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  1. Sesto Sento is actualy VERY good... and has pretty wicked melodies too if you like it try to get some Gataka too (which is a side project by a member of the group) Hallucinogen is also VERY good Also if you like Infected mushroom old style... you might want to search for some Shiva Shidapu which is an old group Erez used to play in (very nice group) and you might also want to get some Delirious... try these and tell me what you think
  2. Cyber Cartel - Final Oblivion Huja Boy - Conquest Logic Bomb - neighbour of the beast Sirius Issness - Illegal activity Wicked!!!!
  3. wow nice set man! sounds wicked! i definatly sign you up for the psychedelic room BTW... i dont know if this could ever be possible.... but if we get enough DJs on the forum... we might eventualy try to sign up for a radio station heh.... a psynews radio station would rock! a bit like Digitally Imported ... we could have a forum section to comment on the live mix playing this way we d pretty much always know the DJ who s playing the set a bit like Digitally imported members are with Grandaddy DJ and Morlak Keep em coming guys!
  4. actualy no ... it s a very good idea... lets chose the room (in the list i previously made) and add tracks one by one i start Room #1 (psychedelic) song : Talameskimo - To Be Continued
  5. who knows how to start a party more than the legendary Beethoven what a party beast he was lets split the rooms guys... lets say this club has 4 distinct rooms needing DJs tell which room you wish playing in and what your set is room #1 - Psychedelic room room #2 - Ambiant room room #3 - Hip Hop ( had to make one ) room #4 - Cigar Lounge ( where classic music belongs... post your old song for the background music these gentlemen need while smoking those expensive imported cigars and drinking this thousand bux Porto bottle ) Here it is ... our own... online Club *keep em coming guys!!!*
  6. U ll prolly hear of few of these sets ... and many upcoming ones if u go to the meeting in spain next summer
  7. Here s another psy set... might have some more work to do on it.. but i think it sounds good so far Gataka - All about trust Sesto Sento - Dive to Drive Shiva shidapu - Equilibrium Green nuns of the revolution - Cor! Tegma - Modern Movement Gataka VS Liquid Head - Tribeadelic Tegma - Eternal Sleep Planet Ben - Dynamic Dizzy mind - Back up Green nuns of the revolution - Ring of fire Filteria - Domestic Modulator Altom - Serotonine Tegma - Spread out and skelter Altom - Vice Point Delirious - Beat Conductor Sirius Isness - Retro Life System Logic Bomb - Neighbour of the beast
  8. mine would prolly go something like Jay Z - Dirt off your shoulder Ciara - 1-2 step Kevin little - Turn me on Ice cube - You can do it Pink & Redman - Get the party started Ice Cube - We be clubbin Janet Jackson - All night Sean Paul - Like Glue Usher - Yeah Terror Squad - Lean Back Christina Milian - Dip it low R kelly - Fiesta Ginuwine - In those jeans Sean Paul - Faded Timbaland - Drop R Kelly - Hotel Nelly - Pimp Juice Xibit - Alcoholic but i dont like hip hop that much anymore hehe
  9. well... more Sub forums wouldn t be bad... personally... i d see these sub forums for the music making section -Tutorials -VSTs & sound effects -Feedback
  10. if u feel that party could be banged with some hip hop... go for it hehe eventho i think pretty much all Hip Hop sets are the same these days i dont really dislike hip hop... but it s always some very commercial stuff and we always hear the same stuff where ever we go i think...
  11. Delirious - Beat Conductor Sesto Sento - Dive To Drive X-Dream - Panic in paradise
  12. i m still in the batch of newcomers to psytrance... so i kinda always knew Duvdev as a singer (knew infected mushroom with Converting Vegetarians mostly)... i dont really hate that song like most ppl here do ... but it s still easy to hear the BIG difference from the previous albums and the new ones from infected mushroom (eventho i still prefer their old style) Cities of the future if a good FLOORKILLER i d say.... but i wouldn t listen to it all day long heh somehow... i dont really consider it psytrance... it s just like another category to me hehe
  13. Infected Mushroom - Bust a move Sesto Sento - Dive to drive Sesto Sento - Run on green Talameskimo - To Be Continued Hallucinogen - Snakey Shaker Delirious - Back 2 black Sesto Sento - Jingle Sparts Infected Mushroom - Elation Station Delirious - Beat Conductor Tegma - Clock Next Door Sirius Isness - The Psydream 1200 mics - High Paradise Filteria - Sky Input Both Infected mushroom Songs add a really nice effect i think as they have really musical parts with high peaks The Sesto Sento is the main key in this set i d say... as they give the drive i want at the specific times i want And the 1200 mics and Filteria give the type of peak i m looking for at the end to end in beauty what ya guys think?
  14. not bad... i like how u introduce the infected mushroom songs bombat adds a real nice something to the set.. gj
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