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  1. Probably not this: but it kind of matches "hie.. heh.. ha.. (a little pause)then HAAARGH"
  2. I'm bookmarking this stuff to come back to it at the right moment! Quality material
  3. acid-brain

    Etnica - Plastic

    It's taken me a long time to fully appreciate just what a masterpiece this is, oh my...
  4. Yeah man. Sad times. It's more tempting than ever to withdraw into my hedonistic goa bubble and carry on living like this isn't happening.
  5. Love it, thanks. I will definitely check out these bears.
  6. Wow, fantastic recommendations everyone! So far the absolute standout track for me is the Mark Day track, extraordinarily psychedelic.
  7. acid-brain


    Kitrinos, I agree with most of your post, and having spent time in China and studied the country's recent history, I was impressed with the many years of peace and the optimism with which most people view their government. However, I think that the horrendous human rights abuses need to be highlighted and criticised until they stop. Suppression and torture of followers of alternative religion and culture is wrong, full stop - everyone has a right to say that. That's not telling others how to run a country, it's basic human dignity.
  8. This is my favourite subgenre (non-goa) of psy, but I find it very hard to navigate. I also find it hard to listen to more than a few tracks in a row or an album, because they fry my brain very effectively. These two below are outstanding tracks that have really great development, tell a story with very nice sounds and never have a dull moment. I'm looking for more.
  9. My friend these Pleiadians have explored the outer reaches of dimensional hyperspace, we are merely catching up to them.
  10. Wonderful. Can't believe I haven't heard of this album before. Thanks.
  11. Manuser is a smart guy, he knows that nobody listens to the countless recommendations here, but he also knows that everybody wants to be the guy with last word on the mastering. Nice way to get us all to listen to a great track.
  12. Yeah, that's definitely the best psychedelic cover ever. A concept I'm sure many of us can relate to.
  13. Thanks manuser, that's a nice find. Appears to come from this rare Japanese compilation, along with a bunch of other tracks I didn't know existed: https://www.discogs.com/Various-Trance-Foundation/master/829390
  14. Black Mirror is an outstanding TV show. The third season was even better than the first. I definitely think that people interested in psytrance, particularly the darker side of it, would enjoy it.
  15. Never really paid this one much mind before, but I dug it out the other day, and had a blast with it. Perfect example of music that will take your body and soul to another dimension if you are in the right frame of mind, but is hard to understand otherwise. Brilliant blend of ripping acid, sci-fi atmospheres, Eastern spirituality, and judicious use of samples. Some moments remind me of 'tribal industrial', check out the track This Morn Omina - Taliesin after listening to Life Circles, for instance, they seem to be trying to achieve a similar effect.
  16. First one is slow motion Luke Skywalker tripping balls gonna blow up the death star! Can't distract me from my target as I slip slide through mercury digital fields thanks Anu these are awesome indeed
  17. Everyone mentions Vitan when NDMA comes up, but this other track is also a wonderful psychedelic builder:
  18. Lost Worlds is in my neogoa top 5 without a doubt.
  19. Without a doubt What Happened To Utopia? Especially if you can get hold of the two disc edition, the second disc is one of the best ambient works ever, extremely lush and hypnotic, just like Global Communication but EVEN BETTER. You heard it here first...
  20. Cheers all, these are exactly the kinds of tracks I'm looking for. Sounds nice but we're no longer in the days of the Nurse With Wound list. Even the weirdest stuff can be found in minutes these days, and because almost everything is on Youtube, most people won't bother to look any further. After all, there's a million and one other recommendations to check out...
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