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  1. Yes, the Chicken... you are very observative but I found your rant non-sense and so weak joke-wise... but then again we can't all be perfect (or Seinfeld). Anyhow I am pleased to say the Killing system will profit me well. Hehehe.
  2. I would have it in my history, the peoples of the old emotions; the heat of the flesh.
  3. I mean how many times have someone told you you can't make your dreams into reality...
  4. I would use the alias THX Timekeeper or Strikeboy, in this realm.
  5. Is it possible to get into space and co-exist with the Universe in time? I would only agree with myself being fit for such a thing though.
  6. Ongoing ages of the ongoing type do not really occur. Then how can movies of the future exist... In my experience the survival of the movie medium hinges on one critical factor - determined enthusiasum. Do you know how much effort is put into the making of future movies by humans? Well, I wouldn't do it, which is perhaps why I have given up my moviemaking career idea. Now I have no job, oh I guess I might start a store in the future. For now I will enjoy my contemplative music listening. Am I going to be lost in oblivion, with no job? I don't think so, but lets not avoid the idea of social exi
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