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  1. Void Mantra

    Psynews "Best of 2017" Results

    Yep, amazing label.
  2. Void Mantra

    No love for the new Entheogenic?

    No love because I didn't see any thread about it yet, despite the fact that it's a pretty big name in the downtempo scene.
  3. https://entheogenic-usr.bandcamp.com/album/kykeon Thoughts?
  4. Void Mantra

    Psynews "Best of 2017" Results

    Thank you Blubber, you're the best!
  5. Void Mantra

    Psynews "Best of 2017". LET'S DO THIS!

    Thanks Blubber for compiling this stuff out. My lazy ass should have done it and I apologize for that.
  6. Void Mantra

    Am i being too critic?

    Quoted for truth.
  7. Void Mantra

    Veasna - Spectral Flux (Neogoa Records)

    Digital preordered as well. Did I say the cover art is fantastic? The cover art is fantastic! On a side note, 7 euros for digital is, in my opinion, a nice sweet spot when it comes to pricing! Thank you Neogoa!
  8. Void Mantra

    Merrow - Hybridization

    Regardless of the music, which I haven't listened yet, the cover art is a real turn off as far as I'm concerned.
  9. Void Mantra

    What happened to Cronomi? Also Cybernetika?

    Cybernetika, if you read this...CONTACT NEOGOA RIGHT NOW! Please?
  10. Void Mantra

    Morphic Resonance - Perplexity [Suntrip Records]

    Masterpiece, of course.