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  1. Nearest train station: Mariembourg. From there go north and , cross n5 over the bridge follow signs to zoning (industrial area) go right and enter chemin de la brouffe. This name has changed and google maps is not up to date. Google knows it as hamaux de géronsard... You have to follow our directions. You pass gite la brouffe and then a farm and then a little bridge. After this bridge you go left, into the field. You drive until you find the camping. If there is rain (not predicted) we have some tractors to pull you out Till next weekend
  2. Here is the flyer. Please make your reservation to get the location. This is a private party. Or buy cheaper presale tickets and sure because limited space... More info: ask via the mail on the flyer. See you soon
  3. Lost in Time & ShiShu are joining forces to bring you to the... Asylum for the Musically Insane! A psychedelic 24+h oldschool goatrance & dance gathering between Chimay and Couvin (Wallonië, Belgium) with: -Live acts (each 3h - 1h DJ, 2h live)- Lunar Asylum - UK https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=F7IvTHwsf2U Mindfield (Phantasm Records) - UK https://youtu.be/01OXr7G-3dw -DJ's (each 2h)- MummRa (ShiShu) ElfRa aka Quendi'Ra (Independent) Lugus (Lost in Time) Sjama'dan (Amanita Muscaria) PsyMush (ShiShu) ExoGen (Dance For Life) Psytek (Cromoni Records) Chakras (Dimensional Records) Mr. Crash (Independent) Moya (Independent) Sebidelica (BMSS Records) A total of 28h of Exquisite Music! sound is on from sat 16h till sun 20h Sound brought by ShiShu SoundWorks Deco installed by Mystical Forest Shop: T'winkeltje with Croques - Hippie alternatieve 2handskleren - Salie - Zeep & Badbruisballen - Oorbellen.. With Camping area and parking on the festival site! Camping Opens Saturday 12h Closes Monday 12h Please leave no garbage. Animals don't digest garbage. -please remember > NO sound systems allowed on camping or parking area- we will be very very strict on this. one warning, after out Tickets >> Early bird: 10€*: to late... thanks for the early birds who bought already. Presale: 15€ *: approx 300 tickets in May At the door: 20€ if tickets are left. *excl service and bank fees (+/- 1€) We only have place for 400 people. sold out is sold out location will be announced on your email after ticket sale or reservation. We will give you the address but no GPS will help you. name of the streets are changed recently and not known by Google.. please follow our directions we will spread out soon. is quite important you follow OUR directions, NOT GPS. Buy or make an reservation (400 is full), to get more info... please send an email (see flyer) with your reservations with full names. info and location we will send you by email the first week of June. this is a private party only tickets and reservations are invited https://shop.ikbenaanwezig.nl/tickets/event/shishu-lost-in-time °- ShiShu & Lost in Time -°
  4. MAINSTAGE 20-22 : Ambient set 22-00 : Pacta Laca 00-1h30: Toi Doi 1h30- 3h30: Psytek 3h30-5h30: Spacemuchi 5h30 - 7h30: Inada 7h30-9: Exogen 9-10h30: Moya 10h-12: Elfra 12-14: Chakras 14-16: Psy-Mush 16-??: Dr Psylocibe ALTERNATIVE 22-00: Trala Lama 00-02: Exodub 02-04: Fatcat (dePousse) 04-06: Cloudwalker 06-08: Elfra 08-10: Gift 10-12: Lennert 12 - ??: Lugus
  5. Hi I'm going to Peru for a while and sell my spare albums, or albums where i have the songs on another disc... Some are really rare, others rare and one or two casual... I looked for the prices on discogs and did -20 to -50 % I'm strickt on my ratings: M = NEW, NM = Looks like new but is played, VG+ = some hairlines, played a lot but cared a lot. VG = some minor scratches, maybe i put it to hard in the case or player. Tromesa GDYBY POLSTAR https://www.discogs.com/Tromesa-Gdyby/release/581956 Condition VG+ (almost NM) Price: 100€ Tromesa GDYBY + PASMA CZASU = Limited Double ReRelease Lost in Time Records https://www.discogs.com/Tromesa-Pasma-Czasu-Gdyby/release/7039836 Condition M (I released them, my last 3 spare copies). Price: 30€ Derango - Tumult - Inpsyde Media https://www.discogs.com/Derango-Tumult/release/545650 Condition VG+ (almost NM) / Cover NM Price: 100€ Solar Plexus - Images of the 5th dimension - Hypnotic https://www.discogs.com/Solar-Plexus-Images-Of-The-5th-Dimension/release/228327 Condition VG+ (original jewelcase but is broken on bottom (only 'clicks' at the lay-in on top)) Price: 85€ ks United https://www.discogs.com/Various-Freaks-United/release/2148166 Condition: VG+ Price: 20€ Ephedrix - Far Away https://www.discogs.com/Ephedrix-Far-Away/release/1312949 Condition: VG+ Price: 15€
  6. LAST WEEK FOR PRESALE !!! Please be sure you have your spot by your presale ticket ! If you buy at the door, you still need reservation ! 18to19@lostintime.be plur
  7. meeting point will be in "de vorte vis" pub in YPRES from 18H location is border france-belgium in area poperinge https://www.google.com/search?q=vort'n+vis+ieper&oq=vorte+vis+i&aqs=chrome.1.69i57j0l2.6460j0j7&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8
  8. thanks a lot, i hope next time you see it ! plur <3
  9. Save the best for the last, isn't it ??? Confirmed: TOI DOI !!!!! C Ya All There !!!
  10. thanks that you ask... so i assume you liked it? for 2019 we are planning to do a festival in Peru as support for a community and eco building materials.... year after probably again in Belgium this year our last focus is to bring a happy new year to all the people of our family in this private party hope we will see you there ask around for kevin or bianca and we can go on ! PLUR !
