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  1. You should see this if you haven't yet... The Fibonacci in Tool - Lateralus.
  2. V/A - Amarasya [sinntec] V/A - Orientation vol.3 [dacru] V/A - Peakopath [peak]
  3. the only thing I've listened to this week is the new White Stripes album "Icky Thump" luv it.
  4. Niiice :posford: this looks good! If I would afford the trip over to sweden I would definetly be there. Perhaps perhaps...
  5. I use both, since sometimes saiko has records that psyshop doesn't.
  6. Not trying to hijack this thread but tell me this... which one do you think is a better mixer of those two? The Pioneer DJM-800 or Allen & Heath Xone:92? I have a lot of friends telling me that the Xone is better, but no one really have said why.
  7. I should maybe try to listen to it with the 1 song per day tactic
  8. this album didn't really hit me but maybe I should give it another chance. Felt through too similar somehow...
  9. Depending a lot of what you like I suppose I always liked Beckers songs and atleast the samples of their new album sounds great. Looking forward to listen/dance to them at konemetsä. Saw them a couple of years back and it rocked :posford:
  10. Dance section: The new Vibrasphere D-nox & Beckers Random section: Amy Winehouse - Back to Black Smashing Pumpkins - Zeitgeist have a bigger list but these are kinda must "haves" for me!
  11. without any deeper review of the song... I liked it. Thou I listened from my laptop speakers so can't say about the quality or such... Sounds really chilled beats and that chanting fits like a glove. nice work.
  12. np: track 1: Alkaloids from here perfect to start this morning with
  13. Hmm... at least the song "just in time" by astrix is more the progressive style, and gets my feet going so maybe they will take us by surprise. And about Spiral Trax Return... SUPER GREAT NEWS!!!!! :posford: :posford: :posford: WHIIIIIIIIIII :clapping:
  14. it seems it's going toward the hiphop blingbling thing :lol:
  15. Day.Din - Speaker’s Corner [spintwist] Aerospace - Elevation [spintwist] Chromatone - Chromaconnection [vaporvent] Ibojima - Morning Glory [yse] V/A - Vaporize [vaporvent] V/A - Vaporize 2 [vaporvent] V/A - Bliminal [interchill] V/A - Downbeat Liquid vol.1 [chillcode] V/A - Complex Cosmic Creation [mindfunk] V/A - Geospirit1: Virtual Vortex [geomagnetic.tv] V/A - Psychic Chakra [geomagnetic.tv]
  16. Here's the first that came to mind after thinking... My memory ain't that great so still missing some but what can you do. And no dj sets included. Son Kite Kox Box Saiko Pod Midi Miliz Eat Static Hux Flux Loopus in Fabula Hallucinogen Kiwa Eraser vs. Yöjalka Salakavala Troll Scientists Irchstas Haltya Texas Faggott Squaremeat Mandalavandalz Flying Scorpions Aavepyörä Knaprika Ocelot Cosmosis Astral Projection Lab 4 Carbon Based Alec Shazala Juno Reactor Infected Mushroom Goldie John B Etnica Atmos Parasense André Absolut Tristan Jaia Aes Dana Ott Gaudi Tripswitch Ticon D-Nox & Beckers Prometheus Younger Brother Sienis Vishnudata Dreadlock Tales Astroschnautzer James Reipas Huopatossu Mononen Oikeusjyvä Lemon Slide Tres Los Amigos Mullet Mohawk Nam Shub of Enki Krumelur Sensient Filteria Tripteaser Highpersonic Whomen Kirna Kyau & Albert Marusha RMB Nomic The Prodigy Celluloid Dmage Torakka Puoskari Krusseldorf Electric Universe
  17. np: Perfect Stranger - Ode Ao Sol (Vibrasphere Remix) :posford:
  18. V/A: Flip It [Flip Records] V/A: Free Spirit Vol. 1 - Brahmaputra [Free Spirit Rec.] V/A: Raw [Ground Breaking] V/A: Cold Conclusion [MMD] V/A: Earth Energy Resolution [sonic Traveler] Astroschnautzer: The Debut [space Boogie] RealityGrid: Reality Check! [Wildthings] Perfect Stranger: Changed [iboga]
  19. I have wanted to go here for a long time.... really beautiful pics, probably even more on the spot. But can't make it this year. Still, hope the party is going to be a blast.
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