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  1. Short answer to and interesting debate... I think their spendings on the LP re-issues seems to be getting a bit out of control, I mean 80 £ to manufacture... It sounds like a bad deal to me... I it looks really nice and all, buy I really think that they are are squeezing it a bit too far. I will have to see what their asking price will be, but might wait for the Yeti instead and I think I will skip Ineffable, that album naver Impressed me much, so no point (expect pure collection) to get that one if it Will begge en more expensive
  2. Ordered yesterday, again, what a great release from Proxeeus! His debute took me by surprise, but now I know I can expect excellence, and so far that is what I feel we are getting
  3. Supported the digipak release! Only 9 days left hurry guys, we need to make this happen!!!
  4. Great release :) fitting for the anniversary..! CD2 is my favorite so far
  5. Thanks for sharing! I had no idea that he had released anything the Sundance days... I like it...!
  6. I just placed my pre-order as well! One small thing Fede... when I placed my order in your DAT records webshop (using firefox), the initial shipping price showing was the most expensive (COURIER) option... I imagine it would be better to show the other cheaper option as default (as it then looks like it is cheaper to order through e.g. bandcamp, while that is not really the case), confused me anyways, before I went further in the ordering process
  7. Remember to check out Ormions project: Exelization - Beyond The Black Lodge LP (Timewarp Records)!!! For some great dark Goa
  8. The scene was (for me at least) completely destroyed here in the '00s... It became a drug-fueled and pusher "controlled" scene (high levels of cocain-heads)... This comprised most of the full on and prog scene. This scene is still here, and it not uncommon to hear about fights and stabbings at these events, terrible to say the least. But luckily and new scene emerged, also playing better music. So we have been lucky in that sense. But it still remains an issue for organisers here, and has to be dealt with at the door...
  9. Psy-dub is back!? Or did I just live under a rock? I have listened to the album on bandcamp and I was impressed!
  10. Sounds great! I hope we will get a CD! I will support, that's for sure!
  11. Great release Dimitris! I really dig it, immense drive and energy... I hope I get to hear or play at a trance party in future, I imagine people would go crazy... on the dancefloor
  12. Congratulations! :D the BIG 5!!! :D Looking forward to following you the next 5 years! It has been a pleasure...
  13. Here in Copenhagen we're having more Goa trance and forest being played in techno clubs, it is a bit strange, but it is awesome! Last month Battle of The Future Buddhas was playing (a fantastic Schlabadurst set) and people went wild, this month it's Bypass Unit/Color Box The 'scene' here has otherwise been flooded with, prog and fullon, and a very 'difficult' crowd for years and years, with mobsters, stabbings and stuff at parties... Luckily we have had an alternative scene here where violence has been has been kept away (by avoiding these people) and it is great that this seems to be merging with parts of the techno-scene, it gives a fresh breath of air, and some momentum
  14. I just stumbled upon this on bandcamp, released about 2 week ago, and wow, what an EP (and surprise)! Double Dragon - Tunage (rare and unreleased) track list: 1. Shudder 08:33 2. Crunch 07:01 3. Purple Fluffy Thing 09:00 4. Gower 10:24 5. Merge 09:19 Check it out guys!!! https://doubledragon2.bandcamp.com/album/tunage-rare-and-unreleased
  15. moved to correct subforum, please do not use the general forum for promotion.
  16. UX - Master of the Universe btw do you guys know the EP version of this track? It pretty damn amazing, but I haven't been able to find it online (for streaming it here) but it has the same kick...
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