  11. Some major changes... DJ Draeke has cancelled for the party. But DJ Inada (Cronomi label owner) will take his place Also we can confirm Artrance Visionary Collectiive Video Mapping !!! https://www.facebook.com/Artrancevisionary/
  12. More then 10 years, LOST IN TIME New Year's party is noted in every bodies mind... Like every two years, we will make a night to remember... We are inviting you on our new year's eve night... Please be welcome on this private family gathering.... More information is ahead... back to the old days, ultimate sound and audio technology.... Do you know what goa is??? place in india, yes, place where the good minds meet each other, yes, place where magic happens.... helll.... yes heaven.... sounds, people, family, minds.... Uptempo (alphabetical, not by hour) Bringing the best goa dj's from Belgian toghether in this family new year's gathering.... LIVE TOI DOI BELGIAN MUSIC MASTERS LIVE - Pacta Laca https://soundcloud.com/michel-tobback DJ - Chakras - ElfRa aka Quendi'Ra - Exogen - Inada - Lugus - Moya - Psytek - Psy-mush - Spacemushi ONE MORE TO BE ANNOUNCED ^_ ^ Alternative room - Trala Lama (NL) - Fatcat the Pousse (NL) - Gift - Elfra aka Quandra - Exodub - Lugus - Cloudwalker many more to be announced / confirmed Deco & Lights Artrance Visionary Collectiive Video Mapping !!! bhaskara ananta in uptempo area Trala Lama in downtempo area Guest deco: L.ST. SHOPS Kaburas Time For Thee Irish Coffee Toasts Great selection of Belgian Beers Peace, Love, Unitity, Respect Party will be from 22H till you know when please invite you know who this is a private party... You will have to buy a presale ticket or send your names to a secret email who will be announced through flyers soon and on this private event shortly before date... Location is in the far end of west flanders... over Ieper/Poperinge.... More information is soon announced, contact your social network... Keep small, keep good... THIS WILL BE A PRIVATE GATHERING, MEANING GUESTLIST...We need everybody to make a reservation on this email: 18to19@lostintime.be please don't share this mail to you know who... Please, don't make it hard, make your reservation and keep this private... En-Trance First 25: 8€ (including fees) Next 200: 10€ (including fees) At the door: only 100: 12€ (reservation still needed) PRESALE: https://shop.ikbenaanwezig.nl/tickets/event/van-18-naar-19 with password "PLUR"... Its easy... it's a family gathering.... thank you, here you go, on we go PLUR
  13. GPS COORDINATES are 51.211263,3.637741 Tickets and more info : https://shop.ikbenaanwezig.nl/tickets/event/lost-in-summer-time-part-2 MAINSTAGE LINE UP: Friday 17 AUGUST 13-15: Aavepyora 15-16: Trinitrix 16-18: Dr Psylocibine 18-20: IronSun 20-22: Gnome 22-23.30: Ufomatka 23.30-01.30: Pavel 01.30-04.30: Spiral Storm Saturday 18 AUGUST 04.30 – 05.30: Javi & Skooma 05.30 – 07.30: Mummra 07.30 – 10.30 : Inada 10.30 : Bypass Unit &  14: Color Box 14 – 16: Summamutikka 16– 19 : Fatcat the Pousse 19 – 22: Mallki 22 – 01: Masa / X-Tron 01 – 03: Mr Crash 03 – 05: Charris 05 – 08: Psytek Sunday 19 augustus 08 - 09: Dr Acid 9 – 11: Anoebis 11 - 13: Dyonissos 13 –15: Psymuch 15 – 17 : Holymen 17 – 19: Rohm 19 – 21: Stighara 21 – 23: Psygasus Alternative area: Fri17 12:00 17:00 Goapal Fri 17 17:00 20:00 Dj Phooka Fri 17 20:00 22:00 Synthetic Dream Fri 17 22:00 01:00 Dj Gaby Sat 18 01:00 02:00 Thru5th Sat 18 02:00 03:00 Lost Lands Sat 18 03:00 06:00 H von Heavy Sat 18 06:00 09:00 Dr. Psylocibine Sat 18 09:00 12:00 Synthetic Dream Sat 18 12:00 15:00 Reggae Rootssytem Sat 18 15:00 17:00 Benne Bayevall Sat 18 17:00 19:00 Gambian Jammers Sat 18 19:00 21:00 Trala Lama Sat 18 21:00 00:00 Anoebis Sun 19 00:00 03:00 Bad K Sun 19 03:00 06:00 H von Heavy Sun 19 06:00 09:00 Stighara Sun 19 09:00 11:00 Kenya Dewith Sun 19 11:00 12:00 H von Heavy Sun 19 12:00 15:00 Positiv Sun 19 15:00 18:00 Djane Fatcat Sun 19 18:00 20:00 Psygasus Sun 19 20:00 23:00 Trala Lama Sun 19 23:00 00:00 Thru5th c you all soon folks !
  14. Camping open thursday 16/08 @ 10am Camper camping and tent camping. Please follow signs from lembeke, belgium (church) Opening act taika kim friday 12h C you there
  15. Massive update. Because of the enlightment of a good friend of graham, and al the problems on this side of the universe. The infinity project will this time not be here. All our love to the family and friends. The other update is the announcement of space gathering, psy harmonics, hypnodisc label artist of japan : Masa aka X-Tron FIRST TIME IN BELGIUM AND MR CRASH FROM BELGIUM - known by reputation. Playing dark crazy loco goa AND PAVEL FROM ESTONIA Oldschool goa to the bone Namaste
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