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  1. Great ethical framework. Hannibal Lecter would be proud.
  2. That's purely anecdotal; the lowest quality on the hierarchy of evidence.
  3. When you're done poisoning the well, you can actually give me an argument.
  4. "A lot of effort involved in making vegan diet work." It seems more difficult than it actually is to be honest. Eat a balanced, whole food diet, take your B12 vitamin, make sure you meet your daily caloric requirements and you're good to go. "Eating vegan doesn't automatically imply eating healthy." The same can be said of an omnivorous diet. "I struggle a lot with finding mostly animal product specifics (if not specific to, then very scarce among vegan-friendly products) most notably cobalamin and taurine to name some." Technically speaking, cobalamin (B12) comes from bacteria,
  5. "Not giving arguments in favor of being vegan, but giving arguments against animal abuse." It's entailed. Veganism, at its core, is an ethical principal against needless exploitation, suffering and harm inflicted on non-human animals. "I think we all agree with so and so" That's rhetorical yes - that doesn't invalidate his arguments in and of themselves. "I also think we all are against animal abuse." Of course we're not, don't be silly. Each day, we pay for animals to but stabbed in the throat for palate pleasure. The notion that "cruelty" is a factory farm exclusive is just naive
  6. Great speech from Alex O'Connor @ CosmicSkeptic
  7. New Pleiadians album?? Why virtually no one's talking it?
  8. I thought that UX was guaranteed AOTY. Well I'm not so sure anymore...
  9. Not sure I would categorize euphoria as an altered state of consciousness though. Funny story nonetheless.
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