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  1. Slower Prog/Goa/Industrial/Tribal 126bpm

    Awesome thanks!! Glad to hear the industrial stuff doesn't turn people off
  2. Here's a thing I've been working on which evolved out of my older tribal industrial style and morphed into this...whatever it is. Prog-y goa tribal industrial ? Curious to hear thoughts on it!
  3. Thanks for this!! Yeah it's so hard to find people using synths to make specifically psy/goa so this is really helpful. Are all the synths in that track from Diva? It sounds really good, some great classic sounds in there. LuSH-101 is the most recent thing I've gotten so I haven't really gotten super into it yet, but so far it's really great for making goa style BP arps, and also pads
  4. Whoa, these sound awesome! Wasn't aware of these, thanks for the tip
  5. I've heard nothing but praise for Diva, but I have not personally used it. I've heard demos of it and it certainly does an incredible job doing 80s type sounds, but how does it do for goa and filter modulating stuff? I've yet to hear a VST come close to matching the character of a hardware analog synth filter. But maybe I'll download a demo and give it a shot.
  6. Hey guys, I've decided to sell my virus ti snow cause it's too digital and wimpy sounding. I want to replace it with one or more of the newer analog synths. Was wondering if you guys have any recommendation for stuff with a really good filter that would be good for the hardware goa sound (for example stuff like Celestial Intelligence)? I am thinking about maybe the MS20 mini or one of the new roland things like the forthcoming SE02. I also saw video of a guy making amazing goa on one of the Dreadbox units. I used to have a prophet 08, but all the dave smith stuff I have owned has had issues and broken so I refuse to buy his stuff anymore. Currently I'm mainly using the nord lead 2, minibrute (it's so meh though), virus rack, virus snow...then for VSTs: LuSH-101, Superwave Ultimate (kind of a JP8000 clone), Superwave Sirius (kind of a MS2000 clone), and Sylenth. So as you can see I really like the 90s VAs but I feel like goa needs a good analog filter. Any recommendations? No old/really expensive/bulky stuff plz
  7. Yeah Lunar Dawn is good, I really like their use of folk elements mixed with goa
  8. Haha, I don't think this is all that different (although from your SC it does seems like you write some stuff that's not goa). But I do like your goa tracks a lot and will definitely be on the lookout for your release on Goa Madness
  9. One of the things I like most about goa is that I feel like its got a really high level of standards to be begin with, and you can look at pretty much any record from like Suntrip or similar label and say that every band is writing great stuff with great sound design. But I am wondering if there is any artist or band that stands out to you guys as writing really mind-blowing (weird, different, beyond other acts in some way) stuff, in terms of either song writing or sound design? I love the classic goa sound and don't think it needs to be combined with any other styles, but is there anyone out the taking the classic goa style and merging it with other stuff to evolve it (or the other style) to another level, for lack of a better term? I guess I always like to find the boundaries of things to know the limits of what exists, so I want to find the most craziest, out-there goa/psy that exists so I can hear the extremes of what is possible.
  10. The Maniac - Acid Hunter (148 BPM)

    Sounds really good. Dig that melody at 3:19 and some great acid lines
  11. Sounds good man, it's definitely "psy". Production and sound design are solid, the bass and kick are on point and I really like the filtery synth stuff (I listened to several tracks, so I'm speaking on all of them). I personally like more melodic stuff, but your stuff is well done and psy people will like it
  12. Slower goa trance (125-138 bpm)

    The classic guys seemed to have more songs closer to 135. MWNN, Astral Projection etc
  13. Slower goa trance (125-138 bpm)

    This is one of my fav goa songs, 129bpm if i remember correctly
  14. going-all-digital support group

    This is one awesome feature of bandcamp, it saves a list of everything you've bought and you can easily go to the site and download these things again, or download them to another computer or whatever. Having your HD crash fucking sucks but at least that's something of a consolation.