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  1. As far as I'm aware Marcello Bonifacii who is behind the Encens and Aeternum projects is British. No relation to Subcouds either. I didn't know one half of Subcouds went on to be part of Vibrasphere, though. The things you learn from Discogs.
  2. Every right implies a responsibility; Every opportunity, an obligation, Every possession, a duty.
  3. Many have made the mistake of saying "Life is x" There's a reason why Psychopod left that question open. Life is a balance of impulses. Too much competition is not the way. Neither is too much co-operation. Each being needs independence too. Life is about finding the perfect balance, the threshold!
  4. A fine member of this forum, manuser I believe, pointed me towards this guy. Normally I'm not the greatest fan of psytrance but this guy just gets it. Really, he does. Extraordinary sound design. Leaves you floating way out there. Psychotropical. Marvellous atmospheres. Now forgive me why I contemplate why he chose such a common name for this project.
  5. Don't forget Ganesh!
  6. I support the sentiment expressed upthread that Kapala is one of the best "new-school" goa tracks of all time. It's bouncy, cheeky, dynamic and psychedelic. Wonderful work.
  7. Jacob's Ladder Hellraiser: Hellbound Dark City Altered States Beyond the Black Rainbow Santa Sangre
  8. acid-brain

    Etnica - Plastic

    Back in February I still didn't appreciate this one as much as I should have done. A real psychotropic grower.
  9. "There is no god" is such an interesting sample to throw in at the psychedelic climax. It's an affirmation of NEGATION as opposed to the liberal sprinkling of various deities and mythological invocations and visuals that accompanies classic goa climaxes. Yet it's such an elated negation. It is saying, "who needs god to enjoy themselves?", as you climb that melodic staircase to neogoa psychedelic nirvana. PharaOm is without doubt one of the top artists releasing goa trance recently. This is a great release but Under The Sun Of Goa is even greater IMO!
  10. Damn, I knew I shouldn't have clicked on this topic...
  11. Taika-Kim, that's an excellent breakdown! It does indeed sound like you are describing Simon Posford's productions, particularly early Shpongle. Yet I would go further... The music goes so far beyond satisfying just that criteria, that it becomes amazingly FUN. It is a joyous journey that is PLAYING or TOYING with your subconscious. And Posford makes it seem so effortless. That's true talent.
  12. Wonderful, whereabouts in Belgium is this?
  13. Mahasamatman, you are in good hands. These people are psychedelic connoisseurs and I endorse each and every one of their recommendations.
  14. Psychopod / Koxbox, nobody beats the psychedelic sound design imo. After listening to Stop the Carnage one time I no longer had any doubts for the rest of my life
  15. I think that what you guys do is great, and I was considering donating, but after reading the budget plan, I'm not so sure. What hosting provider are you with? These prices look absolutely ridiculous to me.
  16. Extremely talented artist who doesn't get as much appreciation as he deserves I think because he occupies his own niche somewhere between psychill and psytrance. The sound arrangements are brilliant, however I can't be the only one who gets slightly tired of all the Terence McKenna samples.
  17. That's really weird man, just as I was entering this thread I was thinking it's got to be a Koxbox track, and Fuel On was actually one of the ones I had on my mind. So I'm gonna switch it up with some true freedom:
  18. Here's some of the best techno EPs from 2016. I'll restrict it to 3 but there's plenty more great stuff if you go exploring. Rrose // Orphx - Summer Solstice OAKE - Monad Luigi Tozzi - Quetzalcóatl
  19. Wicked compilation! Only just found out about it for the first time. Oforia's track is the standout but there are plenty of great ones here.
  20. I'm much to young to know how genres were perceived back then, all I know is, this release sounds unique and predated some of the more recent trends in the techno sound. Just listen to something like this, released within the last 2 years, it sounds almost like old-school Oforia gone into industrial techno:
  21. This is the album from the original goa era that aged the best, bar none. Magnificent production.
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