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  1. Cheers all, these are exactly the kinds of tracks I'm looking for. Sounds nice but we're no longer in the days of the Nurse With Wound list. Even the weirdest stuff can be found in minutes these days, and because almost everything is on Youtube, most people won't bother to look any further. After all, there's a million and one other recommendations to check out...
  2. SE Asia? I live in London, if anyone else is around and half as passionate about oldschool goa as me then get in touch
  3. This thread is for sharing great oldschool psychedelic tracks that don't come up so often (as they aren't part of famous artist albums) and deserve sharing. A set of Israeli tracks to start off with:
  4. Thumbs up from me. Open mindedness towards everything, there is something to learn from every experience.
  5. 1) Important message. The takeaway: if information sources are personally attacking the people raising issues rather than their ideas, they are likely part of a disinformation campaign. I've seen it many times before. I would have liked to have seen more concrete examples regarding Wikipedia though, and a more positive message about it. 2) Ron Paul simply states what the rest of the world thinks about the USA. This is a better talk than 1) in a similar area imo:
  6. 320kbps mp3 is fine, even 256kbps is fine, listen to the double blind studies, not what people tell you.
  7. Weird, I was going to necromance this thread the other day too, and just to say how f***ing good the track in the OP is, and how it reminds me of Ministry, and it's basically industrial metal, so it's totally the wrong track to use talking about psytrance in politics. As for music in general, there is a place for politics in some genres, not in others. After all, that's what genres are, variety is the spice of life etc Can you elaborate? Psytrance is all about hedonism.
  8. Yeah, that's a really special track. Reminds me of NDMA because it's more than the sum of its parts, a real journey. Totally nails the mystical Eastern atmosphere. Thanks for clearing up the meaning of Rajasthani couple! Yes that's a great one! I think though out of the stuff he's released recently (and I've only properly listened to less than a third of it), Mana Source - Shinto is my favourite. You? EDIT: Scratch that, I just realised that Amithaba Buddha - Astralic Map on Liquid Sunshine 5 is a new track. That's the one I like the most.
  9. JESUS CHRIST I just checked his Bandcamp page. The label's only been around a few months and already has over 40 releases, including several more Chynacid EPs Starkraver, what's "2 little Rajasthani couple"?
  10. I'm obsessed with the Chinese goa sound and with that album Mr Santos doubled the amount of them in existence... https://www.psynews.org/forums/topic/71705-looking-for-chinese-influenced-goa/?hl=chinese The track 'Book of Changes' is much better than the one you posted imo.
  11. It's fine, there's loads of commercial music, loads of brilliant underground music too, enough to go around and more. After some years in the underground many artists feel they want to appeal to a wider crowd, that's their choice, and it happens within every subgenre. The underground always lives on.
  12. Music that gets me into a trance state. Everything else - energy, production quality, storytelling - is ancillary to that.
  13. Excluding releases like Transdimensional and Shakta - Retroscape, it's the following: Ra - 9th Afgin - Astral Experience (surprised not to see this mentioned more, I find it to be a very fun and psychedelic listen) Artifact303 - Back To Space Khetzal - Corolle VA - Twist Dreams (especially the Ra and Aerosis tracks) I feel like Daze Of Our Lives should be on here somewhere, it has many fantastic moments, but I really find it hard to listen to more than one Filteria track in a row, or even finish a single track for that matter...
  14. Fantastic release, thanks for getting it released, Draeke.
  15. Agree with every sentence. It's about the spatial, colour, and kinetic qualities of sounds coming alive, and transforming from sounds to shapes to living beings to Hindu deities back to sounds again in our mind's eyes.
  16. Nice, really trippy, sounds are very suggestive. Love the name too, Pharmarama brilliant hahahah. That sounds nice but I don't think it's true. There's a distinction between music that sounds good while tripping and music that sounds worse. And I imagine it's hard for an artist to get it absolutely right unless they've listened to and re-listened to their own altered sounds under the influence themselves. That's why you get people turning up to Discogs and saying they like Goa trance but never understood the hype about Hallucinogen, Pleiadians. It's because they haven't listened to Twisted under the right conditions, pure and simple. The oldschool artists were masters at finding the frequencies and timbres that sound suggestive and really mess with your head, like I mentioned about Colin OOOD's track above. I definitely think it's possible to train your mind to 'hear' in a more tripped out way over time or even to be slightly that way naturally, but it's still not the same as the real thing. MFG are the only exception I can call to mind of where the artists made ultimate next-level trippy music and still claimed to be off the drugs. That's why I made this thread. Although as XoArK pointed out, I may have misinterpreted the message. I thought it was in the booklet for The Message but I can't find it.
  17. How could you make this without drugs? RESPECT if you could!
  18. acid-brain


    Amen. Many countries have tried to bring in fairer, proportional electoral systems. But the concentrated interests of the major parties tend to fight them. Because the current system works so well for them, why would they want to change it?
  19. acid-brain


    A lot of people support the 3rd parties, but make a 'tactical' vote for a major candidate because they believe that voting for a third party is not as important as keeping the other major candidate out of office.
  20. Really interesting album, unfortunately spoiled by poor production. Really lacking in stereo effects and uses the same weak kick and cymbal throughout. A remaster would elevate this from 'good' towards 'great' territory in my opinion... tracks 1, 3 and 5 are mindbending... sadly it's unlikely a remaster will ever happen
  21. Me neither. I found Marcello Bonifacii on Soundcloud though: https://soundcloud.com/interplanetary_explorer
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