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Found 16 results

  1. Artist: E-Mantra Title: Silence Label: Altar Records Date: June, 2012 1. Silence 2. Since You Were Gone (Feat. Athena Etana) 3. Ecouri 4. Departed 2012 5. Night Walker 6. Shadow Skies (feat. Reasonandu) 7. Prelude 8. Le Ciel Est Triste 9. Echoes Of An Empty Room (Hotep Remix) 10. Touching 11. Passing Through No review on arguably one of the greatest icons of our small corner of music? Well relax I got this. Your boy has done it again. Romanian sound shaman and mysterious Facebook presence Emmanuel Carpus further cements his legacy with his 2nd downtempo release on Altar Records. The melodies are smooth and heaven sent, arriving in his signature style. What sticks out to me is his use of percussion which is sharp as a tack. Varied and deliciously effective. This album is loaded with smooth grooves that will induce involuntary head bouncing. The sounds themselves are beautiful while the layers tumble in continuous waves. The bass also has a constant presence preserving that relaxing, dub feel. If the psytrance, goa, or downtempo community printed money this guy's face should be on it. Highly recommended and an absolute must for your collection. Altar Bandcamp Psyshop
  2. Artist: PharaOm Title: Tesseract Label: UAF Records Date: June, 2012 01 - Two Parallel Worlds (138 BPM) 02 - Psychic Vampires (with Baron Samdi) (138 BPM) 03 - Psychokinesis (138 BPM) 04 - Awakening Bodhisattva (Part 2) (138 BPM) 05 - Starseeds (138 BPM) 06 - Tesseract (138 BPM) 07 - Cellar Door (Nova Fractal Timeless Remix) (138 BPM) 08 - Clvmns (Genesis Addict Remix) (138 BPM) "Everything...emotion, feeling, fear has drained out. And now I'm a cold shell. I'm conscious of things around me now." Oswald pictured below He sure does love his weenie! is releasing his debut full length album on UAF for free. Should be no surprise this partnership continues as he released his first EP Awakening Boddis..Bhodist...Awakening on UAF along with his "alter ego" Baron Samdi EP as well. Now I didn't go to some fancy pants business school, but I do know that your profit margin has to be very low when you give your music away. Maybe the Euro is some magical currency that operates on principles I can't begin to understand. The more likely scenario is that most blue octopi I have cone into contact with don't give a sh*t. Especially the French ones. Not that I'm complaining. He is quite talented to be sure and most likely does this because he loves creating music. Which is how it should be (and unfortunately in this genre has to be). Great for us, but bad for rent. Two paralell worlds- "I remember reading it somewhere. Each of us has a twin in another world. An identical twin...maybe that woman I saw!" What an opener! Holy f*ck is it deep and groovy That bass and kick are thunderous! This track has a chip on its shoulder with exaggerated bounce and great sample placement. It undergoes welcome changes but never strays far from its shimmering style. While I wasn't crazy about the key change near the end, that is a minor quibble when the rest of it was so good. Psychic Vampires- "My teacher left me to my darkest lesson. That in the end we are alone. And there is nothing but the cold dark wasteland of eternity." See, that's the kind of sh*t you get at community college. This is a track with his Baron Samdi alter ego which is kinda silly cause it's the same guy. Sorry, but it is. He didn't collaborate with him, he is him. Now I didn't care for his Cursed Bloodline EP mainly due to the sound, but this tells a pretty good tale. It's symphonic in a 19th century London gothic horror way with piano riffs and choir pads. Very dark and eerie. Psychokinesis- This is a thumping good track characterized by a wobbly 303. Tasty! He gets all euphoric with an airy lead and re-introduces that 303 to make sure you didn't forget he makes goa. Damn fine goa. Awakening Bodhisattva (Part Two)- This is obviously part two of a track from his first EP. It's a fine track with nice melodies, but it didn't stick with me. There seemed to be a lack of depth that was evident in the previous tracks. Starseeds is light and airy, ideal for those afternoons in the sun. Not intense, just reflective. The sample is somewhat unnerving, but fits well with the track. Cellar Door (Nova Fractal Timeless Remix)- "Do you know anything about time travel?" Mother pus bucket this track seems to be everywhere. Call Me Maybe doesn't get these kind of spins. Ah, but there is a reason for that young Paduan. It thumps and at the same time wraps you in a satiny body