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  1. https://onearcdegree.bandcamp.com/album/gravity-shaped Gravity Shaped is the fourth LP in One Arc Degree's expansive discography. Once again, the duo shifts away from their past attempts in music styles & subgenres, this time looking for inspiration in the cosmic dimensions of downtempo and trip hop sounds. The beats are grounded deep in the earth while the ethereal melodies point deep into space. After all, each and every structure in this universe, from the biggest black hole to the tiny human on little planet Earth, is gravity-shaped. Tracklist: 1. Cosmic Web 06:56 2. The Great Chain Of Being 04:42 3. Earth To Vesta 08:26 4. Love In A Dangerous Spacetime 07:55 5. A New Day In Space 05:56 6. Macrocosm Of The Ego 06:09 7. The World That Prevents Us 08:08 8. Laniakea 07:20 9. Gravity Shaped 07:02 10. Iron Rain 05:45 Credits: Arranged & Composed by Ioannis Konstantios & Vasilis Kesalidis Mixed by Vasilis Kesalidis Mastered by Don Tyler at IO Mastering www.synphaera.com/iomastering Graphic Art by Yorika Semertzis yorika.portfoliobox.net Release Date: August 20, 2020
  2. Greek producers Vasilis Kesalidis and Ioannis Konstantios started One Arc Degree with the intent to explore how music can trigger different emotional responses and memories, and then channel those evocations back into the music itself in a continuous cycle of discovery and renewal. With Cosmos in Flux, their Synphaera debut, One Arc Degree explores the mutable world of space-time on a micro-scale: “There is no reason that spacetime needs to be fundamentally smooth. We can imagine it consisting of many small, ever-changing, regions in which space and time are not definite, but fluctuate in a foam-like manner. As we probe at smaller scales, about ten times a billionth of the diameter of hydrogen's nucleus, spacetime foam reveals itself, an ocean of quantum bubbles through which light travels, cosmos in flux.” —One Arc Degree Releases May 16, 2017 https://synphaera.bandcamp.com/album/cosmos-in-flux
  3. So, there is a short story we 've written for this album, treating it as the soundtrack to an imaginary film. The story is this: The Ocean Palace is not a palace. It’s King is not a king. Royal blood does not run through his veins, nor he has a noble ancestry. Douglas Page found himself on the shores of Kraken Mare seven full years ago, just a short while before the start of summer. His mission was to examine & assess biological information on life sustainability and build the groundwork for the first extraterrestrial colony of the human race, here on hydrocarbon-rich Titan. That assessment ended six years ago. He was supposed to be joined by the first team of scientists and engineers just two years after his landing, in order to construct the primary colony base. They never came. They never would. That much was clear now. Earth had deserted him, in the ever-shifting dunes of Belet above which, in that hazy sky, Saturn and the Sun danced together perpetually. There would never be a colony. During his two year and four months trip to Titan, budget priorities shifted dramatically back on Earth. It simply didn’t make any sense to allocate the necessary funds for space colonization while an all-out nuclear war was taking place, on a global scale. Even if that colony was humanity’s slim chance of survival. But humanity was never really that far-sighted anyway. By the time Douglas had landed, the war was over, leaving the global economy as well as any technological infrastructure in shambles. Being the optimist that he was, Douglas had faith in the human race, he firmly believed that they would soon rebuild the modern civilization, that they would stick to the plan. At worst, he would have to endure the loneliness for a while longer. Nothing his training hadn’t prepared him for. His physical and mental abilities could last a lifetime of solitude, walking on Titan alone, living in the spacecraft alone. His sanity lasted for five years. The lonely King had watched Saturn rise a thousand times, casting his dim light over the metal plates of his Ocean Palace and he was destined to watch it many thousand times more, before he could remember who he once was…
  4. it's crap, don't buy it
  5. If anyone is interested in reviewing One Arc Degree's debut album, The Ocean Palace (chillout, downtempo, ambient), to be released on Blue Tunes Chillout late March, pm me please.
