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  1. Antistat seems to be available on discogs, no?
  2. To anyone who might have missed it last year - Cybered released an awesome and free album on Sun Station Records and it's available on Ektoplazm.
  3. Surprised to see this thread still only has one other comment. Probably my favorite album from 2014 so far.
  4. http://www.psyshop.com/shop/CDs/ltr/ltr1cd004.html and one from ektoplazm as well: http://www.ektoplazm.com/free-music/amygdala-modus-operandi
  5. Received this on Monday: Gojja - Eggshell Marmalade
  6. Passages is available here: http://boshkebeatsrecords.bandcamp.com/album/midimiliz-passages-cd-album-bbcd002
  7. The Lego Movie. Everything is awesome.
  8. And yet, it will probably still feel like an eternity. All the best with this and any future releases.
  9. Does anyone have any news about this? I remember reading about a new Yggdrasil release back in early 2013, but don't even know where to look for information. Also, news about Sanaton, Lost Theory and Devils Mind Records would be much appreciated.
  10. The download links were sent, received mine on Saturday. Also, the CDs arrived on Monday.
  11. Many thanks to DAT for continuing to provide download links to people who pre-order directly. Was hoping to get a listen during the weekend. Thanks for fulfilling that wish.
  12. It's open til the end of April, I think.
  13. I personally voted for the Crop Circles' singles because this was the first time I had the pleasure of listening to them. (I don't go youtube hunting for music I can't easily and legally get.) And they did remain on my ipod for months, which is something I can't say for any other uptempo release (re-release or not) from 2013. I can, of course, remove the votes, just thought I'd clarify.
  14. Since I've never been to one myself, I'm curious to know - do artists play already released tracks at events or how does it go exactly? The reason for this question comes from seeing Fragletrollet and Derango, to name a few, at festival lineups, yet neither one has released anything recently.
  15. I also hope for a 2nd Fragletrollet, since Playground of Spirit is easily one of my favorite albums. I've noticed Fragletrollet at festival lineups though, so I'm not entirely sure about that.
  16. The style is miles away from Fragletrollet, but I still thought I'd share the news. https://soundcloud.com/unknown-cause <-- listen to the full album here http://www.unknown-cause.com/store-2/ <-- buy here
  17. Uptempo: 1: Crop Circles - Lunar Civilization EP (DAT) 2: Crop Circles - Full Mental Jackpot EP (DAT) 3: Algae Bloom – The Blossom (Sun Station) Downtempo: 1: VA - Through The Afterlife (Silent Existence) 2: Phone Booth Robbers – Falling Into One (Omnitropic) 3: Miktek - Elsewhere (Ultimae) 4: Xenoscapes – Atmosflare (Glitchy.Tonic.Records) 5: Kurbeats – Folktronica (self-released)
  18. I definitely liked it. However, I'll take the opportunity to hijack this thread and instead post the following question - when will you release a new album?
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