harness. Unfolding before you with sonic booms and future possibilities. It then kicks into high gear with the shimmery lead treatment. A good tale that flies by. Tesseract- "There is no God!" Gonna have to call bullsh*t on that one, miss. The pace is picked up and the melodies are thrust forward. It rages after the sample above picking up some 303 sounds along the way. New leads come in and I'm fully on board. Hear that? That bass is astoundingly clear giving the track a nice bottom end. And I do love a good bottom. "You promise me you'll erase this, right Freddie?" Clvmns- With a mid tempo track to wrap up he hits me with a cheesy melody that I'm happy to skip. This one is not gonna find itself in the album closing hall of fame and it does cause me to roll my eyes a bit. I think a moody downtempo track would've been the cherry on a chocolate cake of an album. But he gave you his hard work for free so beggars can't be choosers. The sounds in this album are very crisp with the leads twinkling nicely above warm basses. Power was not sacrificed in any way so kudos to you Keamia for a fine mastering job. The cover art is beautiful in every aspect so congrats to Oswald and Ivan. What you get is another goa trance album that was very enjoyable to listen to. For free. While not being in the upper echelon of goa trance albums, my hat is off to you Oswald for making a pretty good one. Good stuff sir. Free at Ektoplazm Mdk
  3. Artist: Sync24 Title: Comfortable Void Label: Ultimae Records Date: June, 2012 1. Comfortable Void 2. Inadvertent 3. Dance of the Droids 4. 1N50MN14 5. Nanites 6. Sequor 7. Something Something 8. Oomph 9. Wake (Live Edit) 10. There is No Spoon "It's beautiful here." I love listening to downtempo music in the wee hours of the morning. It's ultra quiet with nary a distraction allowing the full power of the music to wash over you in palpable waves. This is Daniel Ringstrom with an absolute diamond from Ultimae Records. The CD is mixed so each track flows gently into the next like the slow rising of the sun on a winter's dawn. It floats, perpetually slowly with soft touches buffering the listener from all that is intrusive. Crawling with a sloth like measured calm the album is peaceful and relaxing moving across the chill landscape. Shifting from ambient to the delicate notes of trance sometimes within the same track this is a security blanket. Never in a hurry it unfolds precisely on time. Glacial pads form the backdrop as tones ring gently amidst real instruments. Yes it certainly is beautiful here. Can't find Cd, but you can get the digital album from Ultimae. Mdk
  4. Artist: Vertex Title: Earth Label: TesseracT Studio Date: June, 2012 1. Elements on earth - Vertex feat. Solar Kid 2. Surface 3. Avalanche - VERTEX FEAT. PION 4. Welcome to Serbia 5. Faith 6. Enlightenment 7. Out of orbit - VERTEX FEAT. VICE 8. Northern Lights - VERTEX FEAT. FLOAT 9. Joy of silence "What you're trying to do as an artist is to have an experience that is worth sharing and download it into another person's consciousness." Sunlight coming over the horizon. Warm glow of analog synths and comfortable kicks. This is the music that makes beer commercials seem true. In the company of good friends and busty models in bikinis that seem totally into you cause your on your fourth can of bud light. Beer gut and flatulence? Whatever, have another brewski. Now that's a real man. It's smooth like the hair of the girl who drew the last straw as she rubs your back telling you everything's gonna be all right as you deposit the twisted remains of your lunch and dinner into a dirty toilet. Groovy and light, it is full of toe tapping quality as effects ripple and leave a vibrant trail of multi-colored hues in their wake. The sounds are not overbearing and it's never aggressive. If you told me that a trumpet could be prominently featured in a track and still come off as cool I'd tell you not to piss on my leg and call it rainwater. But that's exactly what Welcome to Serbia does. Northern Lights slides a subtle 303 into the mix and seems to fit just right. The deep bass of the downtempo closer warms the soul as he weaves a melodic web in the sunshine. It's high time we recognize and welcome our Balkan overlords as the masters of progressive trance. I found this to be a worthy sequel to his debut album Ocean. His electronic touch is delicate and descriptive. This isn't about rocking a party, but about enjoying and reveling in what the creator has given us. Psyshop Beatspace Goastore Mdk
