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  1. Wow awesome we are already getting dislikes in our songs! Awesome! People are so jealous and hating me Filipe because i'm back wih great music. Yes i know where all them haters are coming from. Typical and so obvious LOL! Anyways feel free to hate me and my record label . It's not going to stop me from making more great music. The sad part is the people that are involved in the goa scene nowadays and people keep following them blindly. Sure keep on supporting them I dont care either way LOL ! All jealous and that makes me and my label a threat to you all. Thank you for letting me know! You're awesome!
  2. Superb. MWNN - Teleport video with references to 2001 A Space Odyssey. Very good!
  3. lololol super classic Nhjo_hyennro style lolololol... the old school arcade wrestling with Machoman savage and Hulk Hogan lololol... funny as like. cheers!
  4. Ethnya - Monestary really light happy vibes on this one https://gooddancerecordings.bandcamp.com/track/monestary
  5. Hi everybody. We were made aware of a small error in Liquid Sunshine 4. The track Overflow by Liquid Jungle was cutting off abruptly. We weren't aware of this and we thank our fans for sending us an email . The corrected version is on it's way and if you bought this release you will probably be able to download it again from Bandcamp no problem. The song shown the total time but for some reason seems the original audio file probably became corrupted so Filipe re-rendered it and mastered it back again from FL 3 when it was originally produced. Thanks again and our apologies for the interruption.
  6. Filipe wants to say : If there's one thing i would put goa is in Wipeout. The game back in the days had and it still is brilliant music. If you're bored with it play the best goa songs you love the most and then you'll see. It's brilliant! It was that ,Screamer Rally and Formula Karts ! Great music and goa trance would totally goa with it ! Nowadays it's a shame Wipeout is not the same anymore , it's filled with commercial music ... Typical. Just listen to them acid tracks while racing ... awesome! You can even say some songs sound goa and maybe can be considered goa from Screamer Rally OST. Acid Trance!
  7. No you are right it does seem red to our eyes aswel. It could've been better in a clear case. That red hides the front cover quite a lot it's hard to see.
  8. Amakusa records stuff is really good That Moon Ritual is brilliant.
  9. Thanks Anu. It's pretty good . A lot of mad stuff and good melodies for sure! Some of it reminds us of Mystica the way he did the leads... in sequoia is closer to Mystica we think. and the sample is really nice : 'What about magic , can you still do magic?' Filipe did this for himself , it's like his own music is asking him if he can still make magic lol . We can't point any favorites in this compilation , we think it's all awesome! Athenaia's voice : 'Show them the way' is really nice Uncharted planet is brilliant. Ba'al very classic goa music. Then Gankyil , Shodo , Spiral Rotation , Wishing Machine being really playful all pretty good old school music ending with an downtempo song the sphere of cousciousness track. It's good. We're not going to score and vote our own releases people can vote whatever they might feel it doesn't mean much to us because we love the music no matter what the public might think lol . We can say here that to us is a fair 4 out of 5 like any other great albums . It's quality goa trance music and there's no doubt about it .
  10. Filipe remembers Cybernetika and you've been around since his time making music. He says he's very happy to see you here. Nice website! Very nice futuristic design! Keep it up and keep up the awesome work!
  11. Is it an ipod shuffle? Most people use their phones and Ipods or mp3 player usb pens We just had a listen to his Pandemonium! - K.O. track. It was pretty good. Huge sounds with twisted melodies and samples from south park and family guy. Pretty mad stuff. Somehow we seem to whistle to melodies from this project after we listened to them. It's that good lol . It's that pan pipe he plays and sometimes it's those high synth melodies lol. Catchy! https://gooddancerecordings.bandcamp.com/track/k-o
  12. Yeah... funny you say that . Stanley 'Psychasm' also said the same about his Mana Source music. Seems that his music can become very addictive in a good way.
  13. That was really early. He remembers he had used Reason 2.0 or something entirely for that track. He says that by the time there weren't many tb303 proper vsts so metamorphosis was basically reason with rebirth and his old work was mostly done with a muon tau 2 , pro52 or something ... the age of old plugins. He had a pentium 3 by the time 600 something mhz and that was after he did psyramid and mental maze were pulled off a 233mhz pentium 2. he says the 3XOSC from fruity loops 3-5max that all the machine could handle. And the smallest plugins nowadays would be a huge monster to such machines. Less is more to him anyways and he loves it. He prefers the old machines to the new ones. He thinks that being limited forces you to think more and be more creative with what you have. At least to him it did and it still does. New technology makes him lazy. It's so easy to him. He can pull a goa song with 26-27 patterns , the last one being the automation only in FL Studio. We seen it. Mana Source believe it or not. That was the challenge he put to himself and he did it LOL! To him it was like imagine you are stuck with an hardware sequencer that can only hold certain amount of memory? What are you going to do? So he kinda imagined that and emulated the whole thing lol and on top of that he pulls nearly entertaning non repetitive 8 minutes with few amount of patterns. He's good. He says : i'll give and put this challenge to all goa producers out there. try making and pulling a goa song with less than 30 patterns then you will see.
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