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  1. "Into The Deep", previously released at Mamomam records is now available at my bandcamp page. The EP contains 4 deep, trippy tracks about cosmic themes, which will please fans of psychedelic chillout. https://fierydawn.bandcamp.com/album/into-the-deep
  2. If you like my music and want to buy it - https://fierydawn.bandcamp.com/
  3. It's really pleasant to read this comment from an artist who deeply appreciates "Aurora Borealis". It's very special! Thanks for the comment!
  4. My remix of a magical track from Astral Projection. https://soundcloud.com/fiery-dawn/astral-projection-aurora-borealis-fiery-dawn-remix Enjoy!
  5. @Tsotsi @Mallenaut I am really glad, hope you will enjoy the album and have a nice musical trip
  6. Greetings! My new Goa trance album Cosmic Soundforms is up at my bandcamp page for sale. https://fierydawn.bandcamp.com/album/cosmic-soundforms I hope you'll enjoy my music! If you'll like my music, I will really appreciate your support!
  7. Hi, thank you for such a positive feedback My original influence was from Astral Projection. Also from esoteric, mystical themes. Regarding the release details of this album, I am waiting for a proper label offer at the moment, or will release it myself soon.
  8. Thanks for the comment, I am really glad that you liked the preview!
  9. Greetings! This is a preview of my new upcoming Goa trance album Hope you will enjoy my music! Any feedback welcome!
  10. Greetings! My new Psytrance EP "Pandemonium" is out now! If you are a fan of dark, aggressive, twisted sound, I really recommend to check this release. https://fierydawn.bandcamp.com/album/pandemonium
  11. Hi Goa/Psy trance fans! :) My new Goa trance EP - Trip To UnderWorld, featuring 4 powerful mysterious tracks, is on sale at my bandcamp page now - https://fierydawn.bandcamp.com/album/trip-to-underworld Don't miss this release, you will not be disappointed
  12. Glad that you liked it! Regarding the CD, not sure, as it depends on sales, which seem to be not promising, unfortunately.