  5. Artist: Tickets Title: The Slayer of the Jabberwocky EP Label: Planet B.E.N. Records Date: June, 2012 1. Trial of Life 2. Smash 3. Tum Tum Tree 4. The Ingredient "I...am...the lord...of...darkness!" Remember when Timelapse came out back in 2006 and just blew the doors off of everything, firmly positioning South African psytrance at the top of the pyramid? Not like they needed any help, but man it just seemed like that corner of the world kept releasing smash after smash of dark melodies and thunderously pumping music. As you can tell from the above sample this is darker and I suppose more cinematic in scope. Evil terms in the title alone dictate that. You don't really want to know a slayer (I used to be a slayer of Twinkies) and the Jabberwocky in Alice in Wonderland was frightening. I cannot confirm this, but it seems as if there is a Principles of Flight influence on this EP. Symphonic strings, medieval vibes and somewhat of a story to be told mark this release. The harpsichord sound in Tum Tum Tree made me smile and harkened back to old Talpa machinations. It's different than his albums past, but his talent and acid is still evident. Whereas the older stuff was four on the floor get the f*ck outta the way, this is more detailed and subtle. What was once a brawler is now a surgeon in the ring. Oh he can still smash your face, but he likes to toy with you first. And isn't it the quiet ones you have to watch out for? Beatport JunoDownload AudioJelly Psyshop Mdk
  6. Artist: Phatmatix Title: Eternalis Label: Hiltop Records Date: June, 2012 1. Rebelion 2. Dies Irae 3. New world disorder 4. Existenz feat. Atyss 5. Love is tragedy 6. Destiny 7. Fahrenheit - Mindcore 8. A long time ago 9. Noise Control (Phatmatix rmx) - Atyss and Tim Schuldt "The first seven minutes of your day...control your destiny." I sincerely hope that is not the case because the first 7 minutes of my day are extremely unflattering. After you knock out a few knuckle children it's pretty much downhill from there. When you are a reviewer of my questionable talent it is important to be consistent and remain objective. What else have you got? I have my favorite artists just like you do, but when I plan to review their music I have to distance myself. "I love you too girl. No, no...think nothing of it. I don't take that restraining order personally. It just means I have to step up my game. You're worth it!" This is all done for free and on my own free time, but I must never forget that my first and most important objective is to entertain. Waaaay down the spectrum perhaps education happens, but it's iffy. I'm just a father of two in front of a computer that loves this music and offers his opinion. Could someone please help Stephane, clearly he has fallen down. Ok newsflash that's not Stephane. He might've eaten Stephane, but that's not him. So here we have Stephane Rault, who along with Absolum and Electric Universe (the older one, not whatever alien sh*tshow made Higher Modes) are among my favorite twilight artists. Sorcery in 2006 and The Divine Comedy in 2008 are albums soaked in acid rich mayhem that I never get tired of. This is his 3rd effort and I suppose with the success of his work he has earned some...shall we say artistic license. Cue it up on the computer, get in my comfy chair while the kids are (supposedly) taking a nap and hit play. What the f*ck is this? I'm pretty sure I chose the right thing, but this is 180 degrees from his last two albums. Where his older stuff was balls to the wall hundred miles an hour acid monkey poo fling-fests this is very stop and starty, overly sample heavy, and commercial sounding. Is he appealing to the masses (otherwise known as the lowest common denominator) or just flexing creative muscles? On top of that, he "adapts" music from classical greats which, and I don't care who you are, sounds uber cheesy in the electronic genre. Insanely theatrical and operatic like Principles of Flight on some bad acid. Astonishingly bad is the Noise Control remix that has all the stops and stutters that I've come to despise. Throw in the terrible guitar and well... But he let's you know that he still has the ability with his Mindcore project as Fahrenheit is a sweet twilight track bursting with atmospheric effects and cool samples. And that's the thing...on the whole I didn't like it, but some of it was refreshing and different so I was torn. If I can take away one positive it's the fact that he is still an amazing producer. Sure I didn't like it, but I can tell he oozes with musical ability. It's not like this wasn't produced well because it was. His varied beats and effects are still ever present. There were parts of each track that I liked in a guily pleasure type of way, when I need a break from the usual. It sounds great to the ears and is very professional, but for me I prefer you to get back to your acid flailing ways and leave the classical music to the long dead masters. Get back to your Yabai ways and fling more monkey poo! Psyshop Beatspace Saikosounds Goa Store Mdk
