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  1. It has somehow evaded me for 5 years that AP have made music before they made goa. (Probably because I didn't listen much to frankfurt beat and other early techno until recently) It definitely is a very different kind of music than Dancing Galaxy et al., but no less good IMO. Absolutely love some of the tracks for that industrial, thick synthy vibe.
  2. I must say straight away that I agree with you guys on this compeletly. I also wrote up some of my thoughts on it, here they are: Even though it’s hard to put into words the pure divine power that this gem is, at least in any earthly language, I still feel obliged to give it a try. Before you ever get taste of the music the art already gives you this vibe of this dissonant world with brain-treees (-> Brainforests) and mirror-ladders warping the space to your perspective. I like it most of any Suntrip art I've seen in a while (Just as the music - not meant as a dis
  3. The wonderful Psara played a great set at ZNA, and in that set one track stood out, but I can't get the name https://m.mixcloud.com/Psara/psara-zna-2019-goa-guardians-live-audience-recording/?fbclid=IwAR3CHOW0Yz8lCksY8s4l0PCqCzIBQi-NqmF5_E2UE3uFgVA6LXKObvavODA The track starts at around 2:03:00 Any help greatly appreciated, thank you
  4. Well most like it ironically precisely because of how unapologetically dumb it is. Not that anyone genuinely thinks it's good music.
  5. Well I don't know, in Berlin we have two almost pure oldschool Parties a year, and while Yeah, the rest of the psytrance Scene Mainly sucks here, we have an awesome acidtechno scene. And one of the oldest technoparties being revived regularly.
  6. Maybe a bit late, but still my two cents on the album: "Are you prepared to surge to sunlight speed?" Analog Visions, here it is, the first offering this year ripped from the old DAT tapes of some devoted collectors, and what a sweet piece of 90's candy it is. I'll be reviewing the digital order, because it's the complete one, and I'm used to it more. The album starts off with a live mix of Demention, and while the original is not fresh enough in my mind to compare, I enjoyed this rendition a lot. I love the percussion, the little touches with the hihats and the subtly building mel
  7. Well I think there's quite a few who've at least heard the name Astral Projection, but barely anyone actually knows any oldschool tracks (except for maybe LSD) Aber ja wenn du dich nach dem alten sound sehnst, gibt's in Berlin in so ca. 3 wochen (am 12 April) die nächste return of the sun. Ist lokal und Klein aber echt schön.
  8. Ja dikka lass mal ne Goa gönnen - dann gehst du hin und es is ne scheiß proggyproll veranstaltung In Germany there's exactly 2 crews that play oldschool somewhat regularly (Return Of The Sun in Berlin and Kandizucker Kollektiv in Karlsruhe) Other than that oldschool parties are a rare beast, but sometimes crews that generally don't do oldschool make an exception for a retro party. Also this calling everything "Goa" is why I try to not say Goa anymore - because everyone instantly thinks proggy and most of the techno scene rightly despise it - while if I show them some oldschool they
  9. Thanks man, and yeah all his stuff is awesome IMO, the ones I like most change on a weekly basis - except for Catharsis, that track is exactly what its name tells you.
  10. 3 is just impossible... I'll give you 5 in no particular order (except Deviant Electronics, Mr.Walsh takes the cake for me) Deviant Electronics 1. Catharsis 2. Viral Spiral 3. Phenomenon Anon Marcello Bonifacii (so, Ominus/Encens/Aeternum) 1. Ensanity [Aeternum] 2. Spiritual Transgression [Encens] 3. Mindbender [Ominus] Green Nuns of the Revolution 1. Two Vindaloos & An Onion Bhagee (most insane climax ever) 2. Magellanic Cloud (just about as mad as Two Vindaloos) 3. Thunder Thighs/Fire (those two essentially tie
  11. I was not there unfortunately but I've heard a lot of good things ^^
  12. Hey kvd, I wanted to ask if there's gonna be a Lost in Summer Time in 2019?
  13. Title says it essentially. Acid-drenched would be the cherry on top bit mainly looking for breakbeats. I know the oldschool Boris Blenn stuff has some, and shakta also has some IIRC, bit are there some more unknown breakbeat-goa gems I'm missing out on? Thanks for your time and knowledge! ^^
  14. Yes Hedningarna is amazing Trä is probably my favorite folk album. Tina Vieri is just so beautiful and ominous.
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