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  1. winterelegy

    tribal industrial

    Have you heard the new Ulf album "Inland"? So fucking good, he is a master. For tribal stuff (some of this is more on the dark ambient side but its all kinda industrial-y) I like Herbst9, Geomatic, Vasilisk, Rukkanor, Flint Glass, Wychdoktor, Raison d'etre side project Svasti-ayanam, Exotoendo, Inner Vision Laboratory - Spellbound EP (his stuff is great but that ep specifically is super tribal), Maculatum, Phelios, and FLA Vector & Tribal AD for a less good This Morn Omina vibe. Also I recommend my own stuff cause i've got a lot of tribal bits, def influenced by Ulf and TMO https://wormsoftheearth.bandcamp.com/
  2. winterelegy

    Astral Projection new album

    Whoa that sounds awesome, definitely looking forward to this whenever it drops
  3. winterelegy

    Artifact303 - Feelings -the epitome of Neo Goa

    Not much to add here and I mostly agree with what everyone else as already said but figured I'd comment anyway. I agree that Artifact303 - Feelings is an absolute monster of a track. Probably his best one and one of the best neo goa tracks ever for sure. I think Artifact303 in general might be my favorite neo goa producer, tracks like Magnetic Fields and Delirium are top neo goa for sure...but they have minor issues which prevent them from being like, the BEST tracks. Psy-H and Mindsphere both have some really huge tracks as well. I also love GoaD; while not groundbreaking I feel like that's a new project that perfectly nails that "goa" sound.
  4. winterelegy

    Looking for melodic forest tracks

    Yeah this is cool! Everything should feel like an RPG
  5. Yeah I get that, if you want to do the classic "acid" sound than you gotta have a 303 (or clone). But I'm not looking to do that, and I think for psy/goa there are so many other possibilities that a 303 isn't crucial unless, like antic said, you really want that specific style of sequencing with the accents and slides (which is indeed cool, but hardly essential). I guess I'm just on the fence as to whether I NEED that. Also, the future retro seems really big in comparison to the usual 303 clones, only a point because I don't have a lot of free surface area in the studio at the moment
  6. Any good melodic forest style tracks out there? I like forest but it gets boring for me when its like a 2hr set with no melodies.
  7. Hey guys, got an opportunity to get a future-retro revolution but wonder if it's worth it? I've been looking at getting some kind of 303 clone for a while but I'm worried about it being too limited overall - as in, it can do "that 303 sound" and nothing else. Like, to be honest it feels like I barely even hear people using the typical 303 sound in goa/psy anymore and I've got plenty of other synths with a lot more features. Just wondering what you guys think about 303 clones and if they're still relevant.
  8. winterelegy

    New MWNN album?

    He posted a new clip on facebook today as well
  9. winterelegy

    Next Cellestial Intelligence Album?

    Cannot wait for a new album!! I think they are my favorite Goa producers right now. And yeah, they've thankfully had a bunch of tracks on comps from 2015 until now, check out the Global Sect compilations for some excellent Celestial Intelligence songs (and many others)
  10. winterelegy

    Va - Terraformer

    I feel the same about his Crystal Worlds track! (that's another absolute banger of a comp from Global Sect)
  11. winterelegy

    Va - Terraformer

    This comp is so goddamn good; Global Sect always deliver in terms of track selection and presentation (love their artwork...I also got one of the UV banners which is fucking beautiful). My favorite tracks here are Celestial Intelligence, Alienapia (Night Train), Psy-H (all of them), Mindsphere, Artifact303 (Contact), Median Project (Mad Space), Omnivox, and the downtempo Liquid Flow and Slow Reflections tracks are amaaaazing. It took me a while to get into it because of the sheer size, but once I did I had it on repeat for weeks. There is seriously only like 1 bad track, a few mediocre ones, and the vast majority are really good.
  12. winterelegy

    What's some good Full On

    Lol there are too many subgenres. I thought that Dacru stuff was prog? Tropical Bleyage is cool though, I have 2 of their albums.
  13. winterelegy

    What's some good Full On

    Hey guys, looking for some good Full On tracks/producers, I don't know much of that stuff. Looking for good production, good melodies if possible, and most importantly interesting/psychedelic sound design. For example, I really like Psilocybian.
  14. Have you heard Airi - "Conscious Species" on Zenon, it came out last year? It's really good; dark and atmospheric but still has a lot of "psy" elements. The new Kromagon is pretty cool as well, but it gets a little too techno-ish for me.
  15. winterelegy

    New MWNN album?

    Goddamn, been waiting for a new MWNN for so long!!!! It will probably be mostly generic bullshit, but hopefully some of his classic style in there.