  7. Artist: Human Element Title: Subsequent Connection EP Label: Plusquam Records Date: June, 2012 1. Subsequent Connection 2. Subsequent Connection (Atmos Remix) This is Martin Knecht (half of Earsugar) with a short 2 track EP. Actually it's one track and then the same track remixed by the Sultan of Sweden, The Prince of Progressive, the...it, it's Atmos. Awww Yeah! That soft pillowy kick is so f*cking inviting as incidentals bounce around the tympanic membrane. Smooth, gliding action and subtle chopped synths bathe the listener in the warm glow of a party getting started. Did a bunch a drag queens escape from prison? So then the Atmos remix comes and hey I got nothing against his music, but the purpose of a remix is to make the track sound...I dunno, different? I liked the track, but I just f*cking heard it! It's like Groundhog Day and I just wanted to punch your software. So it doesn't matter which track you choose to download, but if you choose both, then you must have some extra green lying around. Can you get me a happy meal? Beatport Mdk
  8. Artist: Various Title: Pranava Mantra Label: Fractal Records Date: June, 2012 1. Speeding Bullet - Orca 2. Unhuman - Poizon Vs. A-Mush 3. Demon - Braindriver 4. Everything Moves - Resonanz3 5. Higher Dimension - Hyperactive I realize that I haven't been churning out the reviews recently like I used to. Life has gotten in the way. Take one kid to school, spend some quality daddy daughter time with my little girl, clean the house (losing this battle) prepare all meals, do the laundry including folding and putting it away (taking it on the chin here as well), mow the lawn, do the shopping...you get the idea. Oh yeah, also have to maintain this hunk of man meat so my wife will still give me the goods. How do I look? Needs more bronzer! So when I look in this forum I see it's deader than Mitt Romney's chances of being President. What the f*ck people? I'm not asking for a thesis, but how about some thoughts on how a particular release made you feel or whether it sucked or not? It's tough carrying this load and the forum would be a much more attractive place if you would stop lurking and start contributing. *Gets of soapbox. Frowns at it. Kicks it. Kicks it again. Jumps on it repeatedly and pisses on it. Takes out matches and sets it on fire. Watches it burn. Looks askew at chick observing in horror. Slaps chick. "What the f*ck are you looking at?" Chases chick. Forgot pants. Still chases her. Grabs heart. Slows down. Breathe. Breathe* See, look what you almost made me do. Fractal Records has always had a good track record with me. They've been responsible for some real quality twilight psytrance in the past so this struck me and I picked it up. It was worth it, but I'll show you how I got there. Speeding Bullet- Do you like subway? I do on occasion. Quizno's is way better, but Subway will do in a pinch. Orca's album Fist of Fury from way back in 2008 was impressive so I was looking forward to his hard edged style. It's comprised of 3 parts not unlike a Subway sandwich. The beginning and the end are the bread and what we have here is some Italian herbs and cheese nicely toasted. But the middle is the meat and let's face it, that's what makes a good sandwich. Imagine a recently fired sandwich artist wanted to get back at his boss. Just before he cleans out his locker he decides that your Philly Steak and cheese needs more defecation. The middle of this track was so f*cking bad it made me pine for a sh*t sandwich. I hate it when psy artists try to remake classical or video game music and in this case a movie theme. The outcome is never good and it always sounds embarrassingly bad. No exceptions. None. So why on God's green Earth did he decide to remake the Superman Theme? Christopher Reeve? Richard Pryor? Yeah that one. I've had a kidney stone and as excruciatingly painful as that was it paled in comparison to what I just heard. Did you even listen to this Fractal Records? You just threw your money away on a sh*t sandwich. Eat Fresh! Unhuman- See this one is just the opposite. The beginning is unimpressive, but they manage to cobble together some momentum in the middle. You've got some acid and power, but there are so many stops and starts