  6. After 5 creative years with many original tracks as well as remixes released, I am excited & proud to announce "The Ocean Palace", One Arc Degree's debut LP! Release date is set for the last day of March, on digital stores. Have a listen to the first teaser:
  7. Really good work on the cover! I love it
  8. Votes: 1: One Arc Degree - The Tree Maiden (feat. Georgia Irakli) 2: ShySun - Noir York 3: Cybernetika - Prismatic Reflection 4: Xenofish - Made Out Of Stars 5: THE MVLE - Numinous 6: Phillip Anossov - Conspiracy Theories 7: Phobium - Orbital Resonance 8: BlackStarrFinale - Siege Of Phobos 9: Colin OOOD & Goa Travellers - 100 Billion Neurons 10: Imba - Serbian 604 Revolution
  9. I still remember the voting days for the title of "Another Demention", so this contest brings back memories! Back then I was not into music production, but this new entry is the perfect opportunity to join in! Me and my partner (Ban jhankri in psynews) as One Arc Degree wrote a very calm and soothing piece of ambient featuring the mystical voice of Georgia Irakli. Track is called "The Tree Maiden" and I'm very happy we managed to meet the deadline! Good luck to all
  10. http://erot.bandcamp.com/album/erot-one-arc-degree-mani-of-despair-ep 01. Erot - Mani (One Arc Degree Remix) 06:09 02. One Arc Degree - For the Love of Despair (Erot Remix) 06:42 Mani of Despair EP was conceived as a prelude (actually a teaser) to Synergism EP, soon to be released on Iboga Records. Erot re-imagines the mournful & emotive "For The Love Of Despair" in his distinct style, originally released by One Arc Degree on Under A Trillion Suns [Microcosmos Records]. One Arc Degree return the favour and present their atmo dnb interpretation of the deep & relaxing "Mani", originally released by Erot in his debut, Mani EP, for Iboga Records.
  11. http://www.ektoplazm.com/free-music/one-arc-degree-cybernetika-nether-moon 01 - One Arc Degree & Cybernetika - Nether Moon (174 BPM) 02 - One Arc Degree - Ghost Comet (176 BPM) 03 - One Arc Degree - Ghost Comet (Cybernetika Remix) (176 BPM) 04 - Cybernetika - Stinger (One Arc Degree Remix) (87 BPM) The combined efforts of experienced Greek psybreaks and dub duo One Arc Degree and German psychedelic drum & bass pioneer Cybernetika take us on an emotive journey to the Nether Moon. Released by Ektoplazm, this cinematic quartet represents an ideal symbiosis between Cybernetikas dark future visions and One Arc Degrees deep and mystical explorations. Together these artists have composed a soundtrack for a mysterious place: Behind the illusion of a hostile and barren rock floating in space there is another world, bringing ancient memories and dreams to life. Track 2 written and produced by One Arc Degree (Vasilis Kesalidis & Ioannis Konstantios), based on samples from The Ghost Music by A-Duff; Tracks 1, 3 and 4 written and produced by One Arc Degree & Cybernetika (Lars Goossens). Mastered by Cybernetika with artwork by Christian Becker and design by Alexander Synaptic.
  12. Artist: Various Album: Organic Beats Vol. 3 Type: Compilation Style tags: Psydub, Psychill, Tribal Media type: WEB, CD-R Year: 2015 Label: Altar Records Length: 01:09:05 Official url: http://altar.bandcamp.com/album/organic-beats-vol-3-24bits Tracklist 01. One Arc Degree - Opuntias & Cactoids 02. Galaxy Drop - Micro Movement 03. Galaxy Drop - Transfer 04. Motion Drive - Dubalicious 05. Motion Drive - Deep Fried Dub 06. Keemiyo - Song for Can Cabestany 07. Reasonandu feat. Suduaya - Moon Cloud 08. Lynx - Tingling Roots Release info: The new "Organic Beats Vol.3" compilation features a generous serving of delicious treats for your ears made with lots of Love. This is a full course meal of nourishing audio dishes, infused with the heady aroma of psychedelic dub and spiced with tribal psychill. Baked to perfection and featuring the same amazing dance-floor vibe found in the two previous volumes, these beats are highly addictive and will have you coming back for more! A bit of background: the "Organic Beats" Series was created to fill in the gap between psychill and psydub music. The compilations feature the positive and energetic vibes originally found in Dub/Reggae styles of music, brought up to date for the psychedelic scene. The music is a blend of uplifting digital and analog ingredients crafted with top of line production values, and feels right at home on any dance-floor on a sunny afternoon. Canada’s known to have wide open spaces and loads of nature to enjoy...and we love sharing this feeling of freedom through our music. As such, this compilation is also a celebration of life, nature, humanity, good dancing and friends.
  13. Thanks Cybernetika! As I said, we are currently in the mixing stages of a Koan remix and we had a Juno Reactor remix as well, some months ago. Not strictly atmo d&b, but more inspired by ASC's Auxiliary label, half-time beats on 170BPM. Also, you can check this solo remix of mine, as Spinnet. This is typical atmo d&b through and through
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