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  1. I don't have links because it is not so important to me that I'd save interview links on such but nearly all NHL players when asked have this preference list: 1. Stanley Cup win 2. World Cup win 3. Olympic games win It doesn't take away the thing that Olympics are a very valued tournament, it was not my point to underestimate its importance.
  2. If you ask the players they value this tournament more than Olympics. This is an invitation tournament arranged by NHL https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2016_World_Cup_of_Hockey
  3. Too bad you are selling. But I hope the sales go all right. Ppl: don't hesitate a second to buy from @Starkraver
  4. Hahhahhaaa, uuhhh..this is what I need, cheers, bro!
  5. @ Manuser: even a minute is long for a non-athlete. I admire you freaking over 3 mins!
  6. Are you watching? It is said to be even a more valuable tournament than the Olympic Games for ice hockey. So far team Europe has been the biggest surpriser; won both of the games and going forward. Russia lost to Sweden but the stars woke up last night and beat Young Stars (North American U 24) The Finnish team got slaughtered by North Americans and I am staying awake tonight as the Finns callenge the Swedes. My guess is that The Finns won't forward, unfortunately.
  7. A plank challenge. How many seconds do you last? I am bad: only 28 seconds but a heavenly feeling after
  8. That verifies from what I have heard of Toyotas Off the note. Sometimes my goa producer friends send me demos and want my opinion. I always tell them: don't listen to what I say unless it verifies what you have thought of yourself Look at this past beauty. Cabriolet Megane, 72 00 kilometers, driven only in summers, cheap: I could buy it with cash. Lovely colour. Is my female conceitedness taking over..haha, I want this cheap beauty against all the recommendations and brain
  9. One more question: do you ppl change the timing belt more often than recommenended in the car manual? I have heard some ppl change it even in 50 000 kilometers intervals (normally it is recommended to change bw 90 000-150 000 km I suppose)
  10. So Megane does not accelerate well enough in hectic city driving? I don't have it as hectic in my current city compared to Athens so I think I will test drive one Megane I found with 1,6 gas engine + a few Toyotas
  11. Awesome ppl. Thank you from the bottom of my heart <3. It is difficult to choose. Many good options out there. But as for what I know from the past and also this thread now I think I will go out for Toyota. I need a reliable car, that's the most important thing as long as I don't have a car mechanic living in my closet As for Volkswagens my dad has always had such, a new model every three years and I am familiar with it because I often borrow his VW. It is okay, but sometimes I find it clumsy: the manual gearstick especially: switching to gear 3 often goes to gear 5 for example. Also the blind spot is bad if a car is passing me; once I was so close to a crash. @ Trunksan: What's wrong with Megane? I have heard only good of Renault Megane except the electricity breaks.
  12. Yes, it is quite decent. For me what I expect from psy is good reverb and this certainly has it: sounds like it is played in an empty big building (bad description but hard to describe) True. Also Deimos is cool. I got this CD as a bundle purchase with Wanderers album and I love it.
  13. One cannot go wrong with Spirit Architect Saw their live gig recently, was awesome!
  14. This was impressing me http://www.ektoplazm.com/free-music/sionnach-digital-forest It has twilight/forest influences though. Well produced stuff, free download and the audience has liked (22 k downloads and over 95% rating)
  15. That's why I am asking here if any Toyota owners..
  16. Of course. But I mean Toyotas if maintained well last up to 400 000 kilometers was my point, so they say..
  17. Hahaha LOL! Thx for the advice. Kia is one of the brands I have been considering.
  18. I need to buy a car. Been a couple years without since me and my ex splitted and he took the car with. I know many guys are loyal to their car brand. So what's your brand and what's good/bad. I am especially interested in knowing if Toyotas are as durable as Toyota lovers say and if Renault has these electricity faults many say they have. Any good argumentations of any brand are appreciated
  19. Soccer is cool as a hobby. In Finland it is becoming increasingly popular among young women to play football just for fun I envy you. I wish I could, too because swimming is so great as causing no sports injuries. But I don't like cold, I don't like wet and above all I don't like our swimming halls because ppl nowadays cannot behave: they piss in the water and especially immigrants don't know how to obey sauna rules: they go to sauna with a swimming suit on and then don't wash themselves and that's how the pool water becomes dirty, haha. Would be interesting to know how many ppl here don't like dancing in psy/goa parties Yes, hi Abasio. I noticed you haven't been active lately. Welcome back
  20. Somewhat, yes. For a doctor the right approach certainly is through biology, not criminal law I didn't know you are a med student. That's cool to hear. I was also, 5/6 of the degree done until I quitted med school due to complicated post-war circumstances, something personal. I was attending hum aid work in ex-Yugoslavian splitting war. You have to understand: what I said about the Serbs in the another thread is something I've seen and been there. It was a rough generalisation, though. Kind of setting some more fire to that USA debate. For you all the best luck with your studies
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