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  1. I was kidding As long as you bring good sound out of it it's perfect. -> A good musician can make good music on a broken banjo
  2. Hey Pedro Ducry, Before making sounds together : I usually use MSN to talk to friends and it would be kewl to chat with people who make psy to exchange ideas etc... See you on MSN
  3. Aye, same here. I simply can't go for Mac ergonomy. To me it feels like I'm using a computer with my feets. Plus Mac upgrade value is crap compared to PC.
  4. Yeah it's perfectly normal that the wooden controller moves that hardly. BTW, you can set the amount of pitchbend in semitones. Just RTFM!
  5. lol Negrosex its about time for some new gear
  6. [Memoid’s Kickdrum Tutorial] http://www.energyuk.net/music/production_a...=2&criteria=%25 http://www.energyuk.net/music/production_a...=2&criteria=%25 [The same as above with better design ] http://trance.nu/v3/article_show.php?id=141 [isratrance] http://forum.isratrance.com/viewtopic.php/...orum/2/start/15 [This one shows different approaches in making your kick] http://www.postunder.com/files/minimag/sep04/kicks.html I also made a pdf version of the Mike's kickdrum tutorial from Isratrance (thanks to Mike!) Add me to your MSN I'll send you it. Laters... Regards -Carthago
  7. Some artists are well known to abuse of FX sample cds. What is your flavor? Do you favor knobbing your own sounds or do you heavily rely on sample cds? IMO I prefer building my own sounds on my Clavia Modular G2 even though it can be a long process until it spits out exactly what I have in mind. I don’t really see the point in buying expensive FX sample cds except for a few very particular sounds that you won’t be able to build on your own. Not to forget that buying an FX sample cd involves the risk of sounding like a zillion other artists who had exactly the same good idea as you It simply makes my ears boil when I listen to a nice tune and all of the sudden I hear something that has already been used by another artist. Another thing that comes to my mind, and it's rather off my own topic heh, is the abuse of the Delay Lama plugin. How much Delay Lama can our ears hear until they implode like a supernova? Whats your opinion? Regards -Carthago
  8. I have to add that I really don't understand why you would want to buy a Sound Blaster Audigy for audio production. You have to be f''''''ing joking! Soundblaster's ASIO drivers are worse than shit, not to speak about the latence times which exceed everything you would want in serious audio production. Beginners tend to forget that the most important device in a studio is the soundcard. Don't save money on the soundcard, it's the biggest mistake you can do. Again, the soundcard is the core element of your studio. I have both an Audigy 2 (for mp3 listening & games) and an RME soundcard (www.rme-audio.com) for music production. There's NO comparison between them when it comes to audio production. Regards -Carthago
  9. I can confirm that. VIA is bullshit. Don't buy VIA chipsets because you will get disappointed. I've thrown a brandnew mobo into the trashcan just because it pissed me off that much. VIA is not only worse in performance, they also have the bad habit to f$$$ their consumers by making them beta test chipsets which contain more bugs than the MIR spacestation's central computer. -Carthago
  10. I can. The K 240 DF Studiomonitors from AKG are excellent. The sound is awesome plus they cover your ears completely which means you won't get tired from wearing them even after hours of intensive listening. Regards -Carthago
  11. Hi Carnage, I have mastering stuff to share, if you're interested, add me to your MSN contact list. Regards -Carthago
  12. Now that's an awesome guitar! I hope it sounds as good as it looks! Regards -Carthago
  13. Check out this thread, there's more info about kicks than you need : http://forum.isratrance.com/viewtopic.php/...forum/2/start/0 Regards -Carthago
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