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  1. Definitely one of the very best releases of last year, big props to this artist for not compromising his classic sound.
  2. Really interesting premise in this thread, and cool to see all those quotes gathered in one place which you do notice when you read old reviews from the early noughties. About oldschool goa aging like fine wine - from the perspective of more novice ears that only discovered goa around 2010, I often found those comments about certain albums sounding "dated" to be confusing. My perception of what sounds "dated" and not doesn't match up with reviewers back at the time. Juno Reactor, X-Dream, Astral Projection can have a sound which feels very dated to me (not necessarily in a bad way!). Other artists from the late 90s can still sound shockingly fresh: Koxbox, Sandman, Pigs in Space for example. I can't particularly highlight what features of the music create those effects though; just a function of the scenes and production you've been exposed to?
  3. Dzog Chen is an absolute masterpiece! You didn't miss anything on pages 2 and 3, it was just hilarious ridiculousness.
  4. Wow, it sounds like listening to a really great track underwater. Also, the label's response to pd_'s review of that album on Discogs is hilarious.
  5. This album is a real grower. My favourite is Spiral Dive.
  6. Or the sample in Simply Blue which is a police report about a drunken and disorderly neighbour!
  7. To be fair, I think that during every 1200 Mics track... I think that's the idea!
  8. Great recommendations judging from the ones that I've seen already. I'll definitely watch the whole set, apart from perhaps Begotten, which doesn't look like much fun. Based on your recommendation and that of a friend I saw Antibirth this week. It was great, just a shame that it had all the elements of becoming an AMAZING film but didn't quite hold together in the end. I mean, part of reason why I love this 'genre' is that the films don't necessarily hold together on a plot-level but manifest strong subconscious themes, however Antibirth also got tangled up in its subconscious symbolism, squandering the psychologically scarring power which its forebears (Rosemary's Baby and Jacob's Ladder) have. However I wouldn't be surprised if director Danny Perez comes up with a classic of the genre in 4-5 years time.
  9. I don't understand how the intention of the artist can define whether something is commercial or not. For a start, we can't fully know the intentions of the artist. Some become commercially successfully without meaning to. I think it's qualities of the music itself that define whether something is commercial: such things as unchallenging rhythms, cliched melodies, overproduction, etc.
  10. Some might find this too generic but I love the sound design from 3:30 onwards:
  11. Magic Frequencies is astonishingly good, swirling analogue melodic layers dancing and warping in and out of each other, neither predominantly light or dark; an abrupt and spine-tingling pitch-bending ending.
  12. Such gorgeous production on this one.
  13. Listening to this again the similarities with peak oldschool Etnica struck me, especially in the arrangements and peripheral sounds. Amazing goa album, one of the very best released in the last 10 years in my opinion. It's full of bouncy, funky energy, keeps catching you by surprise, and above all is a lot of fun to listen to.
  14. Too many to list, but Pigs in Space Visitors springs to mind
  15. I was wrong, Granada and Vorlan are also top-tier tracks! Orient Express is still king though
  16. No problem. It's sad what has happened to online forums. Five years ago, this lost tracks request would have been answered in hours...
  17. I haven't checked this album yet, but I'm interested to hear reviewers say the tracks are poorly organised and don't really progress satisfactorily. In my opinion, Psychowave tracks like Moon Bindi (one of the very best goa tracks from the last 5 years!) and Supernova have some of the most psychedelic progression and flow I've heard in goa. Reminiscent of Koxbox in how lots of different colourful ideas are woven tightly together without big buildups or repetition. I'll be listening to this album and report whether I share the consensus view here.
  18. Did I write that? DoktorG, are you me? I couldn't have put it better.
  19. I'd not listened to this album before, because so many people told me Goaway is by far the best Power Source track, and that most of this album is mediocre. And they're right, on the whole. Except for the track Orient Express. It is absolutely fantastic. A much darker vibe, great pacing, tense leads, and a killer melody. Why has this not track not been mentioned before or highlighted more in this thread?
  20. That's an interesting choice. For me that is a real footstomping and pounding psychedelic track (one of the best), but doesn't take me anywhere close to emotional territory. The ones that would take me there would be something like the well-known moment in Pleiadians Alcyone or the really nice melody in Ominus We Mean You No Harm.
  21. Well, there will be a hundred and eleven beginning with 666, but this is the first of the 666** pattern, which is quite an impressive coincidence I think. As for darkpsy, I'm really enjoying Xenomorph and the dark side of forest at the moment, but I can't really bear to listen to most darkpsy for more than a few minutes. I find it too aggressive and uncompromising, and ultimately bland. I'm always open to new recommendations though, and I did quite enjoy a couple of Kemic-Al songs.
  22. Holy shit! Did anyone else notice the topic id starts with 666?
  23. Battle of the Future Buddhas - Twin Sharkfins Koxbox - Dragon Tales Sandman - Witchcraft Pleiadians - IFO Hallucinogen - The Lone Deranger Should be enough to fend off boredom...
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