long time no see I'm looking for new impressions... could you guys recommend me some progressive or minimal... or why not combine it! Been on the road so haven't really kept up. Of course I'll contribute... New (?) compilation Magnetic Storm sure is worth listening to if you're in to these kind of sounds. I also listened to the new InterPhaZe album briefly but I wasn't "THAT" impressed, can't remember falling in to any real special state of mind while listening to it as I usually do when it's over the top. Looking at a little older stuff I'm still going strong with the compilation Minimal Ritual (oh-la-la!) and also Kruger & Coyle with Randy Expander still keeps a constant smile on my face. But I'm sure you're familiar with these already Take care guys! Peac
  9. I sorta understand you .... I had a much better time at Antaris Project last year ... much smaller and a better atmosphere ... still VooV is an awesome party with AWESOME laser shows. and in the morning you simply can't go wrong I bet Fullmon Festival is gonna rock tho now when they moved away from playing only full-on
  10. awesome album... track #2 - Snatcher is probably my favorite one on it... one of those albums running almost every night during certain periods
  11. here at my computer I got a logitech 5:1 system ... it's very sweet for $100 in my room I got a HK amplifier and 4 small mission speakers ... nothing spectacular but it's enough for me. bad thing is my room is in the basement with concrete walls/roof so the bass is out of this world, need to turn it down as much as possible or I hardly can hear the music for it. the whole room works as a subwoofer so that kinda sucks.
  12. yeah devilstick(s) is something totally different... they're rotated around the hand holding them etc while with flower sticks (I guess) you're using 2 sticks to rotate and throw around the 3rd. I'd actually love to learn using ONE devilstick ... that'd be wicked. that juggling and those strings with balls attached to em, what are they called?
  13. Oliver does soem great music for sure. If you get a chance check out this album for some great relaxing music. Ravi Shankar - Homage to Mahatma Gandhi from 2004
  14. I should probably mention Matenda - Chilling Matenda as well ......... I'm quite passed it but I used to listen to it every morning on my last asia trip. It was perfect after comming back from a party at noon or so ... I used to order a milkshake and then lay down in my hammock and watch the ocean while smoking a joint and listening to it ... awesome Especially the track Little Things grabbed me... perfect for the mornings =)
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