it's like playing Red Light Green Light. Not. Going. To Stick. With Me. Not like Orca's track. But have you ever stepped in a pile of sh*t? Hard as f*ck to get that sh*t off. Demon- Not a minute in and already with the buildup? You just started, what exactly has been building? To his credit it picks up steam and gets very powerful. Easily the best so far, but look what you were up against. Everything Moves- Maximum points for using the Clerks sample. And for being a thick and chunky track. This is the quiet guy that waits for you to say something stupid before he hauls off and whacks you in the mouth. Oh yeah he's f*cking everything that moves as the acid flies. Hey! Hey Braindriver! You have officially been knocked off the pedestal. Higher Dimension- "The highest dimension is 11. You can not go higher than 11." "It's what I been trying to tell you for mor'n a decade adn't I?" Talk about ending on a high note. The power explodes from the get go along with a slick groove and massive acid splatter. Somebody needs to clean that sh*t up. But it ain't gonna be me. This one kept getting better and better as it went along. We have a new champion! So that's how I came to think this was worth it. Since it's digital, buy the last three tracks and you should be golden. Beatport Mdk
  9. Artist: D-Echo Project Title: The Flavour of Fusion EP Label: Cyan Music Date: June, 2012 1 - Inadequacy (79 BPM) 2 - Funky Smooth Biz (79 BPM) 3 - Wind Trails (100 BPM) 4 - Chilling Drop (79 BPM) "No man can tell what tomorrow will bring." Well I hope it brings me more of this! Now this is what I'm talkin' about. Smooth beats and melodies ideal for sipping a cold one on the beach with friends. Don't know these guys from Portugal? It's cool, the music will unite. The promo says they create easy listening music, but this ain't your Mom's Air Supply. Nope, this is Louis Armstrong and Barry White cool going over to James Brown's house to jam. Oh, there will be no money exchanged...only warm vibes. It is repetitive also so why aren't I ripping it like I have some others? One, the tracks are not 8 or 9 (or God forbid 11!) minutes long of the same sh*t. Maybe if you add all of them together. These guys understand how long they can get away with this style and create the track accordingly. Another plus? You can actually hear the instrument sounds. Not just obscure noises. This actually sounds like musicians played the notes in the studio. Cool downtempo goodness and groove that like the sample says will make you have a smile on your face. Yeah, it's not beer, but that will also work. Get your relax on! Mdk
  10. Artist: Suria Title: Frequalized Universe EP Label: Digillize Records Date: June, 2012 1. Soul Harvest 2. Frequalized Universe 3. Rox Box 4. Pure Holy sh*t this was boring. If someone goes to take a crap and leaves the sequencer running, does anyone hear it? Is this the same guy? How do you go from acid laden twilight stompers to comatose minimal? And when it wasn't totally boring it was just generic full-on. A time machine is the only answer, but you went too far sir. Too far and set up shop in snoozeville. When Logical Evolution came out waaaay back in 2004 it was fresh and powerful and just what the doctor ordered. But this...this must be how dogs feel when they arrive at the vet to get neutered. Powerless. Lots of crying. Just a sad day for everyone. Don't worry dude...we'll find you. Even if I have to do nothing to do it. Beatport Mdk
  11. Artist: Timeless Title: Night Drive EP Label: Iono Music Date: June, 2012 1. Night Drive 2. Traffic the Light feat. Upsoull If you've read any of my reviews (you can't escape me) regarding Iono Music and their artists you'll know that my admiration approaches cult status. This is due to their consistent track record when it comes to releasing descriptive and atmospheric progressive trance. I can count on one hand the number of releases that didn't thrill me and that's pretty good for a label that has had over 80 releases. That said, a reviewer has to be able to take the fan helmet off and rely on his objectivity if his opinion is to be taken seriously. Which is why I'm about to respectfully sh*t all over this EP. Yep John, I'm afraid there is nothing here that would make me recommend it to you as it is a departure from all that you have come to expect from this label. I know I couldn't believe it either. Excessively boring and repetitive it fits into the niche of background noise, a perfect soundtrack for folding laundry. The bass sounds were almost if not identical and when you only have two tracks it's really easy to see. Where are the grand soundscapes and the effects coming from all sides? An argument could be made that this is good for a night time vibe like a predator lurking in the dark. For me however is comes off as been there done that, unimaginative and too many periods of just a bass line and a kick. *Yawn* Night Drive? Maybe. If your intent was to hit every animal trying to cross the road culminating in a broken telephone pole and a totalled vehicle. Sorry Iono, this was weak. Beatport Mdk
