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  1. Isn't like 80% of Goa about aliens? lol. Anyway, here is a great track with a sample about aliens in the beginning:
  2. Guess I will finally have to make the switch to Beatport. For whatever reason I just really hate how the site looks and find it cumbersome to navigate...I think I've bought like one thing from there ever, many years ago. But they do have way more stuff than Psyshop had
  3. I'm SO bummed about psyshop, I literally pull it up just about every day to check new stuff that's come out. It was a great place to buy CDs since the shipping from germany was crazy low. A while back I transitioned into buying only digital, partly because of bandcamp but definitely in part because of how easy and convenient it was on Psyshop. Are there any other psytrance focused digital distro sites like Psyshop? Bandcamp is great of course, but I really loved having a place that was Psy only where you could see all the new releases, charts, etc and search by artist/label/year/etc
  4. His stuff is excellent, blew me away when I first heard it
  5. Would love some recommendations for any good goa tracks from the last 10+ years since the original thread that have Egyptian melodies!
  6. Oh here's a question, did they ever stop the stupid thing where it re-checks all the plugins after daylight savings? That ALWAYS fucks up something for me (just had to fix a vst it no longer recognized last night, even though the .dll was in the appropriate vst folder)
  7. I really hate updating things so I'm still on Cubase 5. I feel like it pretty much does what I need. That said, I'm wondering if there are any significant reasons why I should update now that Cubase is on version 10 and I am really far behind? I didn't like the look of 7, felt like it was trying too hard to be Ableton and I don't recall it having any must-have features that would justify an update. But what do you guys think about the newest version(s)? Is there some kind of significant improvement in sound quality (is that even possible?) or something else that justifies an update?
  8. Not terrible, but not great either...basically just sounds like watered down AP. Definitely has some nice parts, but as a whole it's nothing special
  9. Found this downtempo release from Ascent the other day: https://bmssrecords.bandcamp.com/album/laws-of-nature
  10. Man, I have been waiting forever for psyshop to sell the digital version of it, yet it doesn't ever seem to be coming. I GUESS i could get it on bandcamp...
  11. Uptempo: Unknownium - Unknownium (BMSS) Starseed - Galactic Incubation Atmospheres EP (Iono) Denshi-Danshi - Brain Chemistry (Suntrip) v/a - The 50th Parallel (Suntrip) v/a - Shambhala (Global Sect) v/a - Return To The Source (BMSS) Insignia - Time Travel EP (Dacru) Omnivox - Surrender (Goa Madness) Median Project - In The Depths Of Space (Global Sect) Morphic Resonance - Perplexity (Suntrip) Downtempo: Airi - After The Rain (Zenon) Connect.Ohm - 9980 re-issue (Ultimae) Entheogenic - Kykeon (self-released) Klaada - Breaking The Cycle (Mindspring Music) Argus - Field Of Dreams (Altar) Suduaya - Loveology (Altar)
  12. I feel like all I've gotten this year in terms of Goa was JBC Arkadii, Morphic Resonance, Ephedra, Median Project and a few tracks from V/A - 303 Syndroms. What other cool stuff has come out this year??
  13. This bad boy showed up in my fb feed today. WTF
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