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  1. Greetings! This is a preview of my new upcoming album. https://soundcloud.com/fiery-dawn/fiery-dawn-dancing-machines-new-upcoming-album-preview 1. ONT 2. Dancing Machines 3. Technodrome 4. Moonlight Grooves 5. Lysergic Acid 6. Hell Is A Dancefloor 7. Flight On The Wings Of Night
  2. @Tsotsi I am really glad that you enjoyed the album. Thanks for your constructive feedback, I appreciate that!
  3. @psytones You said it right, it's all about respect and principle.
  4. Here I posted about my new release. Of course everyone is free to listen, or buy the music if they want to. Like or not. It's a free choice. I also posted that I am against piracy. So you if don't agree with that, please don't spam my topic and don't teach me what to do. Peace
  5. @psytones Such a long post, but I hardly understand what you wanted to say. Lots of my tracks are available for free listening at my music pages, youtube, etc.
  6. Please let's not talk about how to make money, we all know about house ,gigs, etc. I mean that sharing other artists work without their permission is plain wrong and should not be considered as normal and usual thing.
  7. This album was posted for free download the same day I released it. It took many months of hard work to create it, but nowadays most people have no appreciation of the effort and time artists put in their music and want everything for free, as granted.
  8. Greetings! My brand new Goa trance album "Psychedelic Universe" is up at my bandcamp page! The album contains 9 original tracks with strong psychedelic vibes and hypnotic grooves. Hope you'll enjoy my work! https://fierydawn.bandcamp.com/album/psychedelic-universe
  9. I wrote the same, but you argue with me about very obvious things. The fact is that a complex music is much harder to make sound good..
  10. Modern Psytrance tracks are mostly based on kick/bass, fxs, so it's much easier to create clean and well balanced mixes. Goa trance is mostly based on melodies and layering, thus high level of production skills is needed to create top sounding tracks. Easy as that.
  11. It's always very interesting when the most listeners find the album to be very good, but only a few people think the opposite. Tastes differ so much...
  12. Thanks for your comment! Well, that's pretty normal when there is a massive wave of inspiration, but sometimes artists can't make even a single track for months or even years, you know
  13. Greetings! After many months of hard work, here it is a preview of my new upcoming Goa/Psy trance album.
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