  12. Artist: Apatheya Title: At Full Goa Force - Chapter One EP Label: ACP Records Date: June, 2012 1. Getafish 2. The Toppest Another EP release from Filipe's digital label has found it's way into my hard drive and I shall make no apologies for it. This was mixed and produced by Simon Palmieri who is no doubt suckling at the teat of this goa master. I'm sure everyone will be pleased with that image. Too late, can't unthink it. So having listened to these two tracks 10 times in a row I come to the conclusion that they are beholden to the old school sound. As usual they sound great with racing melodies with which you will find yourself entangled. You're not overloaded with sounds, but the ones that are there feel nice and warm. My favorite is The Toppest which sounds just like MFG would with layers and spiraling melodies that have no expiration date. Can't ever have too much goa so great job Simon and Filipe. Highly recommended. ACP Records Mdk
  13. Artist: Vox Title: Alien Humanity EP Label: SpaceDock Records Date: June, 2012 1. Alien Humanity 2. Desired Piece 3. Inner Polarity (Year of Prophecy Mix) *Picks up phone and punches numbers* "Hey Tawana, how are ya? Kids doing ok? Glad to hear it. Mind patching me through to the big guy? Yeah, no problem I'll hold." *Bad boys, bad boys, whatcha gonna do? Whatcha gonna do when they come for you?* "Mike is that you?" "JC!!! Whassup brother?" "Oh, it's been stressful. What are they thinking taking my rules for humanity out of public schools?" "I was gonna ask you about that." "Do they need more proof I exist, what do I gotta do? Did they think Katrina just happened? They're like children...give them an inch....Sounds like they need a refresher. What city don't you like?" "Whoa man, appreciate the offer, but I don't need that kind of pressure." "And the whole men lying down with men thing? How much clearer do I have to be? "What passage was that?" "Ah, man I don't remember. Somewhere in the back I think. That book is like two thousand pages and you know what it's like when you contract out. Never know what you're gonna get. Take Moses...I know he wasn't my first choice, but 40 f*cking years? Dumb ass kept making left turns. Let you in on a little secret. That was my inspiration for Nascar." "No sh*t? Yeah it's hard to find good help. Remember that time you said you were gonna make a new creature to scare people and make them realize that there were consequences for their actions? Whatever happened to that?" "Oh yeah the Snooki project. Those a-holes at Comedy Central leaked my plan and put it on TV. That They ended up giving her a TV show. Your race is so screwed." "Sounds like you need to relax." "That's another thing. Why did you people make pot illegal? I put it there for a reason. You didn't see the hobbits making a law against it." "I don't have an answer for you. How are your investments?" "Church on every corner brother, I'm making bank." "Well look I just called to say thank you for that Vox EP. It's gotta be some of the most slamming goa I've heard in a while. Dark and atmospheric with brain melting melodies. Absolutely hypnotic. I knew you had to have a hand in this. Love the cover how each letter has upper and lower case." "Cool right? Yeah, I had a moment." "So when are you coming back?" "I dunno, I got some stuff I gotta take care of up here. Tawana's asking for a raise, telling me her kid needs braces...I gotta ticket the other day...the AC went out...." "Keep your head up man and we'll try to keep it together down here." "All right sounds good....oh and Mike? Lay off the porn." "Yeesh...you saw that?" Psyshop Juno Download Mdk
