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  1. Indeed this is a gem... very introspective music. Would also insert as a 2005 top cd VA - Avalanche of Sound vol. 4 without a single doubt... oh, and Tribal Vision's Lime Light... and Martin H - Another Download... heuheueheue... really good stuff released this year...
  2. Daylight chill top 10 Oforia - Day Dream Tosca - Orozco (Dubphonic dub) Gaudi - And the earth said... oh my god Thievery Corporation - Shaolin Satellite Nada - Manakhana (Youth remix) Puff Dragon - Born 2b wild (Imploding belly dancer mix) Abacus - Return to Rama Kruder and Dorfmeister - High Noon Pierre Cloud - Almanac Abakus - That much closer to the sun Night chill top 10 The egg - lost at sea Gargoyles - Spacebaby Ott - Joyful Wonder Idan Richel Project - Tigset Ulrich Schnauss - Nothing happens in june Son Kite - Million Wishes Aztech - Manifesto Solar Quest - The bell of atlantis Son Kite - Let us be (Aztech rmx) Entheogenic - Walk on air Bonus tracks Metallica - Seek and Destroy (Skazi killar rmx) Infected Mushroom - I wish (Skazi brutal rmx) Dali - Colors (Michelle adamson playback rmx) 1200 Mics - Mescaline (Raja ram aerobic rmx) Eskimo - Party Pooper (Telephatic live rmx) baaaaaah... will try to sleep now, 6 am damn it... hope u liked all songs
  3. Dancing top 10 Absolut and Blade - Downward (Thomas Penton rmx) Coburn - We interrupt this program (Raul Rincon rmx) D-Nox and Beckers - You're a star (club mix) Steve angello and Sebastian ingrosso - Say yeah (extended mix) Air Bureau - We Shine (D-Nox And Beckers rmx) Charly Garcia - Asesiname (Can Costa rmx) Hardy Heller and Inkfish - Swallowed by the light (Absolut rmx) Guy gerber - Stoppage time (Max graham mix) Andre Absolut - Step Through D-Nox and Beckers - Jet Lag Slave Bonus tracks Tiga - You gonna want me (12 inch dance mix) Buy Now - For Sale The Egg - Walking Away (Tocadisco Remix) Gabriel & Dresden - Arcadia (Gabriel & Dresden Swing 2 Funk Mix)
  4. the name is not mentioned... it's Thomas Penton
  5. just another very good producer, and that's it... far from this overating
  6. I was reading every single post searching for the ones... no one like pink floyd, sorry.
  7. Future prophecy - sexoofon ? more proggy like... jazzy influences are pretty apreciated by bariz0n on us3 and j.viewz projects, but another time I'm running away from full on...
  8. reading this nickname I couldn't avoid listening to this pearl The Avalanches - Frontier Psychiatrist electronic productions can't get better than this perfect and original sample using combined with turntable master dexter...
  9. listen to wrecked machines, x-noize and some other good high bpm music... but be sure to find more quality music on 130bpm than on 140+... that boy needs therapy psychosomatic that boy needs therapy...
  10. Dancefloor master blasters? Wrecked Machines - Music in you Wrecked Machines - Check in Spiritual Enhancer - High emotions X-NoiZe - Rock it and the best track so far, and doubt much that I'll hear something better than this: Psysex - New Wave Hooker (domestic vs. pixel rmx) bonus tracks... not sure if they're necessarily 2005, but somehow fresh stuff... Oforia - Northern lights (gms rmx) Hujaboy - Defractal
  11. Man this is an interesting song indeed... raja always use brazilian elements on his songs, and this is a nice sample of the local carnival... not my kind of music, but somehow interesting... specially for those who get surprised with our carnival, I'm sick of it...
  12. Hey, I was on a gig yesterday then I heard that part of Kill Bill on a track, that one ya know, where Uma Thurman meets Hattori Hanzo for the first time, and he thinks she's an american that knows no japanese, and then he starts sayin "arigato" and she repeats it... not that I enjoyed the track so much, but thought that this sample was funny, at least for the first time I heard it... anybody knows it?
  13. Oforia - Northern Lights (GMS rmx) I'm not a huge fan of full on music, but this one my God... can't do nothin but imagine an entire dancefloor off their brains
  14. what about Infected Mushroom - I Wish (skazi rmx), that's the master cheese man...
  15. goddamnit you bastard... go make another one jealous please
  16. thanks for the support man, and about these narrow close mind bastards that say bad things about Juno, be sure I don't want to open their minds... what if a lot of shit comes out? You're not forced to like it, but yes you should respect who does.
  17. hey man if you want to I can go after this infos... they're here from Brazil and I know some of their friends... I love their Chemical hey boys rmx... killer
  18. man wtf... why does people always want to back-off from the mainstream and keep it underground? you love an artist but when he reaches sucess and climbs for the mainstream people start to throw rocks on him. why man? because he's having sucess and earning money? what do you want then, him to spend his whole life earning misery and loving his music? give a serious break for christ sake... so what if Juno's a big sucess, so what if their song is on Mortal Kombat crappy movie, and if one of the best animatrix chapters starts with a great song from the Bible of Dreams? they deserve it, their music is unique, fine productions, magical as above said... stop complaining and start respecting please... and about this cheesy stuff... damn it, if a melody, a sample attaches to your brain, sometimes is because the song is so good, the artist went deep into your feelings that you can't remove it from your brain easily as that, then you call it cheesy... oh fuck... unfortunatelly lots of crappy songs get attached to brain all time and then you keep remembering and want to hit your head on the wall to see if then it vanishes huahaua... will check your recommendations greg then I'll feedback... cheers, said more than enuff
  19. A vinyl presentation must be killer, only old stuff... already saw so many masterpieces in vinyl, I saw a 2 cases collection with man, hundreds of them, like manmademan, space tribe, s-range, wizzy noise, ticon, talamasca, cosmosis... yasser's father owns it, pure relics... even stuff like 1st 1200 mics there he had... killer! I don't know... my point of view, it's much better for the observer to watch vinyl mixings than cd... ownz a more profund essence I guess... and there are also scratches... long time no hear a scratch on the psy dancefloor unless it's part of the music cheers cheers said enough
  20. Juno is Juno God is God A faggot is a faggot btw man I don't think Juno cheesy as you do... know that we diverge and share concepts, but hey, if Juno's cheesy, what about Astrix feat. Michelle Adamson - Closer to Heaven that's a super cheesy level 10 for instance?
  21. Who used this sample first? Or was the use of the same sample just a coincidence? Talking about the sample used several times in Cyrus the Virus - Subliminal and on Shanti - Tingling Sensations I can remember a part, it's something like... "From the body... to the body" don't know exactly... I don't know... like to hear exclusive samples on tracks, but there are lots of repeated samples on different songs... it turns me off... Anyone know if an artist influenced another on this case? Or it was a coindicence?
  22. Ion - Everybody's on the floor killer tune! loved this sample
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