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  1. I need to make a clarification to my prev comment. It tells more about my current state of mind that Artha's goodness or badness. Last year was virginial to me and since I am of the addictive type I need stronger and stronger stimulus and only UX has brought that to the table this year for me.
  2. Ofc, injecting the veins has nothing to do with drugs, prominent veins of a goodlooking guy is every nurse's dream to set an intravenous infusion. Yep, it is true and a common subject of talking in hospitals among nurses :-DD
  3. Ok..I have heard the samples..what's the fuss about? New Born (last release of Cronomi was more into my taste). This is very decent goa trance but I am disappointed because it makes no difference...this is actually boring, yes, boring. Pii..paa.hip.hip and pii..paaa.
  4. Insenj- Inject the vein Padmapani-Fiat Richpa-rich papa (become a pope, soon!) Starkraver-Runnig after stars never reaching Imba- Impbossible banging Trunksan-get drunk,son (if possible in the trunk of a car) Abasio- abuse as much you want-don't get caught Don't shoot me, haha Anu Katariina-Anubis
  5. Yep, the right position is extremely important. No I can't..28 seconds-32 seconds, depends, but yeah, I'll improve. What disturbes me is Swedish national anthem that plays in my head always when I plank. Too much World cup watching..
  6. I first read Fiat Padmapani Hahahaa..
  7. I consider a diet of more importance than any work-out. But for the question I say not so much: I do hilly walk 3 times a weeks, bicycling 30 mins x 3-4 times a week and planking every day trying to get a minute scored soon. Btw, look at my post number I am a female devil of the forum for some time until something else worth a comment is to post
  8. 5 mins ago. Mixed 200 grams of broccoli, 20 ml fish oil, 20 ml olive oil and 30 grams chlorella..and my body just couldn't take it..
  9. You look like 21. Are you that young?
  10. i agree, all respect to @Richpa but I found it strange to post a review with "me and me only" pass. Normally ppl should have an opportunity to have even a glimpse of what's going on.
  11. Starkraver..we have different tastes.. for psy I appreciate fast loud and real headbanging stuff.
  12. This topic was discussed last spring (the last post April 2016). I talked yesterday to my producer friend who has joined 2004 but ain't active any more (still has an account but not active). He was wondering "how have I lasted so long". Ok, I was to notice that first everyone were uber nice to me, after that there's been more challenge. Yet, or maybe because of the more challenge, loving this forum. So bad I need to close it down for a while starting next week because going to a private school that costs a hell and I need to abandon online excusable activities
  13. Solaris track has become a jewel for me: a keepsake. Loving it so much! Raises one from the death!
  14. Is hitech allowed in this thread? Good hitech is awesome. Neogoa Rec has one by JaraLuca: awesome Solaris that I listen when I have to straighten out
  15. The first is okay, not mindblowing. The second is way much more into my style of liking. Eerie and dark, trippy. Nervasystem is still left to check out. Thank you @Starkraver
  16. Ok, let's make this "technical" help corner. I have had a "new" used Pioneer CDJ-200 for a while now. What pisses me off is that it plays only one track at a time. One DJ told me to press "cue" to play the whole CD, but with cue pressed it still plays only one track
  17. Sorry. What I read online comes and goes, can't recall where I read it but I remember this because it was new to me and caught my attention (that they value WC so much...). I guess it has to do with the rink: NHL as well as WC are played in a narrow rink that e.g. many Canadians consider the one and only right rink (don't ask who..my insight of the rink thing has formed over 20+ years). As for Sweden: I think they have good chances to beat Canada in the anticipated finals with kung Henrik and världen's bästa Karlsson
  18. In my opinion a topic like this has a problem. The recommendations and opinions are so vast that one easily gets lost. Edit: But is is a good topic, though. I personally wish I just had the time to go through all the recommennded stuff
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