  14. Artist: sHiFt Title: O.M.G. EP Label: Nexus Media Date: June, 2012 1. 4th Dimension - sHiFt & Deliriant 2. Consequences 3. OMG 4. Can 'O Worms "Sounds like it's having a hallucinogenic effect." Was totally going on my first hike this year. 14.4 mile (wait, you might not know what a mile is...I think that's like 69 kilometers or something) loop through forests, up mountains, and along rivers. Peace and quiet and a chance to get away from the kids. Yep, today was gonna be awesome. Notice I said was. Unfortunately for me today was also the day that my wife's car decided to need a new starter. She's gotta get to work and that leaves my vehicle. Wait, maybe there's another way... Damnit, my kidnap rope is in the garage. So I watched her pull away in my jeep on her way to work, taking my fun day with her. Alas all is not lost. Sure I can't be outside, but I can enjoy the latest from Mr. Chris Hoy. This is a 4 track EP released by the outstandingly consistent Nexus Media. I haven't heard from him since his last album, but I remember reading something non-porn related where he said the fans don't like it when he strays from his style of dark, pumping, eerie dance mayhem. If that's you (it's me) then you will not be disappointed with this. He brings Mjolnir heavy beats with his signature minor key style. Plenty of lasers and acid blasts punctuated with cool samples. The first track is a collaboration with another South African psytrance destroyer Deliriant and it's like he never left. But for those who want something new injected into his music, well he even manages to throw in some dubstep on a couple of tracks that sound really good. Let's face it, this music is supposed to make you want to dance and he succeeds easily. But as per usual, he doesn't just craft mindless 4 on the floor aural beatdowns as his melodies and atmosphere make these tracks a powerful force to be reckoned with. I thought he was f*cking with me with the piano arpeggio on the last track, but he even made that work. Chris you've still got it. Hey look, I can see the mountains from my window. Beatport Mdk
  15. Artist: Deliriant Title: Paranoia EP Label: Kaos Krew Date: June, 2012 1. Radioactive 2. From The Void - Deliriant Vs. Mad Piper 3. Chronic V2.0 "I'll tell you what I do like though...a killer." Because I can't get enough of the South African sound, I decided to review this after the quality sHiFt EP O.M.G....not to be confused with the wailing of a near 40 year old named Usher. Shane Renew is no stranger to stomping twilight tracks. His first album Chemistry 2009 is one of the best I've heard to this day and his most recent Miracle Cure while not as great still brought the heat. This is a 3 track EP that includes a remix of Chronic from his album last year. Guy is also a sound engineer so obviously he knows what he's doing. Comparing him to other artists in this part of the genre is hard not to do as the same tricks are employed. Acid, big beats and rampaging bass lines. The power could use a little boost on the first track, but that is a minor quibble. From the Void sees him join forces with Mad Piper (whoever that is) and it works brilliantly. This was the one where it was all put together in a volley of acidic flash grenades. The last track was grea to begin with so unless there is a banjo solo with a member of Infected Mushroom singing it would be really hard to f*ck that up. But when you hear a sHiFt track you know it, and it's devastating. While all of them are pretty good, he has some short buildups that make me wince just a little bit. Still, if you're looking for some rocking twilight action you can't go wrong here. Juno Download Mdk
  16. Artist: Damage Title: God of Terror EP Label: Terror Lab Industries Date: June, 2012 1. God if Terror 2. Electrify 3. Cuttin Wax 4. Fight The Aliens. I know better. I do. Back in 2005 I picked up his debut God Help Us because I was kinda new to psytrance and was sold on the cool cover. Yeah that wasn't my cup of tea and I soon gained the knowledge on how to navigate this large field of music. Bad Creationz? That was worse. Way worse. I didn't even know he had an album in 2008, but if I did, I'm sure I would've reacted as if someone just sh*t in my cereal. So here we are in 2012 and he's still going. Nothing has changed. There are plenty of samples and guitar like sounds If you are a fan of stops and starts with buildups and headache inducing ravey leads then I'm sorry I must defriend you on facebook. This just isn't working out. Aw, I can't do that.... I don't have any friends. I must be honest, there was one bright spot on this EP and it was the last track. Loved the racing bassline, loved it. An acidic deluge melts the synapses and it is this high intensity twilight style that I appreciate. Balls to the wall. Of course they still manage to f*ck things up with the buildups and house like utterances and abrasive leads, but it's nice to know they have the ability to keep it twilight. *Names and link held to protect the guilty.* Mdk
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